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Faculty Members

The Biophotonics Center at Vanderbilt University works closely with the School of Engineering, the School of Medicine and the College of Arts and Science. In this way, fundamental discovery and research complements our clinical research and commercial translation of optical technologies to improve patient care.  Numerous faculty are currently engaged in biophotonics research. Some of these researchers utilize optical techniques to address specific questions in their research while others are photonics researchers themselves, and still others are clinical collaborators vested in biomedical photonics applications.





Image result for anita mahadevan-jansen Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
Image result for duco jansen Duco Jansen
Image result for yuankai tao vanderbilt Yuankai (Kenny) Tao
Image result for audrey bowden vanderbilt Audrey Bowden
Image result for justin baba vanderbilt Justin Baba
Andrea Locke Andrea Locke

Bryan Millis

Bryan Millis

Image result for shane hutson vanderbilt

Shane Hutson

Image of Pratheepa

Pratheepa Rasiah

School of Engineering

Caldwell Josh Caldwell
Image result for matthew lang vanderbilt Matthew Lang
Huo Yuankai Huo
Ndukaife Justus Ndukaife
Image result for jason valentine vanderbilt Jason Valentine
Image result for sharon weiss vanderbilt Sharon Weiss

College of Arts and Science




Charles Brau  Charles Brau
Buchanan Lauren Buchanan
Image result for richard haglund vanderbilt  Richard Haglund 
Image result for carl johnson vanderbilt Carl Johnson
Image result for sandy rosenthal vanderbilt Sandy Rosenthal
Image result for norman tolk vanderbilt Norman Tolk

School of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences

Tyska Matt Tyska
Burnette Dylan Burnette
Bratton Ben Bratton


School of Medicine




Naira Baregamian Naira Baregamian
Image result for kelly bennett vanderbilt Kelly Bennett
Image result for li min chen vanderbilt Li Min Chen 
Caskey Charles Caskey
Image result for anthony daniels vanderbilt Anthony Daniels  
Image result for jeff davidson Jeff Davidson
Image result for darrel ellis vanderbilt Darrel Ellis  
Image result for duke herrell Duke Herrell  
Image result for girish hiremath vanderbilt Girish Hiremath
Image result for karen joos vanderbilt Karen Joos
Colleen Kiernan
Image result for jeffry nyman vanderbilt Jeffry Nyman 
Image result for wellington pham vanderbilt Wellington Pham
Image result for jeff reese vanderbilt Jeff Reese
Tonia Rex
Tonia Rex  
Eben Rosenthal
Eben Rosenthal  
Image result for melinda sanders Melinda Sanders
Carmen Solorzano
Carmen Solórzano
 Sucre Jennifer Sucre
Image result for reid thompson vanderbilt Reid Thompson
Image result for tkaczyk vanderbilt Eric Tkaczyk


(Lab Email)

Jay Werkhaven
Jay Werkhaven