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SDSU and Vanderbilt Driving Training Program Featured on Fox 5 San Diego

Posted by on Saturday, November 4, 2023 in FCAI News, News.

On November 4th, 2023, Fox 5 San Diego visited the NSF funded Vanderbilt and San Diego State partnership program for new driver training for people with autism. This AI-based program, which the NSF has funded, teaches potential drivers everything they need to know about driving before getting on the road, with lessons involving virtual reality and coursework. The program runs for eight weeks to teach trainees how to deal with all aspects of driving, including focus and emotional control. Fox News anchor Alani Letang even tried the simulator out for herself.

Less than 30% of the autistic population seek a driving license, which can be a massive barrier to employment for those on the spectrum. However, this program has already increased the interest in driving among autistic individuals.

Watch the segment here: New Driver Training for People with Autism

Fox News anchor Alan Letang tries the driving simulator for herself.