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Deputy Director Dave Caudel Features in Article on Neurodivergent Physicists

Posted by on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 in Uncategorized.

Frist Center for Autism and Innovation Deputy Director Dave Caudel, was recently quoted in a Symmetry article on the struggles faced by neurodivergent physicists.

When discussing the loss of talent in physics due to students not receiving appropriate support and understanding Dr. Caudel says:

“One of the things that really keeps me up at night sometimes is: How many Einsteins have we lost?” Caudel says. “How many Einsteins are we losing right now because of this dogmatic idea that everybody has to fit a system that was designed for people in the neuromajority, but doesn’t work well for everybody?”

The article follows the story of Fernanda Psihas on her journey to move to the United States and becoming a scientist. Read the full article here.