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Neurodiversity Employment Database

Welcome to our Neurodiversity Employment Database. This database was created by Vanderbilt University undergraduate student Elizabeth Walther and tracks neurodiversity-friendly and neurodiversity-focused companies. This database is specific to the United States.

Using the database:

  • This database can be searched using the search bar in the top-right hand corner. Users can search for any keywords, including state (state abbreviations are used), and pressing the return key. If the database does not update when the return key is pressed, no results have been found.
  • The database can be organized by column in ascending or descending order by clicking the appropriate arrow next to the column name. Clicking the column name will reset the column to its original order.
  • In the context of this database the company sizes are described as follows: micro = 1 – 10 employees, small = 10 – 50 employees, medium = 50 – 100 employees, large = 250 – 2,000 employees, and huge = 2,000+ employees.
  • The following are the industry keywords into which the companies have been categorized: agriculture, art, assembly, animals, construction, consulting, entertainment, finance, food, healthcare, law, maintenance, manufacturing, marketing, packaging, public services, recycling, research, retail, tech, and utilities.
  • The column ‘customer facing’ corresponds to whether employees have interactions with customers (i.e., the general public) whilst undertaking their day-to-day duties. In this context ‘depends’ refers to the role the employee is hired into, as to whether it will be customer facing.

Disclaimer: This database will be updated when possible but please note that this database does not necessarily showcase every neurodiversity-friendly or neurodiversity-focused hiring initiative or company in the United States.

Are you a company that would like to be listed on the database? Do need help with the database, find a mistake, or have a recommendation? Please fill in this Google Form to provide your feedback or requests.

Name of CompanyLocationIndustryCustomer Facing?Size of CompanyLevel of SupportAbout the CompanyInformationApply
Studio By The TracksALartnomediumneurodiverse focused“Studio By The Tracks is a studio and gallery for adult artists with autism. We provide a social network and a career path that enriches our artists’ lives and betters our community. Artists receive 60% of any sale of their art works. The studio provides all services and materials to artists free of charge.”Info link
DogtopiaAL, AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA,MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NV, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WIanimalsdependsmediumneurodiverse friendly“At Dogtopia®, we’re a unique breed. We love and care for your pup like they are our own. We realize that your dog is a furry member of your family and they deserve the highest level of care. With our award-winning daycare, boarding, and spa services, you’ll be treating your pup to their most exciting day ever!”Info linkApply link
Not Your Typical DeliAZfoodyesmediumneurodiverse program“Not Your Typical Deli is a full service delicatessen and bakery, located in Gilbert, Arizona. We showcase local products and services, including local artists, bakers and other culinary professionals, and provide guests with a unique dining and shopping experience. NYT Deli was created to make a difference, not only do we serve incredible food, we also have an integrated work environment for those with developmental disabilities.”Info linkApply link
Mary T. Paulin GalleryAZartnosmallneurodiverse focused“The Mary T. Paulin Gallery is located at ArtWorks (1509 E. Helen St.) and employs artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities as staff members. A team of 10 workers manage the gallery with vocational assistance. Gallery workers learn professional skills related to the organization of an art gallery business. We advocate their unique abilities and capabilities by engaging them within the larger community; thus, we have developed a traveling show as part of the gallery program.  In partnership with several organizations, businesses, and other programs, we display our Artworks artist’s work in these community locations with the help of the gallery team.”Info linkApply link
Paper Clouds ApparelAZpackagingnomediumneurodiverse focused“Paper Clouds Apparel was formed to showcase the creative minds and artistic abilities of individuals with special needs while raising funds to provide financial support for special needs schools and organizations. We achieve this goal by selling t-shirts, hats and totes featuring artwork designed by individuals with special needs. Paper Clouds Apparel also hires individuals with special needs to package all of our sensory-friendly clothing. Fifty percent of the net proceeds from the sale of all merchandise is given to the cause we are promoting in each campaign.”Info linkApply link
Auticon USCA, OH, UTtechnosmallneurodiverse focused“With a high demand for data quality and flawless software development, auticon provides a neurodiverse and agile workforce to improve our client’s IT projects. Our hybrid onsite and offsite teams utilize the cognitive benefits of autism to provide the sustained concentration and analytical mindset that makes us wired for success. We serve our  clients by recruiting, training, and employing adults on the autism spectrum for lifelong careers in technology.”Info linkApply link
Platinum Bay TechnologiesCAtechdependsmicroneurodiverse focused“We are a software company founded with the mission to make a large-scale, impactful difference in the Autism community, in a big way! To do that requires new ways of thinking about hiring, workplace accommodation, business models, partnerships, and every other facet of our far-reaching endeavors. Platinum Bay is big ideas and bold ambition, a vision to create significant and measurable life-changing impact in the Autism world.”Info linkApply link
California Department of RehabilitationCApublic servicesyeslargeneurodiverse friendly“The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living, and equality for individuals with disabilities… A SSA(G) provides reasonable accommodation to the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified disabled applicant or State employee; performs reading services; serves as a messenger; transports and accompanies staff members to places of business where services are otherwise unavailable; performs simple clerical services; and performs other job related support work. No education and/or experience required.”Info linkApply link
Ada’s CaféCAfoodyessmallneurodiverse focused“Ada’s Cafe is a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation dedicated to hiring, training and empowering our employees with disabilities. Ada’s Cafe is Where Good Food and Community Meet. We strive to create delicious food and drinks in an environment that is warm and friendly to let our customers know we care about them.  Ada’s also conducts collaborative research on improving workplaces for people with disabilities.”Info linkApply link
Common Roots FarmCAagriculturenomicroneurodiverse focused“Our farm is a place where people of all abilities can learn new skills, strengthen their social networks, and contribute valued products to our local economy.  We offer horticulture and farm skills training, internships to people with developmental disabilities, environmental and gardening education, and micro-enterprise opportunities on a roughly four-acre urban organic farm in Santa Cruz, CA.Info linkApply link
Frida PicklesCAart/agriculturenomicroneurodiverse focused“We are a local, family owned floral design business, with a storefront in San Gabriel, Los Angeles County, California. Our experienced designers work with clients to provide floral design services; from weddings to celebrations of life. Our goal is to offer a welcoming space, with old-fashioned, personalized service and fresh floral arrangements that are unique. At Frida Pickles, our vision is to train and employ people with special needs. We believe that just like flowers, people come in all shapes and sizes and we all thrive through flowers.”Info linkApply link
Forever GlassCAartnomicroneurodiverse focused“The purpose for Forever Glass is to provide employment for adults with autism while creating beautiful Keepsake Bowls from recycled glass. Here each member of our team will have opportunities to explore their individual talents and aspirations.  The team will participate in many aspects of running a business, including recycling, glass processing, production, shipping, computers and of course, designing.  But no matter which area they choose to work in, they know they are part of a team that produces a product they can be proud of. Every purchase of a Keepsake Bowl contributes to more of these awesome individuals being added to our team.  So give the gift that will last forever and mean something special to so many.”Info linkApply link
Southside UnlimitedCAart/recyclingnosmallneurodiverse focused“Southside Unlimited creates a forum that applies the medium of opportunity, blending artistic expression, personal progress, and active citizenship toward individual empowerment. We see people with developmental challenges as full citizens of the community who have the ability and the opportunity to contribute to society, prosper financially, and make decisions that affect their lives.”Info linkApply link
Employment PlusCAmaintenancenomicroneurodiverse focused“Employment Plus (E+), founded in 2001, provides opportunities for participants to make their own choices and decisions regarding their everyday life, allowing them to participate in and contribute to the community through coursework, paid on the job training, community association, volunteer activities, and ultimately employment. Employment is the main focus for all services offered. Participants develop new job skills during classroom instruction or with a job coach during paid employment training opportunities, including the ability to maintain employment, communicate with a supervisor and peers, and develop better work ethic.”Info linkApply link
Creative GrowthCAartnomediumneurodiverse focused“The Creative Growth Gallery exhibits and promotes Creative Growth artists by placing their work in major collections and institutions worldwide. It presents public exhibitions in the Oakland gallery and represents Creative Growth artists at national and international art fairs every year. As a non-profit gallery, all artwork sales directly support the artists and Creative Growth, which uses the proceeds to purchase materials and keep the program running. Artwork made at Creative Growth has been acquired by prominent collections worldwide, including MoMA, SFMOMA, the Smithsonian, the Studio Museum of Harlem, Collection de L’Art Brut, American Folk Art Museum, and The Museum of Everything.”Info linkApply link
NIAD Art CenterCAartnosmallneurodiverse focused“NIAD’s innovative studio art program has been in Richmond for nearly 40 years. We currently offer Virtual Studio spaces on Zoom and in-person studio spaces in our 23rd Street Art Center five days a week. All of our facilitators are professional teaching artists. We provide artists with art materials, support from facilitators, and professional development opportunities. Opportunities to show their work provide artists with a sense of pride, communication skills, engagement in contemporary art dialogue, and 50% sales commission on artwork sales. NIAD studio artists develop professional and ILS (Independent Living Skills) such as speaking and writing about their art. Curators from the Bay Area and beyond collaborate with NIAD studio artists on exhibitions. NIAD artwork is professionally documented, cataloged, and marketed to contemporary art audiences. While working with NIAD’s Arts As Career program, participating studio artists have opportunities to lead workshops, sell at craft fairs, visit museums and give artist talks.”Info linkApply link
Plant It AginCAagriculturenomicroneurodiverse focused“We save natural resources by recycling drought tolerant plants back into our local communities while creating fulfilling and exciting careers for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. We Plant It Again and then we Plant It Forward so that others can thrive.”Info linkApply link
ZuggyCAart/packagingnomicroneurodiverse focused“Each featured artist of the month will first, create their designs, and then choose the project or charity they wish to support for their assigned month. Next, they will select the shirt type, color, and style for production. Once the shirts are printed, they will go back to our special team for sorting, packing and shipping. We hope to expand the business to help engage and employ as many team members as possible by offering a variety of merchandise and seasonal products. Not only is this an opportunity to employ individuals, it is an opportunity to bring together friends in the special needs community and encourage social and communication skills.”Info linkApply link
Little Red HenCAretailyesmicroneurodiverse program“Little Red Hen is a non-profit organization with several locations serving children and adults with developmental disabilities. 100% of our sales / donations benefit quality programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, and other cognitive disabilities. We employ developmentally disabled adults at all our locations, and we do NOT pay below minimum wage.”Info linkApply link
Able Coffee RoastersCAfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Our goal, as a chef-turned-Education Specialist and a Behavior Therapist-turned-business owner, is to create paying jobs for individuals with disabilities. We are aiming to break all the limitations in way that no one has seen before and are confident that each individual is capable of being a functional part of society. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the unemployment rate for individuals with special needs is over 80% and employment opportunities are limited after the age of 22. A common concern of parents and educators is the lack of jobs for students who are done with secondary-schooling around the age of 22. THAT is our motivation and builds our passion to create a brand and quality products.”Info linkApply link
E. & J. Gallo WineryCAmanufacturingnohugeneurodiverse friendly“Gallo is a family company that will remain the global wine industry leader and continue to win new friends for wine. We will drive sustainable growth across all beverage alcohol occasions with both wine and spirits… We value the diverse skills, backgrounds, experiences and cultural differences every individual brings to the workplace. We believe that seeking diversity in all its dimensions encourages innovation and creativity, leading to a stronger company with better results. Our initiatives will focus on ensuring equity and opportunity for all.”Info linkApply link
SalesforceCA, GA, IL, MA, TXtechnohugeneurodiverse friendly“Salesforce is a place for employees of all abilities. Abilityforce unites people with visible and invisible disabilities, employees with loved ones who are disabled, and allies. We work to make sure our physical and technological environments are accessible and designed for all by developing and implementing innovative practices that solve customer and employee needs. We aim to cultivate a culture where all employees feel empowered by their abilities and talents, and work to advance our company’s dialogue on accessibility and accommodation strategies.”Info linkApply link
GoogleCA, CO, GA, IL, MD, MA, NY, TX, UT, WA,technohugeneurodiverse program“It is in that spirit that I am excited to announce the launch of Google Cloud’s Autism Career Program, designed to further grow and strengthen Google’s existing autistic community by hiring and supporting more talented autistic individuals in the rapidly growing cloud industry. In addition to leveraging the voices of our autistic colleagues, we are working with experts from the Stanford Neurodiversity Project (part of the Stanford University School of Medicine), which provides consultation services to employers to advise on opportunities and success metrics for neurodiverse individuals in the workplace.”Info linkApply link
HPID, CAtechnohugeneurodiverse program“At HP, talent is our only criteria. We recognize that traditional hiring practices can screen out qualified and talented applicants with autism, and we do not want to miss out on top talent. In partnership with Vocational Rehabilitation and PROVAIL, HP is offering a program focused on recruiting, hiring, and retaining qualified candidates with autism.”Info linkApply link
ChevronCA, TXmanufacturingnohugeneurodiverse program“Chevron’s Neurodiversity Program is one of the company’s diversity-focused recruiting initiatives that targets neurodiverse individuals, a largely underrepresented spectrum of talent, to bring diverse perspectives and skillsets into the workforce. Neurodiversity refers to the different ways people think, process information and see the world. Chevron has joined the movement of companies who are embracing these differences and building a more diverse and inclusive workforce. The program places neurodiverse participants in job roles that align with their capabilities and give them an opportunity to make valuable work contributions.”Info linkApply link
