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Biophotonics Seminar Series

Upcoming Seminar

Recent events concerning the novel coronavirus has led Vanderbilt to cancel all classes and university-sponsored non-Athletics events and gatherings through April 30th. As such, we are cancelling the remaining seminars scheduled as part of the Biophotonics Seminar Series for this semester. These include Dr. Brian Applegate (03/31/2020), Dr. Donna Sessions (04/21/2020), Dr. Conor Evans (04/28/2020), and Dr. Brendan Kennedy (04/30/2020). We are currently working with our speakers to reschedule their seminars for the fall and hope to see you all then.




Irene Georgakoudi, Ph.D.



Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University



Tuesday, March 3rd, 12:30-1:40 PM



Stevenson Center 5326


Seminar Title: 

Assessing tissue metabolic and biomechanical function through label-free, high resolution imaging


Histopathological tissue evaluation procedures for disease diagnosis have remained essentially unchanged for the past century. Yet, they demand highly trained personnel, significant resources and infrastructure, and provide assessments of tissue that has been highly processed. Diagnostic features rely primarily on morphological characteristics and have not evolved to incorporate a wealth of functional information that we have acquired during the last decades regarding disease development. I will present an overview of studies that we have been pursuing that aim to exploit endogenous sources of optical contrast to yield quantitative metrics of not only morphological, but also functional cell and tissue properties, without the need to excise tissue. Specifically, I will discuss the use of two-photon excited fluorescence images acquired based on detection of endogenous signal from NADH and FAD to acquire detailed information regarding changes in metabolic function. Such changes are directly related to changes in the relative levels of essential metabolic pathways and are detected in three dimensional engineered tissues, freshly excised tissues, animals and human patients in vivo. Further, I will discuss the potential of the combined use of endogenous fluorescence and scattering signatures of collagen fibers to assess subtle changes in organization and crosslinking that are associated with biomechanical changes in diseased tissues. Our ultimate goal is to perform such measurements in a manner that essentially brings the microscope to the patient enabling functional imaging to improve disease diagnosis and monitoring.


Future Seminars (Spring 2020)

Date Time          
Name Affiliation
March 31 12:30-1:40pm Stevenson Center 5326 Brian Applegate University of Southern California
April 9 12:30-1:40pm Stevenson Center 5326 Sam Achilefu Washington University in St. Louis
April 21 12:30-1:40pm Stevenson Center 5326 Donna Session Vanderbilt University Medical Center
April 28 12:30-1:40pm Stevenson Center 5326 Conor Evans Harvard Medical School
April 30 12:30-1:40pm Stevenson Center 5326 Brendan Kennedy University of Western Australia

For up to date announcements regarding time, location, and changes to the schedule, please join the Biophotonics Seminar listserv by emailing Graham Throckmorton.

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