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Women’s Center Internships

The Women’s Center offers three undergraduate (unpaid) internships: Vandy Sex Ed, Women’s Center Ambassadores, and the Body Project. Interns are chosen in March for participation the following academic year. Details for each internship are listed below.

Vandy Sex Ed

The Vandy Sex Ed internship arms undergraduate peer educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to help both themselves and their peers make healthy and informed decisions about sex and sexuality. Vandy Sex Ed interns are trained in holistic sex and sexuality education at the beginning of each academic year. Throughout the year, interns facilitate workshops on a range of topics related to sexuality, sexual health, and healthy relationships. Interns develop programming for the annual Sex Ed and Healthy Relationships Week series each spring.

For questions about Vandy Sex Ed, email Sarah Brennan (

Women’s Center Ambassadores

The Women’s Center Ambassadores (WCA) internship addresses feminism and gender equity at large. In addition to developing programs of their own, WCA interns help to promote and staff the Women’s Center’s larger events. WCA interns are responsible for the monthly Kitchen Table Series as well as various by-request Feminism 101 programs. WCA interns sometimes collaborate with student groups and departments on events that intersect with feminism.

For questions about Women’s Center Ambassadores, email Perla Salazar-Rangel (

The Body Project

The Body Project internship focuses on body positivity and body acceptance. Interns are trained using a pre-designed script developed by the Body Project Collaborative, which they then use to facilitate workshops for their peers. These workshops cover topics such as eating disorder awareness, the appearance ideal, and body acceptance.

For questions about the Body Project, email Sarah Brennan, (