VMwareCAtechnohugeneurodiverse program“VMware’s Neurodiversity Inclusion Program is a hiring initiative tailored towards individuals with autism. Here at VMware, we encourage every person to bring their authentic selves to work, and we promote an inclusive company culture. We work to make sure our application, interview and onboarding processes as well as our workplace cultures are inclusive and engaging for every individual. The Neurodiversity Inclusion Program includes enablement for recruiters, hiring teams, and candidates to engage in an interview process that is inclusive of neurodiverse individuals. It also provides a recruiting and hiring process designed to remove unconscious bias. Candidates hired through this program will have access to mentorship and formal job coaching to ensure success and satisfaction in their new role.”Info linkApply link
Wells FargoCAfinancenohugeneurodiverse program“The work entry barrier can be exacerbated by differences in social norms between hiring managers and prospective job candidates, which is part of what the Neurodiversity Program aims to improve. A tailored interview approach (also known as SuperWeek) based on workshops and interactive, team-based problem solving allows candidates to showcase their talent in a more comfortable environment over the course of several days, leading to more comprehensive assessment by managers. At Wells Fargo, that’s paired with ongoing training, mentoring, and accommodations to help individuals succeed in their roles. Other goals of the program include promoting employee self-identification and establishing an employee “Buddy Program” to aid transitions into the Wells Fargo workplace and culture by the end of the summer. Externally, the program hopes to establish partnerships with neurodiversity organizations, academic partners, and community nonprofits to help identify candidates and provide support for participants and teams.”Info linkApply link
MetaCA, MD, NY, TX, WAtechnohugeneurodiverse friendly“Disability@ strives to support, celebrate and empower Meta employees who identify as having a disability. Disability is a broad spectrum and can include people with physical disabilities, who are neurodiverse, or who experience chronic health or mental health conditions. We welcome caregivers of people with disabilities and our allies, and we are committed to elevating people with disabilities as well as educating and advocating in the broader community.”Info linkApply link
AdobeCA, NY, UT, WAtechnohugeneurodiverse friendly“The Access at Adobe employee network is focused on supporting and advocating for Adobe employees and family members with disabilities. The network strives to advance disability inclusion while raising awareness of the realities employees with disabilities, injuries, and illnesses face at work. For Disability Employment Awareness Month, the employee network hosted a talk with inclusion champions, participated in a panel discussion on neurodiversity, and hosted a discussion with a visually impaired software developer.”Info linkApply link
AirbnbCA, GA, IL, NV, NY, TN, WAtechnohugeneurodiverse friendly“A world where anyone can belong anywhere starts with a workplace where you feel welcome and can contribute your best work. Airbnb welcomes candidates with backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented in tech and offers opportunities to create community in our offices around the world… We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations for qualified applicants with disabilities in our job application and recruitment process.”Info linkApply link
CiscoFL, IL, MA, MN, NC, PA, TN, TX, VAtechnohugeneurodiverse friendly“CDAN ⏐ Connected Disability Action Network: A community that empowers Cisco employees and partners to challenge employment and education inequalities for people with disabilities.”Info linkApply link
ConcentrixCAtechnohugeneurodiverse friendly“Ability – Persons with Disabilities: Advances awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities at Concentrix by creating equitable opportunities to be recruited and hired, improve and advance, and fully participate in every aspect of our business.”Info linkApply link
Intel CorporationAZ, CA, ORmanufacturing/technohugeneurodiverse friendly“Intel is also committed to supporting and empowering job applicants and employees with diverse abilities and functional or access needs. Innovation begins with an including team. To ensure progress and produce the best solutions, our workforce must reflect the world’s diverse population.”Info linkApply link
ServiceNowCA, FL, IL, MA, WAtechnohugeneurodiverse friendly“‘People with Disabilities at Now is focused on our foundation by building more awareness and getting more engagement,’ Gillian shares. The group aims to increase Self-ID participation rates, then it will focus on how to make ServiceNow more outwardly accessible. The Self-ID survey helps us build more inclusivity by understanding our employees better.”Info linkApply link
TwitterCA, CO, FL, GA, IL, MD, MA, MI, NY, WAtechnohugeneurodiverse friendly“Twitter Able is a community of Tweeps with a mission to make the Twitter workplace and product accessible to all.”Info linkApply link
Dirt CoffeeCOfoodyessmallneurodiverse focused“Located in Historic Downtown Littleton, DIRT is a local, women-run social enterprise with the mission to bring you quality crafted Huckleberry coffee, food, and drink while training, employing & empowering neurodivergent individuals through workforce development programming.”Info linkApply link
Blue Star RecyclersCOrecyclingnosmallneurodiverse focused“Our mission is recycling electronics and other materials to create local jobs for people with autism and other disAbilities. Turn your e‑waste into real, local jobs. Your recycling fees help us achieve over 90% self-sustainability and pay our workers real wages.”Info linkApply link
Jack’s Bar anf GrillCOfoodyesmediumneurodiverse program“At Jack’s our priority is our impact in our community. From made-from-scratch cooking with locally sourced products to providing employment and training opportunities to people with disabilities, we keep our footprint small and our impact big.”Info linkApply link
BrewabilityCOfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“An Inclusive brewery & pizzeria employs adults with disabilities to brew craft beer!”Info linkApply link
Planning Across The SpectrumCTfinancedependsmicroneurodiverse program“Beyond being caring certified financial planners with the expertise needed to help our clients through lives unexpected and often difficult financial situations, we also pride ourselves on working with the disabled and neurodiverse population. As a majority of the staff at Planning Across the Spectrum, including our financial planners, are neurodivergent it makes sense that we have all been drawn to working with this community. When we say we specialize in working with the disabled population, we mean that it’s our entire focus. It’s who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We not only deeply understand the difficulties many disabled people face with understanding and obtaining important finance-related resources such as benefits and insurance, but we also know the potential that is being held back. Held back by the needless complexity of special needs trusts, estate planning, Medicare, and so many other things they have to navigate.”Info linkApply link
Prospector TheaterCTart/entertainmentyesmediumneurodiverse focused“501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing competitive and integrated employment to people with disabilities through the operation of a premium, first-run movie theater.”Info linkApply link
BeanZ & Co.CTfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“BeanZ & Co. is an inclusive coffee café employing people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities and demonstrates the possibilities in all of us.”Info linkApply link
Yes We CanCTartnomicroneurodiverse focused“Yes We Can employs adults with special needs, and provides them with the opportunity to develop their talents while gaining necessary work experience. Workers will be designing their own greeting cards, calendars, apparel, and much more! Each gift is created, packaged, and sold by a Yes We Can worker.”Info linkApply link
Waggies by Maggie & FriendsDEfood/animalsnosmallneurodiverse focused“Waggies by Maggie & Friends is a non-profit dog treat company whose mission is to employ persons with intellectual disabilities. Our all-natural, vet-approved treats are made with the finest ingredients and contain no preservatives.  A purchase of Waggies rewards your dog while supporting employment for members of the community who want to be part of the workforce.  It’s a winning combination!”Info linkApply link
DupontDEmanufacturingnohugeneurodiverse friendly“DuPont Persons with Disabilities and their Allies (PwDA):We are a global ability network supporting employees with disabilities and allies through resources, education, networking and outreach to optimize abilities and contributions while minimizing challenges and barriers.”Info linkApply link
Art EnablesMDartnosmallneurodiverse focused“Art Enables is an art gallery and vocational arts program dedicated to creating opportunities for artists with disabilities to make, market, and earn income from their original and compelling artwork. In addition to earning income from art sales, artists build the skills, relationships, and experience necessary for a successful career in the arts. We offer our artists the creative space, materials, and marketing support they need to develop and succeed as professionals.”Info linkApply link
Smithsonian InstituteMDpublic servicesyeshugeneurodiverse friendly“The Smithsonian is committed to promoting diversity and ensuring that all employees, applicants for employment and individuals associated with the Smithsonian are treated equitably in an environment that is free from discrimination. This commitment includes our goal to attract and retain qualified individuals with disabilities, especially those with targeted disabilities.”Info linkApply link
Rising Tide Car WashFLmaintenancedependsmediumneurodiverse focused“Our expert employees with autism will make your car look brand new and you’ll leave knowing that your purchase helped provide a chance for our team to prove how capable they are.”Info linkApply link
The Chocolate SpectrumFLfoodnosmallneurodiverse focused“We are a family owned and operated artisan chocolate company. It was started by Valerie for her son, Blake, who is a young man with autism in 2013 in her home kitchen. In 2016, we moved into our shop in Jupiter Florida.  We started with one young man and now have over 15 differently-abled individuals in our program. Our purpose is to offer delicious chocolate confections while also helping individuals with special needs. We accomplish this two ways:  By providing individuals with developmental disabilities training and by providing employment opportunities in some circumstances. In addition to training, each participant has the opportunity to engage in meaningful and purposeful experiences with an emphasis on social interaction.”Info linkApply link
ScentsAbilityFLartnosmallneurodiverse focused“At ScentsAbility, our company’s mission is to provide job training, employment, and supported housing for adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). We help our artisans realize their full potential and create beautifully crafted artisan scented candles.”Info linkApply link
Empower FarmsFLagriculturenosmallneurodiverse focused“The farm is designed so people with all kinds of disabilities can be involved in growing food, with tasks requiring different skills and abilities to be done throughout the year. This is a great synergy with eco-friendly farming, which involves a lot of work being done by people rather than by machines or chemicals.”Info linkApply link
Creative ClayFLartnomicroneurodiverse focused“Creative Clay’s Artlink Apprenticeship Program places promising student artists with professional artists in the local community. Artlink participants meet with their professional artist supervisors a minimum of four hours per week for four to six months. During these meetings, student-artists work alongside professional artists as they engage in artistic and business skills that are transferable to a variety of settings. Artist mentors pass on important business skills necessary for a successful career as a professional artist. At the conclusion of the OJT apprenticeship, a selection of the works created during the training program will be included in an art exhibition held at a public museum, gallery, or other cultural venue in St. Petersburg, FL… The Artlink community employment program was created to help individuals with disabilities find meaningful employment in arts related positions, or within cultural organizations. Participants are chosen for further job development based on their mid-term evaluation and progress in the internship program. Selected students attend three potential job site visits and apply to their selected employment opportunity. Creative Clay supported employment staff continue to provide ongoing support to individuals placed in outside and track employment outcomes for 3 years… Creative Clay’s Artlink Internship Program is an arts-focused job training program that has three distinct areas, each with its own unique job description. These areas include Gallery Receptionist, Studio Assistant and Repurpose Store Attendant. Interns have an opportunity to participate in training in one or any combination of these three areas. Interns may work four hours per day and up to two days per week. Interns who qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation services are paid minimum wage… Participants learn soft skills, such as appropriate workplace attire, communication, and self-advocacy. Additionally, students learn to navigate public transportation, job-seeking strategies, resume development and how to complete job applications.”Info linkApply link
Spectrum Thrift StoreFLretailyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Our mission is to give employment opportunities to individuals with autism and developmental delays. Because everyone deserves to thrive.”Info linkApply link
Rise & Nye’sFLfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“A coffee and ice cream shop with a mission! Inclusion. Jobs. Dignity. At Rise & Nye’s, we provide secure, successful jobs which in turn help our employees form meaningful friendships with their peers; live independently; improve their public speaking, develop self-advocacy and communication skills; and feel valued and included by society. We celebrate and honor their special abilities! It’s an Inclusion Revolution!”Info linkApply link
AcostaFLmarketingdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“Acosta Sales & Marketing/Mosaic Sales Solutions is committed to treating all people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. We believe in integration and equal opportunity. We are committed to meeting the needs of persons with disabilities with respect to the company’s programs, services and facilities in a timely manner, and will do so by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility and meeting accessibility requirements under the Regulation and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. , 2005.”Info linkApply link
CitrixCA, FL, NCtechnohugeneurodiverse friendly“Citrix Enabled: Promote the awareness of diverse-abilities, including physical disabilities, neurodiversity, and mental health in the workplace while also offering a community of support for Citrix employees and their loved ones. The group strives to develop a culture where all employees feel empowered by their abilities by advocating for accessibility across physical space and technology and by educating to reduce stigma.”Info linkApply link
Special Kneads and TreatsGAfoodnosmallneurodiverse focused“Special Kneads and Treats, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a core mission to try and ensure that any child in our community that has a birthday whose family cannot afford a birthday cake receives one FREE from us. We work with DFCS, Foster Care, Children’s shelters, partnerships against domestic violence, pregnancy resource centers, battered women’s shelters, homeless shelters and local food cooperative ministries as well as many other local support groups to get these cakes into the hands of those in need. Our business focus is the hiring of special needs adults once they age out of county programs.”Info linkApply link
Ventures ATLGAtech/packagingnosmallneurodiverse focused“Ventures ATL is a nonprofit based in Atlanta, Georgia whose mission is to provide meaningful, sustainable jobs for adults with autism and related developmental differences. We do this by operating a portfolio of businesses for which there is strong commercial demand and which play to the strengths of our target employees. We utilize the skills and talents of neurodiverse individuals which often include focus, attention to detail, affinity for repetitive tasks, and a strong motivation to work. In June 2017, Ventures ATL started providing data management services and product fulfillment services to clients.”Info linkApply link
Independent Grounds CaféGAfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Independent Grounds has the unique mission of serving great coffee while also providing meaningful employment opportunities for adults with special needs. With welcoming spaces and free WiFi, we’re the perfect place to meet, work, study or relax. ​We believe inclusion matters and that includes you! So skip the big box drive-thru and come experience coffee with a purpose.”Info linkApply link
