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How to release final grades to students

To keep a running total of the student’s grade, configure the grade book to release the calculated final grade for all students. At the end of the course, you can retract the calculated final grade and instead release the adjusted final grade.


Updated Summer 2021
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Release Final Grades

  1. Once in your course, click on Course Admin, and then Grades under Assessment. Finally, click on Settings in the right-hand menu.
  2. Select the Calculation Options tab.
  3. Set Final Grade Released to Calculated Final Grade, set Ungraded Items to Drop ungraded items, and choose Automatically keep final grades updated.
  4. Return to Grades, and click Enter Grades.
  5. Select Grade All from the Final Calculated Grade context menu.
  6. On the Final Grades page, select Release All from the Final Grades context menu.
  7. Select Yes on the last pop-up window, and your changes will be saved.