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E. Duco Jansen

Research Focus

Professor Jansen's research focuses on laser-tissue interaction with particular emphasis on optical neural interfaces and modulation of neural activity using infrared laser light. Other focuses include cellular effects of laser-induced stimuli, and the application of light, lasers and optical technology in medicine and biology.




Graduate Students

  Name Email Research
JeremyB Jeremy Ford
  • Optimization of laser parameters for infrared neural control
Mohit Mohit Ganguly mohit.ganguly 
  • Computational modelling of infrared neural inhibition
Logan Logan Jenkins j.logan.jenkins 
  • Characterization of the mechanisms underlying infrared neural stimulation and inhibition in the central nervous system
 alec Alec Walter
  • Light delivery for photodynamic therapy of Gram-positive bacteria



Position Description
 Post-Doctoral Scholar The Vanderbilt Biophotonics Center are seeking recent PhDs in the area of neurophotonics; experience in neuroscience methods and expertise in optical instrumentation. The primary objective of this project is to unravel the interplay between the neurobiological signaling, nerve conduction and the spatio-temporal thermal gradient induced by infrared neural stimulation. Click here for listing.
Graduate Student Modeling of infrared neural stimulation 
Graduate Student

Photodynamic Therapy of Gram-positive Bacteria