The Coca-Cola CompanyAZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA,  NJ, TXmanufacturingnohugeneurodiverse friendly“The This-Ability Inclusion Network serves as a thought leader on the area of disabilities insights and an advocate for a winning and inclusive culture, where inclusion is prioritized and diversity is respected both inside the company and in the markets we serve.”Info linkApply link
Puna Kamali’I FlowersHIart/agriculturenosmallneurodiverse program“Puna Kamali’i Flowers, Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation founded in 1998.   We offer retail or wholesale sales for floral gift boxes, tropical cut flowers, tropical plants, leis, tropical foliage and more… We also offer vocational training, employment and provider services for individuals with developmental disabilities.”Info linkApply link
Micron TechnologyCA, CO ID, VAmanufacturingnohugeneurodiverse friendly“Capable: Fostering a workplace where seen and unseen disabilities are embraced allowing our employees to thrive and succeed in a climate of acceptance and equality.”Info linkApply link
MisericordiaILart/food/agriculture/maintenance/recyclingdependsmicroneurodiverse focused“The majority of adults at Misericordia are involved in on-campus work opportunity programs. The people who live at Misericordia have disabilities ranging from mild to severe and profound so we work to provide a broad spectrum of opportunities that are developed and refined to meet their unique needs.”Info linkApply link
Arts of LifeILartnomediumneurodiverse focused“For artists at Arts of Life, a career in the visual arts is an opportunity for meaningful employment. Each artist has their own studio space and works independently from individualized project plans or receives 1:1 visual arts facilitation to increase their artistic skill set. Artists earn a monthly stipend for participation in the program with eligibility to receive bonuses based on personal annual art sales.”Info linkApply link
Lambs FarmILagriculturedependslargeneurodiverse focused“Located just off I-94 and Route 176 near Libertyville, it’s a special place where adults with developmental disabilities create lives of their own. It’s a place where our Participants are safe and empowered to choose the working and living environments that best suit them, decide how to spend their free time and learn new skills and hobbies. ”Info linkApply link
Autonomy WorksILtechnosmallneurodiverse focused“AutonomyWorks was founded to create jobs for people with autism and other disabilities. AutonomyWorks empowers your company to focus on strategy by taking on activities that divert time and energy away from critical business functions and decisions. We leverage the unique talents of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), along with technology and systems design, to provide both cost competitive solutions and exceptional quality.”Info linkApply link
Aspire CoffeeWorksILfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Aspire CoffeeWorks is a dynamic social enterprise between Aspire and Metropolis Coffee Company. Founded in 2009 the partnership combines the work of Aspire, a leader in providing bold and pioneering services to kids and adults with disabilities, with the craftsmanship of Metropolis Coffee Company, one of the nation’s top artisan, award-winning coffee roasters. This creative and mutually beneficial partnership is one in which adults with disabilities on the Aspire CoffeeWorks team, work side by side with employees on the Metropolis Coffee Company team. That’s right, at Aspire CoffeeWorks, even the staff is perfectly blended!”Info linkApply link
We Are LionsILartnomicroneurodiverse focused“We Are Lions (WAL) provides opportunities for people with disabilities through art and entrepreneurship. We operate a marketplace that creates products designed and developed by individuals with disabilities in order to build inclusive economies. Our entrepreneurs receive 50% of profits from sales on our online platform and through additional distribution channels. Entrepreneurs also have access to grants, mentorship, and business skills training to support their small business development.”Info linkApply link
AspiritechILtechnomediumneurodiverse focused“Aspiritech is a world-class QA testing company that empowers individuals on the autism spectrum to fulfill their potential through meaningful employment combined with social opportunity.”Info linkApply link
Chez Francois PoutinerieILfoodyessmallneurodiverse focused“Chez François Poutinerie is a unique restaurant that will be the first in the Naperville and Chicagoland market. Our goal is two-fold, introduce poutine to the area residents and provide employment opportunities to developmentally disabled adults.”Info linkApply link
We Grow DreamsILagriculturenosmallneurodiverse focused“We Grow Dreams has been providing job training and employment to young adults with disabilities for over fifteen years.  We Grow Dreams was founded in 2004 when the founders purchased this greenhouse, formerly called WeGo Greenhouse.  Since then the greenhouse has provided countless hours of job training and development.”Info linkApply link
Inklude StudioILartnosmallneurodiverse focused“Inklude Studio is a non-profit 501(c)(3), community based, art and design studio. We provide an open, creative, and collaborative studio environment for adult artists with autism and other developmental disabilities. Artists who participate in our studio program have the opportunity to earn income from the sale of their creative work. Our studio program is artist directed. Artists develop their own projects and make decisions regarding exhibition and sales opportunities. Our goal is to have studio artists included in as much of the studio’s operations as possible – so they may develop practical business skills; as well as, develop their creative skills.”Info linkApply link
Color BurstILpackagingnomicroneurodiverse focused“ColorBurst Screen Printing can take care of all your custom decorating needs: screen printing, embroidery, customized heat transfers, direct-to-garment and even promotional items. At ColorBurst our goals are simple: completely satisfied customers, quality, on-time delivery…each and every time, and employment opportunities for all, regardless of ability. You see, ColorBurst has a different and unique business model. We were started over 20 years ago as a place where individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities could find job opportunities in their own community. By using ColorBurst you are making a difference in the lives of those we employ.”Info linkApply link
Harry’s ButtonsILpackagingnomicroneurodiverse focused“ at Easterseals improves the lives and futures of individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities by providing employment opportunities. Our team is integrated into all aspects of business operations and receives individualized training with customized supports. Every product created at at Easterseals is an opportunity to achieve growth and independence. This team-oriented environment builds self-esteem and skill sets needed for future employment opportunities.”Info linkApply link
AccentureAZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, ID, IL, MD, NY, OK, OR, TXtechnohugeneurodiverse friendly“Worldwide there are over one billion people who experience some form of disability and 75% of these disabilities are invisible. At Accenture, we know the value each person can bring if they are given the opportunity. This is why we’re creating an accessible, inclusive workplace where every person knows they belong. We celebrate the incredible impact people can make when they are empowered to bring their whole selves to work.”Info linkApply link
Zebra TechnologiesAR, CA, GA, IL, FL, MD, MA, NY, RI, TX, WItechnohugeneurodiverse friendly“We believe that the best way to sustain diversity is to foster a culture of inclusion. We want to ensure that all employees can be their true, authentic selves, so they can unleash their full potential. Our peoples’ ideas are what power our inventiveness. Our five foundational values of innovation, agility, integrity, accountability, and teamwork serve as the guiding principles for the work we do each day. We bring diverse people and ideas together in a collaborative, candid environment to propel our thinking and power innovation… ZoAA Advances Zebra’s culture of inclusion for people of all abilities.”Info linkApply link
WalgreensAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WYretaildependshugeneurodiverse friendly“Reflecting our founder Charles R. Walgreen’s strong commitment to creating equal opportunity, Walgreens has always hired people with disabilities and striven to foster a fully inclusive work environment. We recognize that a disability inclusive workplace and culture enables Walgreens to tap into a wider pool of talent, retain valued team members, and gain insight into the needs of an important and expanding segment of the customer base. Additionally, Walgreens disAbility Alliance business resource group (BRG), with its mission to “Engage, educate and empower individuals with disabilities and allies by providing informational content, fostering an inclusive workforce, and furthering disability-related initiatives”, continues to play a strong role in this space, in alignment with the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy.”Info linkApply link
Discover Financial ServicesAZ, DE, IL, OH, TX, UTfinancedependshugeneurodiverse friendly“STRIVE makes out business a more inclusive place to be. If you care for someone with a disability or have one yourself, you’ll find support, advice and more within this friendly group.”Info linkApply link
Baker McKenzieILlawdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“‘Inclusion and diversity are integral to our culture and our business strategy. We are committed to building a collaborative, fulfilling and professional environment where our people, prospective applicants and clients are treated equitably regardless of any disability or long term (physical or mental) health condition. We are excited to be part of a wave of change where we can work together to remove inequality and can continue to be ambitious and challenge ourselves at every opportunity to make meaningful progress. It is important to us that people with any form of disability feel welcomed, included and supported.’”Info linkApply link
ThoughtworksCA, CO, GA, IL, NY, TXtechnohugeneurodiverse friendly“Thoughtworks is a home for all technologists, and has had a strong focus on  inclusion for many years, endeavouring to make Thoughtworks equitable, reflective and inclusive of the society we live in.  Led by the disability inclusion community at Thoughtworks we are focused on working towards being an actively inclusive and accessible workplace for people with disabilities, both invisible and visible.”Info linkApply link
No Label at the Table Food CoINfoodnosmallneurodiverse focused“We are a gluten and dairy free food company whose mission is to employ people on the autistic spectrum and provide job training skills. We do not have a phone number since a third of our workforce is nonverbal, so phones just don’t work for us.”Info linkApply link
Green Bridge GrowersINagriculturenomicroneurodiverse focused“Green Bridge Growers uses innovative methods to grow sustainable, fresh produce for your table year-round. Our venture is also grounded in a strong social mission – to create jobs that harness the amazing skills of young adults with autism.  We grow local, organic vegetables for our community, and those who buy from us help to create jobs and change lives.”Info linkApply link
SecureShredINrecyclingnomicroneurodiverse focused“We’re committed to recycling, reusing, and repurposing obsolete IT assets to the fullest extent possible. Companies rely on SecureShred to provide compliant data destruction solutions that protect their businesses from workplace privacy breaches. And with 80% of our workforce consisting of individuals with disabilities, SecureShred provides customers with a business solution that makes a positive environmental and social impact. SecureShred adheres to top security practices and is compliant with all applicable data protection laws and international electronics recycling standards.”Info linkApply link
The Indy MakersINartnomicroneurodiverse focused“The Indy Makers are a group of neurodiverse makers creating beautiful, innovative art, apparel and gifts in an accessible setting. Their coach helps them learn new technologies and connects them to commercial opportunities. The Indy Makers are helping to build an inclusive world where everyone can be creative and experience the dignity of paid work.”Info linkApply link
Gaining Grounds Coffee ShopINfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“ADEC opened the first Gaining Grounds Coffee Shop in 2019 as a way to establish common ground between the people we serve and our community. The goal was to entice people in with a fresh cuppa joe and keep them coming back for the friendships they form with the individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities we serve at ADEC. It has worked! Stop in either of our Gaining Grounds Coffee Shops, and you’ll see authentic relationships that were formed over a cup of coffee. Our Gaining Grounds Coffee Shops also brew up opportunity for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We proudly employ individuals with disabilities as baristas, and we display the one-of-a-kind artwork created by the people we serve in ADEC’s five day service locations. When you make a purchase from Gaining Grounds  — you are providing choice and possibility to the people we serve at ADEC.”Info linkApply link
Eli LillyINmanufacturingnohugeneurodiverse friendly“Our employee resource groups (ERGs) are a critical part of the overall fabric of diversity and play a key role in the progress we are making. Approximately 12,500 of our employees are members of 10 groups in more than 60 worldwide chapters. These groups offer strong support networks for their members and help our company develop talented individuals for future leadership roles. All groups are open to our employees who have an interest in participating. We all benefit by learning about the many cultures that combine to make one Lilly. Our current groups include:… Working and Living with Disabilities”Info linkApply link
BraunAbilityINmanufacturingnolargeneurodiverse program“BraunAbility’s Drive for Inclusion program extends to disability employment opportunities, both within our walls and beyond. We’ve established a mentorship program devoted to mentees with disabilities, and individuals with disabilities are a part of every recruitment effort. We’re also gathering feedback and advice from those who have faced their own battles with employment discrimination. Together we can push toward a new normal of workplaces that break through the old and tired stereotypes of the employability of people with disabilities.”Info linkApply link
CummunsINmanufacturingnohugeneurodiverse friendly“At Cummins, we have a deep-rooted commitment to empowering our employees to reach their full potential by working to ensure a truly diverse, accessible, equitable and inclusive environment. We offer all candidates an integrated balance of challenging professional work experience, exposure to global projects and the opportunity to make an immediate impact. We’re continually focused on finding better ways to run our business that include developing more inclusive experiences and systems to enable people with disabilities to contribute and succeed… In 2018, we launched a focus on disability inclusion with the goal of increasing the employment of people with disabilities. Cummins’ vision is to become an employer of choice for people with disabilities and to work in communities to reduce barriers to employment for people with disabilities.”Info linkApply link
Old National BankINfinancenohugeneurodiverse friendly“The Abilities First resource group promotes an inclusive work environment by increasing awareness of the needs of those with disabilities and providing an educational forum on disabilities for all associates.”Info linkApply link
Em’s Coffee CoIAfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Emilea Hillman is an innovative, young entrepreneur from Independence, Iowa. She is the owner and operator of Em’s Coffee Co. Emilea is vibrant, personable, has a strong passion for her work… Emilea employs others with and without disabilities and is a valued business owner in her community. Emilea has shown the town of Independence that people with disabilities cannot only work in their community, but own a business too. Emilea is also a past member of Iowa’s Developmental Disability Council.”Info linkApply link
AMC Theaters AL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WV, WIentertainmentyeshugeneurodiverse friendly“FOCUS (Furthering Opportunities, Cultivating Untapped Strengths) provides individuals affected by disabilities with access to opportunities for competitive employment, wages, and benefits side-by-side with other associates in our theatres. Please contact a theatre General Manager for more details.”Info linkApply link
Black & VeatchKSconstructionnohugeneurodiverse friendly“Seeing Equals Understanding: To see our disabled professionals is to re-think our own assumptions of what can and can’t be done. To understand, accept, and normalize our differences, and to overcome our own fears of asking questions, or even starting a conversation. To see you is to acknowledge your determination to make an impact, and to understand that while you may achieve differently, you refuse to put limits on your potential.”Info linkApply link
