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As featured on CBS 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper!

Watch the segment here | Transcript | Audio version
Learn more about the block design test featured on the segment

The Frist Center for Autism and Innovationengineering technologies and transforming the workplace, inspired by neurodiversity – at the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering brings engineers, business scholars, and disabilities researchers together with experts in neuroscience and education to understand, maximize, and promote neurodiverse talent. From a strengths-based – as opposed to deficit-based – understanding of autism and neurodiversity, the Center sees opportunities for innovation in technology, talent development, and workplace practices.

Primary areas of focus for the Frist Center’s work include:


The Frist Center for Autism and Innovation contributes to the school’s Inclusion EngineeringSM mission through research in neurodiversity, workplace practices, and related areas.

For visitors to our website looking for diagnosis and related services, the Autism TN helpline provides a list of providers and insurance plans that offer support.