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Focuses on Creating value by reducing waste

The Facilities Department uses the Lean process to enhance protocols and practices, eliminate what isn’t working, and streamline those protocols and practices in order to create a more efficient department.

If you have an issue, concern, or idea that you think a Lean approach could help improve, please fill out the form below so we can get in contact with you and see how best we can help.

Lean at Vanderbilt focuses on:

  • Reducing elapsed time and waste times.
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps.
  • Reducing duplication, backlogs, bottlenecks and batching.
  • Discontinuing “we’ve always done it this way” methods.
  • Clarifying steps that are done differently depending on who does it.
  • Improving quality/reducing error.
  • Process is easier, customer is happier, employees are satisfied.