Sprinkles of HopeKYfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Sprinkles of Hope, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed in 2016 as a bakery that employs individuals with disabilities.”Info linkApply link
Louisville Slugger MuseumKYentertainmentyesmediumneurodiverse friendly“Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is all about celebrating the extraordinary role of Louisville Slugger in baseball’s past, present and future. We’re here to delight our guests and create joyful, lifetime memories… If you cannot complete an online application due to a disability, please do not hesitate to contact us to ask for an accommodation or an alternative application process at 502-585-5226. Hillerich & Bradsby Co. is committed to treating all candidates with dignity and independence. We welcome and encourage applications from people with disabilities and minorities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process. Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask for accommodation or an alternative application process at 502-588-5226.”Info linkApply link
Practically Perfect CaféKYfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Founded in 2020, Practically Perfect Cafe is known for welcoming everyone. Founder, Andrea Burns, has a sibling with Down syndrome and Autism. Growing up together, she saw how difficult the world can be for those who are perceived as different. After teaching for 6 years, she wants to reach more people in the community. Our company seeks to solve the problem of unemployment or limited employment for individuals with disabilities. As a result, our customers will enjoy being served local coffee, tea and treats by diverse individuals.”Info linkApply link
The Point ArcKYfood/packaging/maintenancedependsmicroneurodiverse focused“Point Perk is the fourth of The Point Arc’s NKY job-training business ventures. The organization also manages The Point Commercial Laundry in Dayton, The Point Embroidery and Screen Print Co. in Latonia and The Point Commercial Cleaning, all of which are self-sustaining business ventures with a staff consisting of both adults with disabilities and non-disabled managers. Through these employment programs, participants learn employable skills, good work habits, social skills and teamwork — more than 70 local employers have hired people trained in these programs.”Info linkApply link
Soulfull CaféMDfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“We are a community. We are a catalyst for inclusion. We are a place to nourish your mind, body and soul.”Info linkApply link
Sunflower BakeryMDfoodyessmallneurodiverse focused“Sunflower is a one-of-a-kind program and the only inclusive training program in Maryland that trains young adults with learning differences for employment success in pastry arts, baking or related industries.”Info linkApply link
Red Wiggler Community FarmMDagriculturenosmallneurodiverse focused“Red Wiggler Community Farm (a recognized 501c3 non-profit) is located in Montgomery County, Maryland. Founded in 1996, Red Wiggler is a sustainable farm where people with and without developmental disabilities come together to work, learn and grow healthy food. On our 12-acre campus, Red Wiggler’s participants cultivate vegetables on seven acres and sell or donate this produce to a diverse population.”Info linkApply link
Make StudioMDartnosmallneurodiverse focused“Whether you are an experienced or beginning artist, Make Studio can design a plan to meet your goals. Studio program artists can expand their art practice by exploring new techniques & media with experienced staff, earn income & recognition of their creative talents, and increase job & life skills. If you are interested in becoming a Make Studio artist— you, a family member, or a case manager can contact us to find out how to get started.”Info linkApply link
MelwoodMDtechnolargeneurodiverse focused“For more than 55 years, Melwood has been an industry leader training and employing people with disabilities. Our new abilIT program consists of soft skills training and technical instruction, followed by job search assistance, placement, and on-the-job coaching. After completion of the course, the students will be prepared to sit for A+ certification, Network+ certification, and Security+ certification, which can lead to entry-level jobs in IT career fields.”Info linkApply link
GoodwillAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WYretaildependshugeneurodiverse program“We offer quality, customized services that enable people with disabilities to live, work and play in their local communities. Every local Goodwill shares a belief that everyone should have the opportunity to live independently, earn a wage, and achieve their dreams. Some Goodwills specialize in assisting children and adults with specific disabilities, such as visual or hearing impairments, mental health issues, brain injuries, substance abuse, or autism.”Info linkApply link
IteratorsMAtechdependsmicroneurodiverse focused“Building trust and credibility are what businesses require to reduce barriers to projects. Iterators LLC is a certified woman-owned small business (WOSB) located in Boston, MA. Iterators’ diversity of testers (women, neurodivergent, and BIPOC employees) augment the diversity of thought needed for every project we touch. Reviews on Clutch and elsewhere confirm our quality. We welcome businesses from small start-ups to large enterprise software projects. We work with our clients at any stage of their projects, providing high-quality software testing, on-demand services, timely reports, and attentive service throughout the engagement.”Info linkApply link
Spectrum Empowerment ProjectMAretaildependssmallneurodiverse focused“The Spectrum Empowerment Project is a non-profit organization that hires exclusively individuals on the Autism Spectrum and other atypically developing individuals for paid employment. Our business model highlights the unique creativity and skillsets of individuals on the Autism Spectrum and our work environment is tailored to accommodate their sensory and social needs. We have kicked off this business venture by entering the industry of clothing retail. Specifically, designing and selling custom shirts for local businesses. At the outset we have already contracted with many local businesses and organizations in the Commonwealth to manufacture their customized. A local entity that chooses Spectrum Empowerment is not only delivered a superior product but is contributing to help a growing need of providing young, gifted, and otherwise unemployed individuals with the opportunity for gainful employment.”Info linkApply link
Old Sturbridge VillageMAentertainmentyesmediumneurodiverse friendly“Old Sturbridge Village, the largest outdoor history museum in the Northeast, depicts a rural New England town of the 1830s. Step inside more than 40 original buildings, and explore homes, meetinghouses, a district school, country store, bank, working farm, three water-powered mills, and trade shops – all situated on more than 200 scenic acres. Talk with authentically costumed historians and see heritage breed farm animals. Discover the endless ways to immerse yourself in the Village… Old Sturbridge Village is committed to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. We are passionate about developing and maintaining an inclusive, equitable and accessible working and learning environment for all visitors, staff and OSV community members. We believe every member on our team enriches our diversity by exposing us to different ways of understanding and engaging the world around us.”Info linkApply link
Spaulding Rehabilitation HospitalMAhealthcaredependslargeneurodiverse friendly“As a leader in rehabilitative care, we are able to provide comprehensive rehabilitative services to patients: those with brain injuries, who are on ventilators, stroke survivors, spinal cord injuries and those who might be in need of general rehabilitative care. All of these services are provided through a combination of research, education and direct patient care. We offer short- and long-term care; and in addition to two rehabilitation hospitals, acute care and skilled nursing facilities, we have more than 20 outpatient centers serving the entire region… It’s important to us that we provide a welcoming environment, by recognizing the unique contributions women, men, minorities, veterans, people with disabilities and LGBTQ employees can make…Spaulding honored as a “Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion”.”Info linkApply link
Extra Special TeasMAfooddependsmicroneurodiverse focused“EST is 501(3)c that employs special needs adults paying them at least minimum wage for serving their community in our teahouse as: servers, barristas, craftmakers, content providers, and administrators.”Info linkApply link
Power CaféMAfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Power Cafe is staffed and run entirely by people with physical and/or developmental disabilities. I am very excited about creating a venue which not only creates real opportunities for people with disabilities, but does so in a context where they can interact in a powerful, autonomous way with the mainstream community. I see this as building bridges and forming personal connections to overcome prejudice and stereotypes.”Info linkApply link
Gateway ArtsMAartnomediumneurodiverse focused“Gateway Arts, located in Brookline, Massachusetts, is an internationally acclaimed studio art center dedicated to providing individualized arts-based services to adults with disabilities and supporting meaningful lives and careers in art. For over forty-five years Gateway has nurtured the creative talents of artists with diverse diagnoses, strengths and needs. Over 100 adults with disabilities utilize career development at Gateway. Artists create work and master new processes with the encouragement and support of a professional staff of artists. The artists work in professional studios and exhibit and sell artwork in an onsite and online store and gallery. The artists receive a 50% commission on all art sales.”Info linkApply link
ArtLiftingMAartnomediumneurodiverse focused“ArtLifting is about creating opportunity, empowerment, and validation. We offer artists the chance to secure their own income through the sale of original paintings, prints, and products. By showcasing and selling artwork via ArtLifting, artists gain self-confidence that permeates all aspects of their lives. As a social enterprise and benefit corporation, we are using “business for good.” Every artist earns 55% of the profit from the sale of their work; 1% from each sale goes to a fund, which provides art supplies to art groups nationwide; and ArtLifting uses the remaining 44% to further our mission. We realize that in order to make sustainable change, we need to run a financially sustainable business.”Info linkApply link
Collettey’s CookiesMAfood/manufacturingnosmallneurodiverse focused“Collette has hired several people with disabilities, and will continue to hire more as Collettey’s Cookies continues to grow. The company is working to develop co-manufacturing partnerships with organizations both across the United States and internationally to open locations in their facilities and employ people with disabilities in those cities. Collette has also started a non-profit, which provides advocacy, employment training, and her personally-developed entrepreneurial program. A percentage of each cookie sold by Collettey’s Cookies is donated directly to the non-profit.”Info linkApply link
Thermo Fisher ScientificCA, KS, MA, NYresearchnohugeneurodiverse friendly“The PossAbilities BRG is committed to making Thermo Fisher Scientific one of the world’s most admired companies by promoting an awareness and understanding of colleagues with differing abilities and providing support for them, their families and the community.”Info linkApply link
Fidelity InvestmentsAL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WIfinancedependshugeneurodiverse program“A 10-week internship program for individuals with various disabilities that provides professional work experience in an inclusive environment and exposure to Fidelity’s work and culture. As a part of this program, you will work in partnership with our Enable affinity group. Internship opportunities exist within finance, operations or business support, and technology.”Info linkApply link
Boston Consulting GroupCA, CO, FL, GA, IL, MD, MA, MI, MN, NJ, NY, NC, PA, TN, TX, WAconsultingdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“AccessAbility@BCG offers opportunities to connect on topics such as physical disability, neurodiversity, chronic illness, ​​​and mental health. This global commynity seeks to foster inclusion and connection among people with disabilities and chronic illnesses as well as caregivers. AccessAbility@BCG creates spaces to amplify the voices of those with lived experiences of disability and chonic illness. It also provides resources and advocacy for people with disabilities and promotes education, awareness, and bias reduction throughout the firm.”Info linkApply link
BundledMIpackagingnomicroneurodiverse focused“Each bundle is hand-packed by our team of individuals with disabilities at Services to Enhance Potential, providing them with a genuine job opportunity…Whether it’s a birthday gift for a friend or 500 client gifts, we are committed to providing the perfect gift for any occasion.”Info linkApply link
Anastasia and Katie’s Coffee Shop and CaféMIfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Anastasia and Katie’s Coffee Shop & Cafe opened in December of 2019 and was immediately  embraced by our employees and our community. It was started to create a place where people with and without disabilities can work in an inclusive and supportive environment. Employees receive training, onsite supports and a paycheck, while giving back to the community. Anastasia and Katie’s Coffee Shop & Cafe serves good, strong coffee, assorted non-coffee drinks, breakfast, lunch and baked goods. The coffee shop is an employment program of the nonprofit Mi Work Matters.”Info linkApply link
Breaking Beans CoffeeMIfood/packagingdependsmicroneurodiverse focused“My name is Tammy Lamb and I have created a micro-enterprise business to create a unique and rewarding opportunity for my son and his friends who struggle with intellectual and developmental disabilities. There is a great need for life enriching programs/jobs for adults with disabilities in our community; which is why Breaking Beans Coffee is more than just another coffee vendor. Breaking Beans Coffee is designed to train and employ adults with disabilities in all aspects of the coffee business. Right now, we are only selling high quality coffee but with your help, we would like to grow this business into a local coffee boutique. So how can you help…its simple, order a bag of beans today for the best cup of joe around.”Info linkApply link
FordCA, IL, KS, KY, MI, NY, OHtech/manufacturingnohugeneurodiverse program“With 1.3 billion people in the world having a disability, 70% of which are invisible, our assistance program has quickly expanded by utilizing the strengths and insights these valued members of our community have to offer. FordWorks participants bring their skills to teams in IT, Product Development, Credit, and Manufacturing and we are looking to expand the program to other roles across the company.”Info linkApply link
DOWAL, CA, DE, GA, IL, IN KY, LA, MD, MI, NY, NC, OH, PA, TN, TX, VA, WVmanufacturingnohugeneurodiverse friendly“In order to create an inclusive and accessible workplace for all employees, Dow has been committed to providing reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Dow’s Disability Employee Network (DEN) has more than 4,500 participants and 30 chapters around the world, including people with disabilities, parents of a child with a disability, caregivers and allies. DEN provides a sense of internal and external community and belonging, comfort in the unknown, and definition and structure to the “what if”. DEN partnered with Human Resources, Information Technology and Health Services to ensure digital inclusivity and accommodations at pivotal points in the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to retirement. Dow Information Technology has a dedicated global service team to drive digital accessibility both internally and externally. Dow Corporate Facilities has developed guidelines for new and existing buildings and assets using universal design principles.”Info linkApply link
DTE EnergyMI, OHutilitiesdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“Abilities in Motion: AIM embraces people with disabilities and provides a supportive, accommodating, safe and welcoming work environment. We are committed to providing employees and guests with disabilities access and reasonable accommodation for our services, programs, activities and education.”Info linkApply link
Isadore Nut Co.MNfood/packagingnomicroneurodiverse focused“Making delicious nut mixes using high quality ingredients sourced with integrity…”Info linkApply link
