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VISE Summer Instructional Seminar 7.8.21

Posted by on Wednesday, June 23, 2021 in News.

VISE Research in Progress (RiP)

Date: Thursday, July 8, 2021
Time: Noon admittance, 12:05 p.m. remarks, 12:10 p.m. start

Speaker #1: Rachel Eimen, PhD Candidate (BME)
RiP #1: Title:  Real-time clinician guidance to improve 3D bladder reconstructions
RIP #1 Description: Due to the high recurrence rate of bladder cancer, patients receive lifelong cystoscopies every three months to one year. Currently, clinicians save limited data from the cystoscopies, as cystoscopy videos are cumbersome to review. However, presenting the data in the form of a 3D reconstruction may improve patient records and surgical planning and allow clinicians to visualize the entire bladder during telesurgery. The quality of a 3D bladder reconstruction is inherently limited by the quality of the cystoscopy video; therefore, we are developing a pipeline to guide clinicians in the real-time recollection of low-quality cystoscopy frames.


Speaker #2: Max Emerson, PhD Candidate (ME)
RiP #2: Learning to Estimate Needle Tip Pose
RIP #2 Description: We leverage machine learning techniques to act on under-sensed, hard-to-model interactions that are presented in endoscopic deployment of steerable needles. We show that we can successfully predict the pose of the needle tip during insertion, using the estimate under closed-loop control to autonomously deliver steerable needles accurately to target points, through an endoscope in the presence of torsional lag.

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