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Media Appearances: Articles, TV, Podcasts + more

Special Needs Voice

Frist Center Director Keivan Stassun, was interviewed for the latest Special Needs Voices Podcast episode. You can listen by searching on the Spotify app or at the following link:


CMA Today

Dave Caudel, Frist Center for Autism and Innovation Deputy Director, was interviewed for an article released in CMA today entitled “Opening Minds: Unlock Strategies for Making Workplaces Inclusive of Neurodiversity”. View and download the article here: CMA Today-JulyAug-2023-CE-1. The article was written by Mark Harris and appeared in the July/August 2023 issue of CMA Today. (Permission to reproduce this article granted by the American Association of Medical Assistants.)

Dr. Gwen Empowered

Dave Caudel, Frist Center for Autism and Innovation Deputy Director, was interviewed for Episode 88 of the Dr. Gwen Empowered YouTube channel. This YouTube channel seeks to “empower neurodiverse and disabled individuals, their support systems, and anyone who deeply cares about this community.” Dr. Caudel was interviewed about how FCAI is working to transform the workplace for neurodivergent individuals. Watch the full episode at the following link.

Square Pegs Podcast 

Frist Center for Autism and Innovation Project Management Jessica Schonhut-Stasik discussed being a neurodiverse graduate student on the podcast Square Pegs, that interviews neurodiverse graduate students to learn about their lives and how they got to grad school. Click here to listen.


News Channel 5 

Deputy Director Tim Vogus appeared on an episode of Openline through New Channel 5 Nashville, to discuss the Frist Center for Autism and Innovation and take callers’ questions. Watch it here.


Physics Today

Frist Center Director Keivan Stassun and Project Manager Jessica Schonhut-Stasik appeared in an article in Physics Today, discussing the growing attention to accessibility for physicists and astrophysicists with disabilities. Read it here.



Frist Center for Autism and Innovation Deputy Director Tim Vogus appeared on NPR’s “This is Nashville” to discuss autism, the premiere of “In A Different Key” and and the neurodiversity community work occurring in Nashville. Listen to the show here.

Interchange Podcast

Frist Center for Autism and Innovation Deputy Director Dace Caudel guested on the Innovation Research Interchange podcast, which aims to cultivate resources for innovation leaders. Listen to it here.


HR Happy Hour

Frist Center for Autism and Innovation Deputy Director Tim Vogus discusses neurodiversity in the workplace with the HR Happy Hour hosts. Vogus is also a professor and researcher for the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt. Click here to listen!


Leadership Lab

Dr. Patrick Leddin started the podcast “Leadership Lab” to inform and inspire leaders in all walks of life. In this episode Frist Center associate director Dr. Dave Caudel employs his own experiences as a self-advocate to provide the listener with insight into the autistic mind.  After telling his own story, he and Leddin discuss the breadth of the autism spectrum, and the many types of businesses which could benefit from recruiting employees on the spectrum.


Life in a Neurotypical Universe

Frist Center Associate Director Dr. Dave Caudel is a guest on autism self-advocate Tim Goldstein’s podcast, Life in a Neurotypical Universe, in three different episodes. You can listen to the first installment here, and the second here. The third episode is at this link.


Inside Higher Ed

Executive Director of the College Autism Network Lee Burdette Williams highlights the collision of two trends on campuses: the increased awareness of Title IX and the growing number of students with autism. Read the article here.


As featured on CBS 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper!

Watch the segment here | Transcript | Audio version
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