Finley’sMNanimals/retaildependsmicroneurodiverse focused“Finley’s is a premium pet brand bringing inclusion to the pet industry through our employment and giving initiatives. Around 15% of the world’s population, or an estimated 1 billion people, live with disabilities. However, they are least likely to be employed or represented in marketing and advertising. Through our marketing, employment, and giving initiatives, Finley’s is changing that. Since 2016, Finley’s has created over 9,000 hours of paid employment opportunities for people with disabilities through our Ambassador Initiative. Partnering with universities, NGO’s, non-profits, rehabilitative, and vocational training programs we’re showing the world what’s possible. In addition, we’ve contributed over $120,000 to people and pets in need. Together with Finley’s, our retailers and customers are making people of all abilities a priority in their community by spreading positivity and kindness through our products.”Info linkApply link
Target AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WYretailyeshugeneurodiverse friendly“To truly live out our joyful purpose, we offer our team members a place to feel connected and included. The Disability & Mental Health Business Council (DMHBC) is one of seven Diversity and Inclusion Business Councils at Target, and it provides a supportive community for our team, along with resources aimed at eliminating barriers and stigma. DMHBC members also play a critical advisory role, helping to ensure that our products, services and marketing reflect the communities we serve.”Info linkApply link
EcolabHI, IL, IA, MN, OH, PA, TXmanufacturingnohugeneurodiverse friendly“Ecolab has committed to expand recruitment of people with disabilities through consistent outreach and partnership with community and diversity outreach partners. Today, we post job positions on non-government disability recruitment organization websites to attract diverse talent and email open positions daily through our community and diversity outreach program. This partnership connects Ecolab career opportunities with potential candidates from our community partners…Supporting people with disabilities and caretakers who support loved ones with disabilities is essential to Ecolab. In 2020, the company launched the Disability Ability & Wellness Network (DAWN), an employee resource group focused on supporting associates with differing abilities and those in caretaking roles.”Info linkApply link
A Pinch of HappinessMOfood/packagingnomicroneurodiverse focused“A Pinch Of Happiness Spice Shop provides the highest quality, freshest, and most flavorful spices, teas, extracts and coffee, while serving a purpose our customers can feel happy about.”Info linkApply link
Centene Corporation AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WYhealthcaredependshugeneurodiverse friendly“According to the United States Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, people with disabilities make up the third-largest market segment in the United States. Centene believes that by proactively hiring people with disabilities, it is better able to serve its members. Just as we are committed to hiring the most qualified talent, Centene is equally committed to ensuring that every member of our workforce has access to the tools and resources that enable him or her to be successful at work.”Info linkApply link
Ability Star DesignsNEpackagingnomicroneurodiverse focused“Ability Star Designs is a locally owned company operated by its team of SUPER STAR’s!  Our team is inclusive of individuals of all abilities and their supportive leaders.  At Ability Star Designs, we believe all individuals deserve the same opportunities as everyone else.  When you work with us you are supporting our cause and the greater good for people of all abilities!”Info linkApply link
Special Scoops Ice Cream ParlorNEfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Hard Pack Ice Cream served by Special People.”Info linkApply link
Smiling With Hope PizzaNVfoodyessmallneurodiverse focused“Award winning NY style pizzeria that hires/trains people with disabilities.”Info linkApply link
Popcorn for the PeopleNJfood/packagingnomicroneurodiverse focused“POPCORN FOR THE PEOPLE is a nonprofit established to create meaningful employment for individuals with Autism and disabilities. We aim to combat the current 80% Unemployment Rate in the Autistic community with the training and hiring of adults with Autism to create, cook, package, and sell uniquely flavored gourmet popcorn.”Info linkApply link
Beloved BathNJartnomicroneurodiverse focused“Our mission- Meaningful employment for people with autism. Handmade soaps, bath products, and natural soy candles- made by people with autism and friends.”Info linkApply link
Greens Do GoodNJagriculturedependsmicroneurodiverse focused“Our mission is to transform the way our local community sources healthy produce by providing the freshest ingredients in a sustainable and socially responsible way. When you walk into Greens Do Good, among the stacked trays of basil, microgreens, and lettuce, you’ll see teens and adults with autism hard at work. Each person takes on tasks that match their interests and abilities, including crop maintenance, packaging, and inventory… For our adult participants, we offer paid employment opportunities, valuable work experience, and meaningful community integration.”Info linkApply link
Ethan & The BeanNJfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Our goals are simple and from the heart: to increase the employment rate for persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Our establishment provides a positive, empowering environment that supports individuals in a workplace community to train, gain, and contribute various skills related to employment, community building, self-esteem, and independent living.”Info linkApply link
No Limits CaféNJfoodyessmallneurodiverse focused“We are a lunch cafe with a major difference.  No Limits Cafe,  a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, will train and employ adults with Intellectual Disabilities.   It is our belief that EVERYONE has the ability to be a contributing member of society.  Our employees will have a sense of pride and purpose, while serving our customers great food. No Limits Cafe will be an inclusive win-win for our community!”Info linkApply link
We MakeNJassemblynomediumneurodiverse focused“With its puzzle-solving aspects and focus on a repeatable task, the work we make employees do plays to the strengths of most autistic individuals. But unlike the traditional experience of arts & crafts projects or “busy work,” we’re striving to instill the sense of fulfillment that comes from producing something of real value: the making of goods that every employee — and an entire community — can feel genuinely good about.”Info linkApply link
[words] BookstoreNJretailyessmallneurodiverse focused“What makes us special is our mission: engaging readers of all ages and interests, welcoming patrons and employees with autism. [words] has hired over 100 young people with autism as part of our vocational training program.”Info linkApply link
Prudential FinancialCA, CT, FL, GA, IL, MN, NJ, NY, TXfinancedependshugeneurodiverse friendly“ADAPT’s mission is to foster a work environment that is inclusive and supportive of all associates consistent with Prudential’s non-discrimination policy, including all employees, with or without disabilities, allowing them to perform to their fullest potential.”Info linkApply link
Bristol Myers SquibbAZ, CA, FL, MA, NJ, NY, WAmanufacturingnohugeneurodiverse friendly“DAWN’s purpose is to foster an environment and workplace culture that promotes the value of individuals with disabilities and their contributions to the company mission of helping patients prevail over serious diseases. DAWN has more than 2,300 members in 23 chapters across 5 continents.”Info linkApply link
CognizantAZ, AK, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, MD, MA, MI, MO, MN, NJ, NY, NC, ND, OK, PA, TN, TX, UT, VTtech/consultingdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“Global Unite provides a community and resources for associates with disabilities, caregivers and their allies. Unite leverages Cognizant’s membership with the National Organization on Disability (NOD), which is focused on building a world where people with disabilities enjoy full opportunity for employment…. We believe that by celebrating inclusion & advancing diversity, we can execute successfully over the long term. We continue to drive D&I throughout our organization to unlock our associates’ innovation, as well as reflect the diversity of our clients and communities.”Info linkApply link
Johnson & JohnsonCA, FL, IN, MD, MA, NJ, NY, OH, PA, WIhealthcaredependshugeneurodiverse friendly“The Alliance for Diverse Abilities ERG focuses on supporting colleagues with diverse physical, neurological, cognitive and mental health abilities… While someone with a physical disability might require a wheelchair ramp to move about the workplace, he explains, an individual with autism or an anxiety disorder might need a quieter, less hectic atmosphere to feel safe and comfortable…Thanks to the Diverse Ability Talent Program, which launched this year, there are now several formal programs in place at the company to actively recruit job candidates with diverse abilities. The company’s most recent recruitment initiative is a partnership with Lime Connect—a not-for-profit that works with high-potential university students and professionals with disabilities to help connect them with jobs in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to posting job opportunities, Lime Connect hosts recruiting events, career prep workshops and even a selective fellowship program.”Info linkApply link
Ocate CliffsNMmaintenancedependsmicroneurodiverse focused“Ocate Cliffs is an autistic-run retreat center in Northern New Mexico. It is a project of Divergent Labs, a non-profit.”Info linkApply link
Furnace Hills CoffeeNYfood/packagingyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Furnace Hills Coffee™ has a commitment to hire people with developmental disabilities. Our first employee, Erin Baldwin, has Down Syndrome. Although she faces challenges in how she lives her life in a number of areas, she loves to roast coffee and is doing a great job as well. That’s why our phrase, “Special coffee roasted by special people” is true. Our goal is to hire more people with developmental disabilities as our roasting company grows.”Info linkApply link
John’s Crazy SocksNYpackagingnosmallneurodiverse focused“John’s Crazy Socks is social enterprise co-founded by John Lee Cronin, a young entrepreneur with Down syndrome. Together with his co-founder and a father, Mark X. Cornin, the pair opened for business in December 2016 with a mission to spread happiness.  John’s love for crazy socks paired with his love of making people happy has made John’s Crazy Socks the world’s largest sock store. Not only do we have socks you will love (29,000+ 5-star reviews), more than half our employees have a differing ability and giving back is baked into everything we do starting with a pledge of 5 percent of earnings to the Special Olympics. (John is a special Olympic athlete.) And every package includes a hand-written thank you note from John and some candy.”Info linkApply link
Spectrum EnterprisesNYart/food/maintenancenomediumneurodiverse focused“Through its three separate enterprises we create opportunities for employment, empowerment, and growth to this under-served population. At Spectrum, 75% of the workforce is comprised of New Yorkers with disabilities – a group that faces an estimated 90% under-employment rate in America.”Info linkApply link
UltranautsNYtechnomediumneurodiverse focused“Founded by two MIT engineers, Ultranauts Inc. (formerly Ultra Testing) is on a mission to demonstrate that neurodiversity is a competitive advantage for business. To achieve our mission, we’re building a world-class quality engineering firm that delivers superior value for our customers, and designing a Universal Workplace that embraces diversity and serves as a replicable blueprint for other employers.”Info linkApply link
Good ReasonsNYanimals/foodnosmallneurodiverse focused“If you’ve got a good reason to treat your four-legged friend, then we’ve got some good reasons to choose us! Using only the finest, all-natural ingredients, we’ve created a line of the most mouth-watering morsels for man’s best friend. Our drool-worthy dog treats are enough of an incentive to spoil your favorite companion, but we’re so much more than just a dog treatery! We’re also an inclusive workplace that supports and values each of our employee’s unique abilities.”Info linkApply link
Luv MichaelNYfoodnomicroneurodiverse focused“Luv Michael is a Non Profit 501c3 dedicated to training, educating, and employing autistic adults and improving the lives of the autistic community beyond the lives of their parents. In order to prepare the team for the world of work in a real environment, the organization produces high quality organic, gluten-free, and nut-free granola in their state-of-the-art bakery.”Info linkApply link
DaivergentNYtechnomediumneurodiverse focused“Daivergent provides data labeling and annotation services through its talent pool of data specialists on the autism spectrum. We source talent from universities and agencies throughout the United States, and our teams provide high-quality data sets in a responsive manner.”Info linkApply link
Girl AGainNYretaildependssmallneurodiverse focused“Girl AGain opened in February 2014 to rave reviews from American Girl doll fans, their moms and especially their grandmas. You’ll find authentic gently used AG dolls, clothing, furniture, accessories and books that have been cleaned and prepared for sale at good prices in an easy-access store… We created our boutique specifically to help develop transferable job skills for young women with autism. Our trainees at Girl AGain sort, clean and prepare the merchandise, price it, and display it in our shop. Our trainees learn about marketing, merchandising, retailing, customer service, and inventory acquisition in addition to appropriate workplace behavior, research, collaboration and decision-making.”Info linkApply link
Smile FarmsNYagriculturenomicroneurodiverse focused“Smile Farms Inc.’s mission is to provide developmentally disabled adults with meaningful work opportunities at farms, urban gardens, greenhouses and farm stands where they can grow and sell flowers, plants and produce in their local communities.”Info linkApply link
GreystonNYfoodnomediumneurodiverse focused“Our mission is to unlock the power of human potential through inclusive employment, one person at a time.”Info linkApply link
Hurleyville General StoreNYretailyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Our mission at the Hurleyville General Store is to support economic and social opportunities for people with disabilities… As we work our way to employing a full-time staff of people with disabilities, we stock our shelves with products from companies who are already doing the same. And as an independent, family-owned small business, we try to select products that are changing the lives of those who make them: we look for things made in New York, by hand, by women entrepreneurs, and by organizations with a reverence for the earth.”Info linkApply link
Invictus BakeryNYfooddependssmallneurodiverse focused“Our Mission is to ensure that every person who comes to Invictus to participate in our work readiness and job training programs is supported and enabled to reach their full potential. Invictus provides work readiness, job training, and employment opportunities to people of all abilities.”Info linkApply link
The Spotlight ProjectNYart/packagingnosmallneurodiverse focused“Our brand specializes in handcrafted bracelets.  Each member of our team plays an integral role in all stages of the bracelet making process.  We provide training to each member until they master the art.  They are encouraged to brainstorm color and design ideas, as we aim to inspire creativity and embrace each artisan’s unique style.”Info linkApply link
TeeStylesNYart/packagingnomicroneurodiverse focused“TeeStyles provides a full range of custom garment services, including embroidery, screen printing, digital printing, vinyl & more. We are a full service shop that provides garments, design, and decoration all in-house. We serve the Staten Island and Metropolitan area with a commitment to providing “exceptional products created by extraordinary individuals. We are a not-for-profit business that seeks to provide opportunity and employment to adults with development disabilities, with your support.  At Lifestyles, quality and customer service is of the utmost importance. Your event is just as important to us as it is to you. Lifestyles provides a variety of work opportunities resulting in “unique” products being made by extraordinary people.”Info linkApply link
On Your MarkNYfood/packaging/art/maintenancedependsmicroneurodiverse focused“On Your Mark owns and operates 6 different businesses that employ our individuals. Under our own roof, On Your Mark individuals can learn transferable skills that set them up for success!”Info linkApply link
Sleepy Coffee, TooNYfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Sleepy Coffee, Too’s mission is to provide meaningful training and employment for people with disabilities in an inclusive cafe workplace. We are a non profit 501c3 business.”Info linkApply link
KPMGAL, AK, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WIfinancedependshugeneurodiverse program“Businesses are currently in a fierce global war for talent, however statistics show that most autistic adults remain unemployed today regardless of their skill level. Sean Hoffman (a KPMG Partner based in Virginia, US) and his team from KPMG saw an opportunity to make a difference by creating a unique KPMG program that would help fill existing job openings with skilled neurodiverse (individuals with autism) people who were eager to connect with employers seeking to broaden their talent pool.”Info linkApply link
