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Frist Center researchers publish study on depression and employment

Posted by on Thursday, July 14, 2022 in FCAI News, News, research and development.

Two Frist Center Faculty Fellows, Drs. Jessica Schwartzman and Blythe Corbett, have published a new literature review on depression and employment outcomes in autism.

The paper’s abstract is copied below and is available at this link.

Autistic adults face elevated risks for depression and unemployment, yet a systematic review of studies on the intersection of depression and employment in autism is needed to inform research and clinical efforts. The present review synthesizes findings from studies that (1) measure both depression and employment in autistic adults, and (2) empirically test associations between these constructs. Results support other work indicating elevated prevalence rates of depression and unemployment in autism with new information on the complex associations between constructs. Insights from the present review were used to (1) discuss associations between depression and employment in autism, (2) identify current challenges to understanding the intersection of depression and employment in autism, (3) propose future lines of research, and (4) suggest clinical applications for providers (e.g., mental health clinicians, vocational rehabilitation practitioners) working with autistic adults.