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Vandy Sex Ed

The Vandy Sex Ed program arms undergraduate peer educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to help both themselves and their peers make healthy and informed decisions about sex and sexuality. Vandy Sex Ed offers workshops that both foster communication skills in romantic partnerships and provide information on a range of topics related to sexuality, including birth control, contraceptives, and STI prevention. Workshops can be tailored for a specific organization or group. They can be requested here.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Vandy is the signature workshop offered through Vandy Sex Ed. This customizable, interactive sex-ed 101 workshop uses a holistic approach to provide information on sex myths and facts, anatomy, contraceptives, STI prevention and stigma, and consent. This workshop is useful for people who have had no prior sex education and for people who have taken sex education classes before. The learning outcomes of the workshop are the following:

  • To recognize the ways in which the language used to discuss and define sex is often exclusive and restrictive
  • To learn basics about contraceptives and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and to think critically about STI stigma
  • To understand the importance of consent in interpersonal relationships

Request a Vandy Sex Ed workshop.

Are you a Resident Adviser in need of condoms for your floor? Email Sarah Brennan at with the number of condoms you need (up to 100) and times when you are able to come to the Center for a condom demonstration.

Want to learn more about sexual health? Check out our Sexual Health Resources page.

Questions? Contact Sarah Brennan at