UNIQLOCA, FL, HI, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WAretailyeshugeneurodiverse friendly“UNIQLO hires persons with disabilities at its stores worldwide. In 2001, UNIQLO began actively recruiting persons with disabilities in Japan. Ever since, UNIQLO brand stores in Japan have enthusiastically hired persons with disabilities, with a target of hiring at least one person with a disability at every store and endeavored to provide a rewarding environment. The company also provides guidance for store managers and employee trainers to broaden the capabilities and potential of persons with various types of disabilities.”Info linkApply link
SAPAZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, MA, MN, NY, OH, PA, TX, VA, WA, WItechnohugeneurodiverse program“SAP’s groundbreaking Autism at Work program, launched in 2013, leverages the unique abilities and perspectives of colleagues on the spectrum to foster innovation as SAP helps customers become intelligent enterprises. The program taps into an underutilized talent source by reducing barriers of entry so that qualified individuals can fully develop their potential.”Info linkApply link
DeloitteAL, AZ*, CA, CO, CT, FL*, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NV, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA*, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WIconsultingdependshugeneurodiverse program“Deloitte’s Neurodiversity@Deloitte program consists of a three-month apprenticeship with an opportunity for full-time employment upon successful completion of the three-month apprenticeship.While this apprenticeship and any full-time opportunity are based in our Lake Mary, FL, Mechanicsburg, PA, and Gilbert, AZ, US Delivery Centers, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the work will be performed virtually until further notice. Qualified participants will be invited to attend a virtual one-day employment workshop. If successful during the workshop, you can be invited to attend our virtual two-week assessment period in which you will be able to demonstrate your technical skills while also gaining experience. At the conclusion of the assessment period, a three-month paid apprenticeship may be extended to the most qualified candidates, with the potential for full-time employment.”Info linkApply link
IBMAL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WYtech/consultingdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“We champion people with diverse abilities and the previously untapped potential they bring to the workplace. This includes neurodiversity, a concept where neurological differences are to be recognized and respected as any other human variation. This includes Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourette’s Syndrome, and many other neurological differences. We are dedicated to hiring, supporting, educating and embracing people of all abilities.”Info linkApply link
JPMorgan Chase & Co.AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, IL, LA, MO, MI, NJ, NY, OH, OK, PA, TXfinancedependshugeneurodiverse friendly“JPMorgan Chase has long been dedicated to advancing and empowering people with disabilities of all forms. In 2016, we formalized our commitment through the creation of the Office of Disability Inclusion (ODI). ODI drives initiatives worldwide and provides strategic direction with a focus on four areas: Attitude, Accessibility, Accommodations and Assimilation.”Info linkApply link
BloombergNYfinancedependshugeneurodiverse friendly“We have taken action to make recruitment processes more inclusive globally and deliver the best candidate experience for prospective employees with disabilities, revising all job descriptions and communications with prospective candidates to use more inclusive language. Bloomberg provides reasonable adjustment/accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities and candidates are encouraged to work with their recruiters on their needs. We provide disability awareness and etiquette training for recruiters and key business interviewers. And we have implemented more focused training prior to, during and after onboarding of new hires, including mentoring where applicable for employees with disabilities who have joined the Bloomberg Abilities Community.”Info linkApply link
VoyaAZ, AR, CA, CO, FL, HI, IL, KS, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NV, NJ, NY, NC, ND, OH, OR, PA, TN, TX, VA, WA, WIfinancedependshugeneurodiverse friendly“At Voya Financial, we are committed to fostering an inclusive, accessible environment, where all employees and customers feel valued, respected and supported. We are dedicated to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers and communities in which we live in and serve, and creating an environment where every employee has the opportunity to reach her or his potential.”Info linkApply link
OmnicomCA, CT, FL, IL, MO, NJ, NY, TXmarketingdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“OPEN DisAbility’s core objective is putting disability inclusion at the heart of all we do; for our people, our clients, and for consumers. The group works to empower those with visible and invisible disabilities throughout their entire employee life cycle, while at the same time working to create and celebrate inclusive creative outputs for our clients.”Info linkApply link
BNY MellonAL, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MA, NV, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, TX, VA, WAfinancedependshugeneurodiverse friendly“HEART elevates awareness of disabilities and promotes a safe, respectful and welcoming environment where all employees feel included, valued and able to contribute their diverse abilities. Providing practical support, this group has spearheaded closed-captioning capability for deaf and hard-of-hearing colleagues, and sponsors relevant events, such as an annual Disability Mentoring Day.”Info linkApply link
MastercardAZ, CA, IL, MA, MI, MO, NY, UT, VAfinancedependshugeneurodiverse friendly“ADAPT: Serving employees and family members with diverse abilities”Info linkApply link
Mount Sinai Health SystemNYhealthcaredependshugeneurodiverse friendly“The Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion for people with disabilities at MSHS. To this end, we seek to broaden our staff, faculty and students’ understanding of people with disabilities and to create an equitable environment for all by: Creating opportunities for people with disabilities throughout the organization, Fostering an environment that supports and empowers people with disabilities and their loved ones, Raising awareness about the unique needs and talents of individuals with disabilities, Building partnerships and leveraging existing resources.”Info linkApply link
NielsenAL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MD, MA, MN, MI, MO, NV, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WItech/marketingdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“In Nielsen’s everyday life, its ADEPT (Abled and Disabled Employees Partnering Together) Business Resource Group fosters and helps raise awareness around living with a disability and ending the stigma around having one. The group has focused on teaching people that having a disability is not something to overcome, but something to be respected and accepted. ADEPT creates a safe, encouraging space to have conversations as well as educational sessions through business efforts.”Info linkApply link
PepsicoAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WYmanufacturingnohugeneurodiverse friendly“EnAble champions inclusion and engagement of people with different abilities and their caregivers, and seeks to promote physical, technological and cultural opportunities.”Info linkApply link
Philip Morris InternationalID, KY, MN, NY, NC, VA, WImanufacturingnohugeneurodiverse friendly“PMI ABLE is an employee resource group that helps employees develop a common understanding within the company of different types of disabilities, both obvious and hidden. It provides a safe space to talk and share openly and allows employees to expand their awareness. It will help us create a more inclusive workplace for everyone, fostering respect, inclusion, and opportunities for all.”Info linkApply link
Bitty & Beau’s CoffeeAL, CO, FL, GA, MD, MA, MI, NC, PA, SC, TN, TXfoodyeslargeneurodiverse focused“Bitty & Beau’s Coffee is more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee — it’s an experience. The shops are run by people with disabilities and guests love the vibe — come see for yourself!”Info linkApply link
Extraordinary VenturesNCretail/maintenance/animalsdependsmediumneurodiverse focused“EV was founded by a group of families in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in 2007 with the goal of creating sustainable businesses operated by a neurodiverse workforce. For more than 15 years, our team has been working toward bettering our community and local economy by meeting consumer needs while simultaneously creating meaningful jobs for people of all abilities. EV is not a social program. Instead, we are a company operating on a true business model to produce high-quality goods and services. From candle sales to dog walking, our businesses provide real solutions for the real needs of the community while simultaneously creating paid job opportunities for a neurodiverse workforce.”Info linkApply link
Real-Life ThriftNCretailyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Our goal is to create an amazing space within our community; a space where employees feel valued and accomplished. We want to honor the values of diversity, equity, inclusion and provide a sense of belonging. With Real-Life Thrift, we want to build relationships – not only with our employees – but to their families, our donors, shoppers, and you, our community. There are far too many unemployed and underemployed persons with disabilities waiting for opportunities. Real-Life Thrift is an integrated space where neuro-divergent employees will work alongside their neuro-typical peers to provide a great experience to our customers. We rely on our loyal community and potential customers to assist us as we network and seek financial and other support to continue our mission and provide these exciting opportunities.”Info linkApply link
Reason to BakeNCfoodnomicroneurodiverse focused “Reason to Bake is an artisan small-batch bakery in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains, specializing in gluten-free, all-natural cookies that are freshly made from scratch and available to ship around the country. Our mission is to provide delicious baked goods for a gluten-free lifestyle, while growing a successful company that hires and trains intellectually disabled adults. We create an environment in which there are no limits to what anyone can learn and accomplish.”Info linkApply link
Haerfest CoffeeNCfooddependsmicroneurodiverse focused“We are coffee roasters and coffee professionals that identify with the development of coffee (Roasting, Grinding, Packaging, and Brewing) to be a common path that a hero, an addict, or those with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability overcome to become vital inclusive members of our communities and work force.”Info linkApply link
Open Hearts Art CenterNCartnomediumneurodiverse focused“Open Hearts Art Center is a nonprofit based in Asheville, North Carolina. We are a supportive studio and gallery dedicated to representing and empowering adults with varied abilities to connect to and reach their full potential through the arts… Works are for sale in our gallery, as well as shown throughout the year publicly at various exhibits and venues. Art sales are split 50/50 between the artist and center to cover operational costs.”Info linkApply link
A Special BlendNCfoodyessmallneurodiverse focused“A Special Blend is a non-profit business that employs adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a setting that interacts with the community. Our mission is to improve the quality of their lives and to broaden the public’s perception of people with disabilities.”Info linkApply link
HANDmeUPsNCretailyessmallneurodiverse focused“HANDMeUPs Thrift, part of ENGAGE NC, was created solely for the purpose of providing employment and volunteer opportunities to individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities while meeting the community’s needs. The management team understands the varying abilities of adults with developmental disabilities and provides a work environment where individuals can master specific tasks and be successful employees.”Info linkApply link
Esteamed CoffeeNCfoodyesmediumneurodiverse focused“We are not just a coffee shop. We are a community on a mission to lower the 70+% unemployment rate for people with disabilities by creating meaningful job opportunities for people with intellectual, developmental, communication and/or visual impairments in a warm supportive environment.”Info linkApply link
Chez GenèseNCfooddependssmallneurodiverse focused“At Chez Genèse we believe the desire to find meaning and fulfilling work is woven into basic human need and nature, and that every person has a skill set to contribute. It is our goal, as a team, to come alongside incredible individuals who (due to an intellectual or developmental disability) may oftentimes have the odds stacked against them in the workforce, to help develop and celebrate their own interests and potential. We believe food brings people together.”Info linkApply link
SASNC, VA, WI, MN, NY, PA, IL, CA, MD, FLtechdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“SAS strongly supports accessibility initiatives that democratize data and allow all people to use their diverse talents and achieve their career goals.”Info linkApply link
Bank of AmericaAZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WAfinancedependshugeneurodiverse friendly“We create an environment where all employees have an opportunity to succeed and achieve their goals. We’re committed to giving people with disabilities the opportunity to achieve economic mobility and advancement by hiring across our company for teams like Support Services, advocating for inclusion and respect in the workplace and the community, and working with partners like Special Olympics.”Info linkApply link
Autism PowerOHagriculturedependssmallneurodiverse focused“Autism Power has developed a model of an “outside the box” social enterprise to offer vocational training and employment opportunities for people with all types of disabilities. We are building a state-of-the-art greenhouse using vertical farming in the form of aeroponic growing towers, aquaponics in the form of Dutch buckets and rolling tables for easy accessibility for those with various physical limitations. We will grow herbs, botanicals and vegetables for Ohio restaurants, households, medical providers and specialty food markets. The greenhouse will provide year-round job skill training and employment in an integrated competitive work environment for people with all types of disabilities and their neurotypical peers. Our greenhouse is designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients with disabilities. The goal is to have people with disabilities employed not only in the greenhouse operations, but also in marketing, delivering products, community awareness, sales, etc.”Info linkApply link
Whole Latte Love CaféOHfoodyessmallneurodiverse focused“Our program strives to promote the value of diversity, dignity and the quality of life for persons with disabilities through person-centered training and awareness. Through our mentoring program, a participating individual will receive guidance in a paid integrated environment, complete with soft skills, as well as job seeking skills training and resume building.”Info linkApply link
Growlers Dog BonesOHfood/animalsnosmallneurodiverse focused“Our Mission: To serve individuals with disabilities through vocational training, employment and volunteerism.”Info linkApply link
InsideOut StudioOHartnomediumneurodiverse focused“InsideOut Studio is supported through a partnership with the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities. We have around 50 artists that work in the studio on a consistent basis, several working independently. Our artists are provided professional opportunities to exhibit and sell their work. Each artist receives 50% of all their artworks sold, the remaining 50% goes back into the studio budget to pay for supplies and operational expenses.”Info linkApply link
Northcoast Corn CreationsOHfoodnosmallneurodiverse focused“You may find many popcorn businesses that provide quality popcorn, but you will NOT find a better popcorn business model.  NCCC may be the only popcorn business that provides the most delicious gourmet popcorn while supporting creativity and providing opportunities for those with special needs. With your support and patronage, we will continue to grow and provide unique employment options while sharing with the world our delicious popcorn creations.”Info linkApply link
The Awesome CompanyOHappareldependssmallneurodiverse focused“The Awesome Company is committed to providing thoughtful designs, quality prints, and the best customer service. We at The Awesome Company are dedicated to embracing and providing employment for people with autism. We celebrate what makes everyone unique in their own awesome way – that’s why our team is made up of all kinds of people.”Info linkApply link
