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New Book – A Hidden Force – Out Today

Posted by on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 in News.

Suppose you’re looking for a book that will help you improve your workplace culture, build stronger teams, and create a more inclusive environment. In that case, A Hidden Force by Ed Thompson is worth checking out.

As the founder and CEO of Uptimize, a company focusing on building neurodiverse teams Thompson brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his new book while amplifying the voice of neurodiverse individuals. In it, he offers practical strategies for building stronger, more inclusive teams.

One of the book’s key themes is recognizing and embracing neurodiversity in the workplace. Thompson argues that by doing so, organizations can tap into a broader range of perspectives and ideas and build more innovative and effective teams.

Thompson also shares his insights on building a more inclusive workplace culture that values and respects diversity and difference. In addition, he provides practical tips for overcoming biases and building trust among team members, as well as strategies for creating a more collaborative and productive work environment.

Whether you’re a manager looking to build stronger teams, an HR professional interested in improving workplace culture, or someone who wants to better understand neurodiversity in the workforce, A Hidden Force is worth checking out. It’s a well-written and engaging book that offers a fresh perspective on building more inclusive and effective teams. In addition, it’s sure to leave you with plenty of actionable insights and strategies you can use immediately.

Ed will join us at the Frist Center for a webinar on April 27th. Register here.

Grab your copy of the book today: