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Reservation Spaces

The Curb Center is housed in the Pullen Mansion at the corner of 18th and Edgehill Avenues (read a fascinating history of land wars, personality clashes, and the creation of the Peabody campus here). The home and its land were purchased in 1925 and converted into 9 luxurious married student apartments,. Later, the building was renovated to house the George Peabody College for Teachers’ President until 1979, when the college formally merged with Vanderbilt.

The Curb Center has called the mansion home since 2010.  We have a number of spaces which can be used by students, faculty, staff and the Vanderbilt community at large.  These spaces are ideally suited for small meetings, conferences, workshops, special occasions and maker events.

Some of our spaces require the user to complete a one-time equipment training session before use.  All rooms and user training can be booked by emailing David Wilson.

All of our rooms have WiFi capacity and include:

  • THE GALLERY (capacity – up to 8 comfortably)
    Our gallery space is at the front of our building.  In its former life it served as the parlor now showcases work from our current art installation. With large windows looking out onto the intersection of Edgehill &18th Avenues, this warm and inviting room includes a large and small table with chairs, easy chairs, and a bench.  This room does not include a projector or screen.
  • THE READING ROOM (capacity – up to 14 comfortably) Having previously seen service as a formal dining room, the reading room is a relaxed and quiet space which also showcases work from our featured installation.  The large windows look out onto a garden area.  The room has a large table with chairs and easy chairs and tables which can be arranged for a variety of purposes.  This room does not include a projector or screen.
  • THE YAMADA CONFERENCE ROOM (capacity – up to 20 comfortably) Yamada is one of the center’s most flexible rooms, since it can be set up in a variety of ways.  It looks out onto 18th Avenue South and includes tables and chairs and features full AV capabilities. As of April 2023, the room’s AV is not functioning during an equipment upgrade.
  • THE WORKSHOP (capacity – up to 24 comfortably) Available after noon each day, the workshop space provides the flexibility needed for informal meetings, maker events, presentations, and workshops. The space contains work tables, chairs, easy chairs and whiteboards and features full AV capabilities.

In addition to the central meeting space there are four studio spaces rooms which can be reserved by the Vanderbilt and local community. Note that a one-time training session is required before using any of these spaces for the first time.

  • SONGWRITING STUDIO (capacity – up to 6 comfortably) This room is dedicated to songwriting and demo work.  It has been fitted with basic recording tools, music and editing software, and microphones. This room is managed by Benedict Ballman and Gina Yu, who provide training for all equipment to first-time users.
  • VIDEO STUDIO  (capacity – up to 6 comfortably) This room is dedicated to making and editing video and comes equipped will all basic recording and editing equipment and software.  This room is managed by Curb Scholar Ardelan Orlay who provides training for all equipment to first-time users.
  • PODCAST STUDIO (capacity – up to 3 maximum) This room is dedicated to podcasting and comes equipped with microphones and  recording equipment and software.