The Coffee CaravanOHfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Our mission is to provide great coffee and great employment for special needs adults.”Info linkApply link
Georgette’s Grounds & GiftsOHfood/retail/packagingdependsmicroneurodiverse focused“Georgette’s Grounds & Gifts offers supported employment to workers with disabilities in its kitchen, its customer service, its gift shop and other areas. And Roy and Georgette’s original home? That’s now the packaging plant for our 100% shade grown Arabica beans from Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Our goal is to provide opportunities and meaningful income for people with disabilities locally as well as farmers and artisans around the world. Your cup today not only tastes delicious, it helps ensure that those farmers and artisans are paid a living wage, that we help protect the earth, and that we continue to build opportunities for those with developmental disabilities.”Info linkApply link
Procter & GambleWA, ID, CA, AZ, NE, TX, LA, AR, MO, IA, MN, IL, MI, OH, TN, GA, FL, SC, NC, VA, DE, MD, NY, CT, RI, MA, MEmanufacturingdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“At P&G we are committed to making sure every employee can make an impact, especially our employees with disabilities. Which is why, our support for people and their families through our People with Disabilities (PWD) affinity group is just the beginning. We value the varied perspectives of our employees because they help us make our exceptional products, packaging and facilities more accessible to people of all abilities and their families around the globe. By leveraging inclusive design, and piloting new features like the audio description of ads, the work we do impacts the lives of people with disabilities worldwide. For our employees, we extend the same culture of inclusivity. From working with an interpreter to new accessibility technologies, we strive to not just meet the needs of our employees with disabilities, but to make sure they have everything they require to bring out their best work. So, working with us means your perspective is not only valued, it will impact world-class brands from Day 1. We are looking for the best talent to join us at P&G. Which is why we have made sure our hiring process is flexible and accessible. From the application to interviews, our team will adapt to your needs and what works best to help you show us your best.”Info linkApply link
Not Your Average JoeOKfoodyeslargeneurodiverse focused“Our mission is to inspire our community by including adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the creation of exceptional coffee in an encouraging atmosphere.”Info linkApply link
Crazy Aaron’sPAmanufacturingnolargeneurodiverse friendly“We make Thinking Putty® and other creative, innovative products to inspire curiosity and wonder and to educate and delight our customers all over the world… Crazy Aaron’s is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are colorful! We are a tapestry of backgrounds, personalities, and abilities, we are a vibrant and diverse organization. We believe in inclusive employment and are passionate about our community.”Info linkApply link
Acres ProjectPAagriculturenosmallneurodiverse focused“The different skills and procedures required to operate an aquaponics system allow for many different job opportunities. Planting, data entry, fish care, chemistry, and sales are just a few of the job skills that can be developed through aquaponics. Acres Aquaponics is an approved Vocational Training Program for Pennsylvania’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)… Acres Artisans is an independent small business owned and operated by adults with autism. Employees create and sell a variety of products, including embroidery, personalized coffee mugs, and handcrafted soaps. These products are available for purchase at local craft fairs and from the Acres Artisans online marketplace. Acres Artisans provides adults with autism with a source of income, an opportunity to form lifelong career skills, and the ability to share the fruits of their talents with the greater community.”Info linkApply link
Yellow Daffodil Flower & Gift ShopPAretaildependssmallneurodiverse focused“We create flower arrangements for events big & small. In our shops you will find a variety of hand-crafted items for your home as well as fresh flowers, unique gifts, handmade greeting cards, candles, soaps, lotions, & more.”Info linkApply link
Handi CraftersPApackagingnolargeneurodiverse focused“Most individuals who come to Handi-Crafters have had little or no work experience. At Handi-Crafters they are given the opportunity to learn and develop good work skills and habits through on-the-job training and coaching. Handi-Crafters proudly employs over 300 individuals. Handi-Crafters Skill Development Center performs work in the area of assembly, sorting, shrink-wrapping, gluing, drilling, collating, packaging, display making, mailings and shipping and more. Handi-Crafters has established a safe and secure environment that promotes personal growth and achievement. While every member of our workforce is different, each member is encouraged to meet their vocational goals.”Info linkApply link
SpectroDolce ConfectioneryPAfoodnomicroneurodiverse focused“With an unemployment rate of more than 85% among adults diagnosed with autism, we wanted to create a safe place for individuals on the spectrum to gain meaningful workplace experience while preparing for a career in a field of their choosing- SpectroDolce is that place. Our staff is made up of almost all adults with autism. We provide training and support and meaningful workplace experience. When you shop with us, you are directly helping close the employment gap for this population and creating hope for a generation of individuals looking for an equal opportunity to find a sustainable career and a higher quality of life.”Info linkApply link
Duke’s DelitesPAanimal/foodnosmallneurodiverse focused“Duke’s Delites is a Lehigh Valley, PA healthy dog treats company that employs young adults with Autism & other Developmental Disabilities. Your donation/purchase helps employ young adults with different abilities. Your dog will love you for them!”Info linkApply link
GSKPA, MA, CA, MD, NC, MThealthcaredependshugeneurodiverse friendly“With support from our Global Disability Council and our employee resource group, the Disability Confidence Network, we are working hard to create an inclusive workplace. Since 2020, GSK has been an active member of the Valuable 500 pledge, a collection of 500 global companies all committed to placing disability inclusion on the leadership agenda. We are delivering on its objectives through our disability confidence plan. We continue to invest in an accessible workplace, and our award-winning Workplace Adjustment Service is now available to over 50% of our people. We educate our people on disability confidence as part of our long-term, measurable, strategic disability confidence plan.”Info linkApply link
CAIPA, FL, IL, SC, NY, DE, MAtechdependshugeneurodiverse program“CAI Neurodiverse Solutions is an end-to-end neurodiversity employment program that helps organizations realize the benefits of neurodiversity. Our successful employment model is designed to bring the untapped neurodiverse talent pool into the workforce and creates more career opportunities for a broader range of neurodivergent individuals. Our mission is to build innovative business solutions that deliver results while developing rewarding, long-lasting careers for the neurodiverse community and leading the way to an inclusive workforce environment.”Info linkApply link
ClinigenPAhealthcaredependslargeneurodiverse friendly“In 2021, we joined The Valuable 500, a global campaign unlocking the value of the 1.3 billion people living with disabilities around the world. Working alongside other Valuable 500 member companies, we’re influencing change from the top down within our business to shape a more inclusive society. Specifically within Clinigen, we work hard to provide all colleagues with the resources they need to do their best work. We remove barriers that could prevent our ways of working from being inclusive and accessible to all.”Info linkApply link
ComcastAL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, FA, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WYtech/entertainmentdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“Comcast NBCUniversal has made disability inclusion a priority and is focused on building a workforce that reflects the demographics of the disability community — a population that continues to increase as the U.S. citizenry ages. Our strategy focuses on three key elements: Building a pipeline of talent by working with external partners in the disability community; Cultivating an inclusive environment by educating our workforce; and Empowering employees with disabilities by providing them equal access to the tools, information, support, and systems they need to succeed at work. We are actively working to hire, retain, and empower people with disabilities while creating an inclusive environment across our organization.”Info linkApply link
UnisysNY, VA, GA, PA, TX, MN, VA, HI, CA, UT, DEtechdependshugeneurodiverse program“Unisys’ Neurodiversity at Work Program, which was launched in 2020, leverages the unique abilities and perspectives of neurodivergent people to foster an inclusive and innovative environment. We flipped the entire interview process on its head so everyone feels welcomed and heard. All barriers were eliminated through our partnership with Neurodiversity in the Workplace which gives neurodivergent individuals equal access to employment opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that Unisys is a great place to work for all employees and everyone feels valued, included and inspired.”Info linkApply link
United States Steel (USS)PA, MI, AR, IN, AL, IL, TX, OH, MN, CAmanufacturingdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“SteelABILITY: To foster an environment that supports employees with disabilities and their caregivers in bringing 100% of themselves to work by advocating for and empowering the individual, increasing awareness, and understanding of disability related issues and promoting inclusion, trust, and respect throughout the organization and in our communities.”Info linkApply link
Red White & Brew CoffeehouseRIfoodyesmicroneuroiverse focused“We are a family owned coffee shop serving up more than a cup of coffee. We employ people with developmental disabilities, encourage community engagement, and change the way the world sees those with disabilities. We are a specialty coffeehouse, selling coffee roasted in nearby New Hampshire. We also sell muffins, pastries, and calzones.”Info linkApply link
CVS HealthAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WYhealthcare/retaildependshugeneurodiverse friendly“At CVS Health, we are committed to breaking down employment barriers and helping individuals with disabilities find meaningful work. By building teams of colleagues with disabilities, we can more effectively focus on our customers and achieve our Purpose of bringing our hearts to every moment of your health.”Info linkApply link
Yakkity Yak Coffee ShackSDfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused “Yakkity Yak Coffee Shack & Yaks Give Back is a 501(c)3 non-profit. The Yaks Give Back Foundation was created to provide an all-inclusive environment and opportunities for people of all abilities. The Yakkity Yak Coffee Shack is located inside of All American Gymnastics Academy on Cliff Avenue and is run by individuals with intellectual and developmental differences.”Info linkApply link
The Exceptional BeanTNfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“The Exceptional Bean is an inclusive coffee shop that started as a small dream and has quickly become a reality thanks to the community of Cookeville. Our founder, Cigi England, wanted to create a space for individuals with disabilities to find employment and community. The Exceptional Bean is a non-profit organization that serves delicious coffee and cultivates an environment that is encouraging and welcoming for all.”Info linkApply link
Dreamers Merchants Coffee CompanyVA, SC, PA, NC, IN, IL, GA, CA, TN, WI, TX, LA, MI, AZ, AR, MIfoodyessmallneurodiverse focused“Dreamers Merchants Coffee Company began in 2015, when Diane Grover learned of the low rate of employment of individuals with a disability. In hopes of creating a future job for her daughter, Mary Ellen, Diane started a coffee company. Today 30 Dreamers can be found in 13 states and both the company and the movement are growing rapidly. Every Dreamers purchase allows us to hire individuals of all abilities in an inclusive environment. In 2017, 4 Dreamers earned wages supporting the Dreamers company and mission. Thank you for purchasing our premium quality products and for helping us grow the dream!”Info linkApply link
Howdy Homemade Ice CreamNC, TX, CO, IN, LAfoodyessmallneurodiverse focused“Howdy Homemade is impacting lives throughout the communities where shop owners have accepted the mission to create more jobs for people with IDDs through the power of our smiles and amazing ice cream. From hiring and training to leadership and advancement, Howdy Homemade aims to change the way our society treats the special needs population.”Info linkApply link
Hugs Café (& Hugs Greenhouse)TXfooddependsmicroneurodiverse focused“Hugs Café is our flagship program where we directly employ adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a café setting.  Jobs at our cafe include server, cashier, sandwich line attendant, sides and dessert assembly, dish washer, host and more. We believe it is important to provide quality jobs that are designed for the individual so that our employees will know personal and professional success.”Info linkApply link
nonPareil InstituteTX, FLtechnolargeneurodiverse focused“Our initial focus was building and delivering a world-class digital training program, along with creating an appropriate ‘autism-friendly’ work environment, which allowed our students to build digital products for the market. nonPareil has published over 14 games and apps which are available in the iTunes store, the Android store, and on the PC through Steam, as well as several books and comics available through Amazon and iBooks. As autism awareness has grown around the country, more and more companies have launched initiatives to hire adults with autism, as well as other opportunities to engage and provide meaningful work to adults on the spectrum. nonPareil seeks to take advantage of these opportunities and is now partnering with companies who are outsourcing projects to us, giving our students the opportunity to use their skills and passion, while earning income for their work.”Info linkApply link
Soap HopeTXpackagingnomicroneurodiverse focused“Soap Hope supports organizations that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community. This can happen in a variety of ways. We believe the biggest impact towards inclusion is providing rewarding supported employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.”Info linkApply link
Aspire AccessoriesTXart/packagingnosmallneurodiverse focused“Born out of a desire for one Mom to find a meaningful employment for her son, Aspire Accessories is now a thriving micro-enterprise, employing dozens of individuals with autism and similar special needs.”Info linkApply link
Sweet Heat Jam CoTXfood/packagingnomicroneurodiverse focused“Texas Sweet Heat Jam Company LLC is a social enterprise dedicated to providing culinary training and competitively-paid employment for adults with intellectual disabilities. It is our passion to offer a place of hope, understanding, grace and success to each individual and to be recognized for their God-given talents and abilities in our community.”Info linkApply link
DellMD, NC, GA, MA, AR, SC, MA, FL, IL, NC, PA, UT, OH, NC, MN, CA, NY, CT, MI, TX, IN, NV, OR, KY, WI, CO, KS, VA, WA, MO, TN, GA, NH, NY, OK, RItechdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“At Dell, we believe that everyone has unique strengths and skills to contribute in the workplace. We strive to create an environment that is inclusive and accessible for all. As neurodiversity is a broad category, we first set our sights on tapping autistic talent, rethinking the traditional interview process and removing barriers that may limit an individual from fully showcasing their true abilities and potential. The Dell Autism Hiring Program was launched with the intent to provide career readiness training and possible full-time career opportunities for neurodivergent job seekers.”Info linkApply link
GameStopAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WYtech/retaildependshugeneurodiverse friendly“GameStop’s family of brands is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans. If you need an accommodation because of a disability to search and apply for a career opportunity with GameStop’s family of brands, please send an e-mail to or contact the HR Solution Center at 866-637-4387 Monday-Friday 8:00am-7:00pm CST and let us know the nature of your request.”Info linkApply link
JacobsAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MS, MO, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WIconsultingdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“Providing information, resources, and networking opportunities regarding physical, mobility and cognitive disabilities to disabled staff and to staff who provide caregiving services.”Info linkApply link
