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Welcome to the Biomedical Photonics Center at Vanderbilt University!

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Vanderbilt Biophotonics Center (VBC) is to establish a trans-institutional initiative in biophotonics research, technology development and education at Vanderbilt University. The center spans across multiple schools (EngineeringMedicine and Arts & Science) and interfaces with existing centers and institutes (VICCVINSEVUIISVBIVIIBRE, ViSE) while being anchored in Engineering. The center is focused on targeted educational programs for medical residents, fellows as well as graduate and undergraduate students and provides opportunities for learning for high schools students interested in this area. The research mission is centered around three main areas:

  1. Clinical photonics
  2. Neuro-photonics
  3. Multiscale photonics

Each of these areas builds on existing strengths and will drive biophotonics research at Vanderbilt to the international forefront. The thematic focus of this center is on the development and application of photonic technologies for fundamental discovery and clinical translation in biomedicine.


Anita Mahadevan-Jansen, PhD (Director)

Justin Baba, PhD (Associate Director of Education)

Bryan Millis, PhD (Associate Director of Science and Technology)

Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Duco Jansen, PhD
  • Audrey Bowden, PhD
  • Kenny Tao, PhD
  • Andrea Locke, PhD