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Biophotonics Seminar Series

Upcoming Seminar




Brain E. Applegate, PhD



Professor of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery and Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California 



Tuesday, September 15th 12:00-1:00 PM



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Zoom Information: Meeting ID: 957 8567 7728       Passcode: VBC2020


Seminar Title: 

Functional and Morphological Imaging of the Middle and Inner Ear with Optical Coherence Tomography and Vibrometry


Optical Coherence Tomography and Vibrometry (OCTV) is an interferometric technique, much like laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV), which takes advantage of the exquisite sensitivity of the interferometric phase to measure small scale motion. Unlike LDV, it uses low coherence spectral interferometry to spatially resolve vibration and generate a morphological image. The spatial resolution is typically ~10 µm in all dimensions but can be varied by focusing the light more tightly and/or changing the spectral bandwidth of the light source. At each spatially resolved point, we can routinely measure vibrations with <100 pm sensitivity with sound stimuli under 50 ms and <5 pm with temporal averaging. With micron-scale spatial resolution and subnanometer sensitivity to vibration, it is well suited to measuring the spatially resolved vibratory response of both the inner and middle ear. In small animals, it is possible to image directly through the bone of the otic capsule for noninvasive spatially resolved vibrometry of the cochlear partition. In humans as well as small animals, it’s possible to image the tympanic membrane and ossicles through the ear canal to reveal the vibratory response of the middle ear.


Future Seminars (Fall 2020)

Date Time          
Name Affiliation
Sept 15 12:00-1:00pm Zoom Brian Applegate University of Southern California
Sept 29 12:00-1:00pm Zoom Donna Session Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Oct 6 12:00-1:00pm Zoom Teng-Leong Chew HHMI: Janelia Research Campus
Oct 26 12:00-1:00pm Zoom Duncan Graham University of Strathclyde
Nov 11 4:00-5:00pm Zoom Kostadinka Bizheva University of Waterloo
Nov 17 12:00-1:00pm Zoom Kristen Maitland Texas A&M University
Dec 1 4:00-5:00pm Zoom Kishan Dholakia University of St. Andrews
Dec 8 12:00-1:00pm Zoom Rita Strack Nature Methods

For up to date announcements regarding time, location, and changes to the schedule, please join the Biophotonics Seminar listserv by emailing Dr. Andrea Locke or Dr. Iftak Hussain.

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