OracleCA, CO, FL, IL, MD, MA, MN, MT, NV, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OR, TN, TX, UT, VA, WAtechdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“By hiring people with differing abilities, we open ourselves up to new ways of thinking and even higher levels of innovation. Our diversity recruitment programs and partnerships help us actively recruit people with visible and invisible disabilities… Our aim is to empower all our employees to do their best work. We hold an annual Internal Accessibility Conference and provide disability inclusion programs such as interpreter services, access for support animals, reasonable accommodations, and a disability resource guide… The Oracle Diverse Abilities Network is our employee resource group which aims to create an inclusive and accessible work environment for people of all abilities. We fulfil our mission through advocacy, opportunities, resources, outreach, and education.”Info linkApply link
SchlumbergerOK, AR, TX, KStechdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“Schlumberger aims to provide support that empowers and equips people who have different needs, because of visible or non-visible disabilities or health conditions, to achieve their full potential—and to support those who care for others.”Info linkApply link
Lucky One’s CoffeeUTfoodyessmallneurodiverse focused“We are a coffee shop that employs and empowers individuals with disabilities! We want to change the way people see other people. This truly is a coffee ‘home’ it is a place for everyone.”Info linkApply link
Perky Planet CoffeeVTfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“For people with disabilities, a job is more than just a paycheck. A job means dignity, respect, a sense of purpose, and a way to connect with the community. We built Perky Planet in order to break down barriers to employment for our neighbors with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We utilize technology, universal design and compassion to address the multiple levels of challenges. We employ creativity and empathy in an entrepreneurial venture that has the potential for systemic social change.”Info linkApply link
A Farm Less OrdinaryVAagriculturenosmallneurodiverse focused“A Farm Less Ordinary provides employment and a welcoming community to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities… A Farm Less Ordinary produces vegetables grown using organic and sustainable methods, including the use of organic compost, cover crops, minimum tillage, companion cropping, and a focus on attracting pollinators and “good pests”.  We also enjoy growing varieties of vegetables (have you ever tried a purple carrot or a foot long green bean?) that are a little less familiar, but just as tasty, to the average grocery store shopper.”Info linkApply link
Cameron’s Coffee & ChocolatesVAfoodnosmallneurodiverse focused“Guilt-free chocolate was once just a dream for lovers of sweetness everywhere, but with Cameron’s Coffee and Chocolates it is here! Our remarkable chocolates are made with love and devotion by a wonderful group of young adults and volunteers. Our community includes a wonderful group of young adults who have special needs, they all share a love of life and an appreciation for the opportunity for meaningful employment at Cameron’s Coffee and Chocolates. Their contribution is invaluable. Culinary professionals, students and a wide circle of volunteers join them in a collaborative and joyful effort. We promise you’ll taste the love in every single bite. Now how could you ever feel guilty about eating a delicious piece of chocolate that makes that many people happy?”Info linkApply link
ZenavivVAartnosmallneurodiverse focused“It is well-known that people on the autism spectrum have significant challenges in many areas. What is not common knowledge, even to many parents – are the unique strengths and talents that many of the individuals have. As a result, the potential of these individuals remains dormant. We created Zenaviv to help identify, nurture, and promote these strengths.  Our client partners decorate their offices to create a workplace that inspires their employees and customers, and promotes a culture of Inclusion of diversity.”Info linkApply link
Virginia Institute of AutismVAart/packagingnomediumneurodiverse focused“Viable Ventures is dedicated to providing the consumers at the Virginia Institute of Autism with paid and meaningful employment. Our artisans manufacture the products in our custom shop. Each product is carefully made and packaged with care. The products include relaxing bath salts, scented sachets for your home, and soy based candles. By making a purchase, you provide work experience and a paycheck.”Info linkApply link
Suger Plum BakeryVAfooddependsmediumneurodiverse focused“The mission of Sugar Plum Bakery is to serve the needs of persons with disabilities through employment, education and training. Sugar Plum Bakery will promote the integration of persons with developmental disabilities into society by helping them become independent and evolve into working contributing members of our communities.”Info linkApply link
Zeponic FarmsVAagriculturenomicroneurodiverse focused“Our mission is to provide fresh local produce to the community, all grown by adults with Special Needs and Autism.  Supported employment is a huge gap in the continuum of care for adults with disabilities, but purposeful employment is just as important.  Unemployment for the Autism population is 80-90%, and the jobs available are often meaningless and isolated.  We re-designed supported employment, creating a model completely centered around the amazing individuals who work at our farms.  We made farming adaptable and fun, with a product that our adults are proud of.”Info linkApply link
WhippourwillVAfoodnomicroneurodiverse focused“Whippourwill is a 501(c)(3) non profit bakery. Our mission is to create meaningful employment for individuals of all abilities in an inclusive work environment.”Info linkApply link
Thrive CoffeeVAfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Our mission is to develop the skills of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through employment, education and training. We will provide an exceptional customer experience while serving the finest cup of coffee in Richmond. We believe that all people have the ability to thrive when given the opportunity to learn in a supportive environment.”Info linkApply link
Chris’s Coffee & CustardVAfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Chris’s Coffee & Custard is a unique coffee and custard shop! We will serve you a wonderful cup of coffee, a delicious cup of custard or a tasty food item while creating opportunities for gainful and meaningful employment for individuals of all walks of life, focusing on our special needs community. The majority of Chris’s employees will be individuals that have special gifts and talents.  Having a job creates pride, dignity, honor and respect.  Our shop will provide opportunities for young adults with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities to enhance life skills, social skills and unique job skills. Our desire is to empower and enhance the lives of these special young adults, while promoting their independence. Our most significant goal is to make a positive change in a person’s life.”Info linkApply link
DXC TechnologiesTX, VA, CA, MI, IL, SC, OK, FL, CT, WI, AR, GA, TN, NY, KS, DE, ID, NC, PA, IN, NJ, AL, LA, MA, MD, RI, CO, AZ, KY, OH, MO, IA, ME NE, NV, WV, OE, VT, MN, UTtechdependshugeneurodiverse program“With the constant demand for new talent and technical skills in the IT industry, today more than ever, organisations are recognising the value and advantages that integrating neurodiverse individuals into the workforce brings. The DXC Dandelion Program, part of DXC Technology’s Social Impact Practice, provides an environment that supports and celebrates the talents and skills of neurodiverse people — such as those with Autism, ADHD or Dyslexia — and helps them build valuable skills to pursue a career in information technology. The primary aim of the sustainable program is to create the right environment, with the right support structure, to ensure that neurodiverse individuals are able to build valuable information technology, life, and executive functioning skills, and to learn and grow as employees and in society.”Info linkApply link
Capital OneVA, NY, TX, DE, IL, CA, MA, GA, PAfinancedependshugeneurodiverse friendly“CapAbilities is our Business Resource Group focused on removing barriers of inclusion for people with disabilities. This vibrant workplace community offers support and resources for associates with disabilities, caregivers of individuals with disabilities and allies. They endeavor to combat stereotypes, advocate for full inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace and beyond, and engage with local communities and nonprofits to advance shared initiatives and goals.”Info linkApply link
BoeingVA, IL, AL, SC, CO, WA, MOmanufacturingdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems, and service provider of aftermarket support. At every level, our people enjoy an environment that is inclusive, respectful and engaging. That’s why we’re proud supporters of Disability:IN. We believe that our employees who have different abilities make us a stronger, more innovative company. We take great pride in our commitment to disability inclusion by joining The Valuable 500, a global campaign that strives to place disability at the top of business agendas.”Info linkApply link
AltriaPA, GA, AK, AL, IL, WA, TX, MD, NJ, ND, IN, NC, NY, SD, OH, TN, MO, MI, AZ, CO, FL, SC, KY, CA, WY, NE, NH, OR, VA, MA, CA, WA, UT, CT, MEmanufacturing/agriculturedependshugeneurodiverse friendly“Create an environment for Altria’s employees who are impacted by disabilities to feel fully included, supported and equipped to maximize their skills, develop their careers and advance the organization.”Info linkApply link
BAE SystemsWA, CA, AZ, NM, UT, CO, TX, SD, MN, NE, IA, MI, IN, KY, GA, AL, FL, SC, NC, VA, MD, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, MEtech/manufacturingdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“Abilities Beyond Limits and Expectations focuses on the abilities and value of people with challenges in the workplace and communities and increases awareness by advancing disability inclusion.”Info linkApply link
HiltonAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, CD, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WYhoteldependshugeneurodiverse friendly“ABILITIES TMRG: Creates a culture of empowerment, awareness, advancement and advocacy for Team Members with visible and invisible Disabilities, caregivers and allies.”Info linkApply link
MaximusTX, NY, CA, VA, FL, ID, PA, IL, KS, MD, MA, TN, MI, AZ, GA, KY, MO, CO, MS, WI, SC, UT, LA, IN, VT, OK, IA, NC, WY, OH, MN, CT, NJ, WV, NE, NV, NM, HIpublic servicesdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“Maximus held a series of interview days specific to the veteran and disability communities. Through partnerships with Vocational Rehabilitation offices around the U.S., we have empowered their counselors to submit individuals with disabilities and veteran candidates directly into our interview pipeline. The pilot scaled to more than 30 engagement centers in 2019. Since January 2018, the Maximus DiversABILITY Team created and delivered disability and veteran awareness training to more than 500 stakeholders and hiring managers across more than 31 of our largest citizen engagement centers in the U.S.”Info linkApply link
MOD PizzaAL, AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MD, MI, MO, MT, NV, NJ, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TX, UT, VA, WA, WIfoodyeshugeneurodiverse program“To us, pizza is more than just food. It’s our platform to make a positive social impact in the lives of our people and the communities we serve. MOD exists to contribute to a world that works for and includes everyone… By providing opportunities to people formerly incarcerated, individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD), Opportunity Youth (those between the ages of 16 and 24 who are not in school and not employed), and those who have struggled with homelessness or are recovering from addiction, MOD strives every day to foster a sense of opportunity and belonging.”Info linkApply link
Vibrant Palette Arts CenterWAartnomicroneurodiverse focused“We provide a structured day program, including activities such as studio time for painting and clay mediums, guest art teachers, and community outings to local galleries/museums to have our artists learn about the creative processes and experiences of other creators. We have partnered with Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle’s Central District to provide studio space for our artists. VPAC hosts three art shows per year showcasing and selling our artists’ work with a 50% commission that is funded back into our organization.”Info linkApply link
CandyLuxe ConfectionsWAfood/packagingnomicroneurodiverse focused“CandyLuxé Confections focuses on giving special needs individuals a safe place of employment, where each member of the staff will feel valued and have purpose. Our employees are given the opportunity to showcase their unique skillsets as they help assemble, pack, and send the SWEET LOVE of quality candy confections sourced from around the world.”Info linkApply link
Microsoft AL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NV, NH, NJ, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, TN, TX, UT, VA, WV, WItechdependshugeneurodiverse program“We built the Microsoft Neurodiversity Hiring Program on the belief that neurodivergent individuals strengthen a workforce with innovative thinking and creative solutions. Diverse teams positively impact our company culture, working environment and how we serve our customers. The Neurodiversity Hiring program seeks to attract talented neurodivergent candidates and provide the training and support needed for career growth and success. Through this program, applicants engage in an extended interview process that focuses on workability, interview preparation, and skill assessment. Our process gives candidates the opportunity to showcase their unique talents while learning about Microsoft as an employer of choice.”Info linkApply link
T-MobileAL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WYtechdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“ACT provides an environment that advocates for our employees with disabilities and their families, and allows all employees an opportunity to broaden their understanding regarding the unique needs and talents of individuals with disabilities.”Info linkApply link
Expedia GroupWA, MO, NV, TX, FL, CA, AZ, HI, IL, GA, NY, OH, MA, UT, AR, COtech/entertainmentdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“AIM’s mission is to remove barriers experienced by people with disabilities in the workplace, so that exceptional people can do their best work. Part of AIM’s goal is to help foster a healthy, diverse, inclusive workforce as Expedia Group powers global travel for everyone, everywhere. AIM’s global goals are to: Develop a culture inclusive of people with disabilities, through a diverse candidate pool and successful recruiting that aligns with U.S. & world populations, Create an environment that is inclusive and supportive of team members with disabilities and those who are caring for people with disabilities, Provide training to improve inclusion and understanding of the range of disabilities present in the workplace.”Info linkApply link
SlalomGA, TX, MA, NC, IL, OH, TX, CO, MI, CA, CT, MO, MN, TN, NJ, NY, PA, AZ, OR, UT, WA, FL, VAconsultingdependshugeneurodiverse friendly“Horizons amplifies the voices of disabled, neurodiverse, and mental health communities, and is committed to being educators, advisors, and advocates for measurable change within Slalom and beyond.”Info linkApply link
PlantablesWImanufacturing/agriculturenomicroneurodiverse focused“Plantables strives to create a work environment that makes the necessary modifications and accommodations for our workers. We often use adaptive equipment and assistive communication devices to complement the skills of our amazing workers.”Info linkApply link
Kindly CoffeeWIfoodyesmicroneurodiverse focused“Kindly Coffee is a Christian Coffee shop created to offer more employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.”Info linkApply link
Vertical FarmsWYagriculturenosmallneurodiverse focused“Vertical Harvest energizes local food systems via hydroponic, vertical, controlled environmental agriculture (CEA) to deliver healthier food and futures. We work with communities to develop underutilized space in urban, underserved neighborhoods, grow “up” on a fraction of the land required by traditional agriculture, while using 85% less water to deliver our produce at peak flavor and nutrition, year-round. We prioritize both our social impact and profitability, by leveraging a mix of public/private partnerships and operating with a customized, inclusive employment model currently focused on individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Additionally, we ensure each farm innovates at the intersection of climate, food accessibility and economic inclusivity to leverage food as a medium for change. Our goal is to develop a network of farms that serve locally, support regionally and scale nationally to bring food production closer to home and keep local dollars in-community longer.”Info linkApply link