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Review: North Nashville Murals Exhibit at the Frist

Sep. 30, 2019—  Nashville’s myriad murals often tell pieces of the story of the city’s rapid transformation—tourists wait in line to snap selfies within the angel wings in the Gulch, and the “I Believe in Nashville” mural in 12 South has become an icon of the new development in that area. Meanwhile, artists in historically black North...

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International Lens Film Series

Sep. 30, 2019—It only took me until my third year at Vanderbilt to finally take advantage of the Cinema & Media Arts departments International Lens Film Series. Every month throughout the school year iLENS presents weekly films with a global perspective in Vanderbilt’s Sarratt Cinema at 7:30 p.m. I had the distinct pleasure of watching “The Last Black...

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Food: The Great Unifier by Sam Stollenwerck

Sep. 17, 2018—I have always been fascinated by other cultures, religions, and political beliefs, as each of these human constructs play a fundamental role in our day to day lives. Often times, we segregate ourselves based upon the groups we identify with, yet even through this separation, we are able to join together amicably through unifying practices...

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Austin Channell: Summer Internship at Evamere Entertainment in NYC

Aug. 3, 2017—Since Memorial Day weekend, I have been interning with Evamere Entertainment, a film and theater production company in New York City.

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Ben Scheer: My Summer in Philly

Jul. 25, 2017—Ben Scheer here! As a Curb Scholar who is studying Human & Organizational Development, Economics, and Computer Science, I have had the opportunity to live in work in Philadelphia this summer.

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“Summer for America” by Serena Deutch

Jul. 18, 2017—One thing I love about this summer is that every day is different.

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Rose Thompson: Interning at Project Transformation

Jul. 10, 2017—This is Day 43 of my experience interning with Project Transformation.

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Interning at Windy Films

Aug. 26, 2015— “What makes a good film?” Trying to answer it for myself, I came up with this conclusion: It makes you feel human.

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Curb Scholar Summer Blog: Disa’s Eco-Informatics Research in the Cascades

Sep. 9, 2014—This post was written by Disa Yu. I spent this summer in the forests and mountains of the Cascades mountain range in eastern Oregon. We lived in the cabins of the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest and conducted research in the field of Eco-Informatics. I thought that Eco-Informatics was a good example of the interdisciplinary creativity...

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