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BlueSky Energy Vision Study

The BlueSky Energy Vision Study, a 10-month study carried out by the BlueSky Vision Executive and Advisory Committees, a mix of diverse stakeholders across campus, studied the implementation of a comprehensive renewable energy plan through energy conservation, production of on-site clean (without combustion) and renewable energy, procurement of off-site renewable energy to mitigate campus greenhouse gas emissions, and sufficient storage of clean energy to provide the campus with energy resilience.

Read the Executive Summary here.

For those in the Vanderbilt community who would like to read the report documents, click here.

Advisory Committee Membership


Lily Claiborne, senior lecturer, earth and environmental sciences;

Richard Chotard, attorney, Office of General Counsel;

Mark Cohen, professor of american competitive enterprise, professor of law;

Stacey Crowhurst, director of finance and administration, facilities;

Abhishek Dubey, assistant professor of computer engineering and computer science;

Ron Emeson, professor of pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular physiology & biophysics, psychiatry & behavioral sciences;

Andrea George, director, SEMO;

Teresa Goddu, associate professor, english and american studies;

Shawn Goodman, managing director, investments;

Robert Grajewski, executive director, Vanderbilt Innovation Center;

George Hornberger, professor of civil and environmental engineering and earth and environmental sciences, director of VIEE;

Debbie Janke (project manager), assistant vice chancellor, strategic initiatives;

Mitch Lampley, director, engineering and tech support, plant operations;

Geoff Little, assistant director of research and prospect development, DAR;

Keith Loiseau, university architect;

Mike Perez (project lead), associate vice chancellor and chief facilities officer;

Mark Petty, assistant vice chancellor, plant operations;

Leigh Shoup, chief of staff, division of administration;

Jermaine Soto, director of operations, EDI;

Shanmuga Sundaram, assistant vice chancellor, Information Technology.


Lanier Langdale, undergraduate student (Vanderbilt Student Government representative) (Fall 2018);

Simon Silverberg, undergraduate student, VSG representative;

Dan Shaykevich, undergraduate student, SPEAR representative (Spring 2018);

Colin Smith, MBA student (Spring 2018).


Ian Faucher, undergraduate student, facilities intern;

Kyra Owensby, undergraduate student, facilities intern (Spring 2018);

Patrick Timmons, undergraduate student, FutureVU intern (Spring 2018);

Maren Wilder, undergraduate student, FutureVU intern (Fall 2018).


Chelsea Hamilton, outreach coordinator, SEMO.