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Early Career Professionals

Mission and Vision

The Early Career Professionals EAG seeks to help newer staff feel welcomed at Vanderbilt, foster a sense of belonging on campus, and build strong cross-institutional relationships.

Founded in November 2021, the Early Career Professionals EAG is one of the more recent additions to Vanderbilt’s EAG program. The EAG’s membership is composed of Vanderbilt staff within their first five years at Vanderbilt and/or higher education. These members range from people who are brand new to Nashville to people who have been at Vanderbilt for several years. Some are very early in their careers and others are working toward more mid-level roles. The members are eager to share their experiences and dreams with each other, and the excitement to help fellow staff meet their goals is contagious.

Contact Information

EAG Leadership: Jolie Grace Wareham

Committees and Chairs:

  • Education Committee: Coordinates professional development opportunities. Chaired by Adam Anthony and Byron Uzzell.
  • Social Committee: Plans and executes events that inspire relationship building. Chaired by Chanc’e Moody and Mikey Pastrana.
  • Community Engagement Committee: Finds ways for EAG members to contribute to the greater Nashville community. Chaired by Brittani Muller.

Upcoming events


past events


Visualize Your Goals: Vision Board Session (with special guest Chancellor Diermeier) – January 25

  • Chancellor Diermeier joined the meeting and discussed his vision for Vanderbilt, his thoughts on forward thinking and answered questions from attendees. Members of the EAG were given prompts and encouraged to think deeply about what they hope to accomplish personally and professionally throughout 2022.  At the end of the Visualize Your Goals session, we invited participants to share their boards and encouraged them to save their boards as an image and make it their screen saver and/or desktop background so they can check in with themselves throughout 2022 regarding their progress in working toward their goals.