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How can I edit captions in my Kaltura video?

Captions that have been added to a Kaltura video may need to be edited.  Here is a basic guide on how to do so.

STEP  1: Once you have selected your Kaltura video, click ACTIONS and + Caption Requests.

STEP 2: Click the Edit button for the captions you previously added.

STEP 3: It is likely that the automatically created captions will appear as one large run-on sentence.  Therefore, you will likely want to do some minor text editing.  Click the box on the left side of the screen that contains the text you would like to edit.  You will then see the text appear in the middle text box underneath the video.  There you can edit the text.

STEP 4: Should you add a period to any sentence, you will notice that a new box containing your sentence will automatically appear on the left side of the screen.  Additionally, should you need to play your video for any reason, you are able to do so using the toolbar directly under the video.

STEP 5: Once you have all of your text edits completed, each sentence will be contained in its own box on the left side of the screen.

STEP 6: When your edits are complete, you can save your changes by clicking Save.  This will only save your edits for you to revisit, but will not make your caption changes go live.

STEP 7: To make your caption changes live to video viewers, click Approve.

STEP 8: Refresh the page your video appears on and then view again to see your edited captions.