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Jobs for Humanity seeking volunteers for neurodiversity employment initiative

Posted by on Friday, April 2, 2021 in News.

The Frist Center for Autism & Innovation has partnered with Jobs for Humanity, a new web-based initiative promoted employment for underserved communities, to further empower neurodivergent adults in the workplace.

Jobs for Humanity is planning to launch its “Jobs for the Neurodivergent” branch the week of April 19th, and they are seeking volunteers! In order to be fully staffed, they need 8 more volunteers who are willing to offer anywhere between 1 and 10 hours a week. These volunteers can help everything from recruiting and social media to data analysis and web development. Volunteers can be both neurodivergent people and allies who care about the cause and want to contribute. Presently, the Frist Center’s Dan Burger and Claire Barnett are active volunteers.

If you decide to volunteer a few hours a week, you’ll be one of the very first members of a team that hopes to one day be a global force for good. You can learn more about Jobs for the Neurodivergent and register to volunteer at this link:

Other Jobs for Humanity causes include Jobs for the Blind, Jobs for Refugees, Jobs for Returning Citizens, Jobs for Single Mothers, and Jobs for Black Leaders. You can also volunteer to support any of these causes, or suggest an entirely new cause!