Summer Keegan Traveling Fellowship







Eight Vanderbilt students engage with the world in a year of record growth for the Keegan Traveling Fellowship, MyVU, April 1, 2024




What is the Summer Keegan?


A summer program that awards four students per summer $5,000 to pursue international travel for at least eight weeks to research a topic of their choosing.

This summer fellowship would satisfy the students’ Immersion Vanderbilt requirement.


Who is eligible for the Summer Keegan?


Rising juniors and seniors may apply during their sophomore and junior years, respectively.


What is the timing for the Summer Keegan?


The Summer Keegan lasts 8-10 weeks. Students will need to plan to depart in June and return in August.


How many fellows per year get awarded this fellowship? 


Summer 2024 will be the first time the Summer Keegan is offered. Four summer fellows will be traveling this summer.


What do you look for in applicants?


Each Keegan Fellow is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to evaluating applicants.


Generally, there are a few traits we emphasize:


(1) Extensive campus or community leadership and involvement;

(2) Strong academic record and intellectual curiosity; and

(3) Commitment to leadership and promotion of a global mindset


What is the application process?


For the summer fellowship, each applicant completes an application including short answer questions and must submit the following documents: (1) CV/Curriculum Vitae; (2) Project Proposal; (3) Letter of Recommendation from Adviser. Applications are due mid-January and selections are made by a combination of Vanderbilt staff and faculty and Keegan fellowship alumni by early to mid March.


How long do fellows travel for during the summer and to how many countries?


The applicants are asked to plan to travel for at least eight weeks to a minimum of three countries and a maximum of two continents.