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Vanderbilt University seeks to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all students. We take reports of sexual misconduct and intimate partner violence seriously, and how we respond depends on, among other things, the facts and circumstances of the specific incident, the wishes of the victim, to whom it was reported, and the University’s obligations under applicable federal and state laws.

The policies governing our investigative and adjudication processes may be found in the Sexual Misconduct Policy and Formal Grievance Protocol . Regardless of whether the Title IX Office (Title IX Office) conducts an investigation, we offer support and a number of resources for students impacted by sexual misconduct and intimate partner violence. Information about support services and resources is outlined in more detail below and can also be obtained from the Title IX Office or the Project Safe Center .

The Project Safe Center serves as the central resource for those impacted by sexual misconduct and intimate partner violence and can assist with navigating all facets of the University’s resource and support network and other processes; however, there are multiple points of entry that may be utilized by a victim or survivor, and appropriate referrals and assistance will be provided by other offices and departments, as needed.

about Resources
Support Obtaining
Making a Report/Filing a
Confidentiality Level***
Title IX Office (Students)
(615) 343-9004
Yes Refers Refers Coordinates Yes Receives Mandatory Reports
Project Safe Center (Students)
(615) 322-7233 (Crisis Hotline)
(615) 875-0660 (Office)
Yes Yes Assists Facilitates   Confidential (Limited)
VUPD (Students and Employees)
(615) 421-1911 (Emergency)
(615) 322-2745 (Non-Emergency)
Refers Refers Refers Refers Yes Mandatory Reporter
University Counseling Center (Students)
(615) 322-2571
Yes Yes Yes Assists Refers Confidential
Work/Life Connections-EAP (Employees)
(615) 936-1327
Yes Yes Yes Refers Refers Confidential
Spiritual & Religious Life (Students and Employees)
(615) 322-2457
Yes Yes Yes Assists Refers Confidential (when acting as
Student Health Center (Students)
(615) 322-2427
Yes Yes Assists Assists Refers Confidential
Student Care Coordination (Students)
(615) 343-9355
Yes Yes Refers Assists Refers Mandatory Reporter
Student Accountability (Students)
(615) 322-7868
Yes Refers Refers Refers Refers Mandatory Reporter
Housing & ResEx (Students)
(615) 322-2591
Yes Refers Refers Assists Refers Mandatory Reporter
LGBTQI Life (Students)
(615) 322-3330
Yes Refers Refers Refers Refers Mandatory Reporter
Black Cultural Center (Students)
(615) 322-2524
Yes Refers Refers Refers Refers Mandatory Reporter
Protection of Minors (Students and Employees)
(615) 936-5935
Yes Refers Refers Refers Yes Mandatory Reporter

*SUPPORTIVE MEASURES: Some examples of supportive measures include issuing a no contact directive, adjusting course schedules, and assisting with alternate housing assignments.
**MAKING A REPORT/FILING A COMPLAINT: Filing a complaint with VUPD may lead to a criminal investigation by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. Making a report with the Title IX Office may lead to an investigation and may result in disciplinary outcomes. A student may file a complaint/make a report with VUPD, the Title IX Office, or both, and the criminal and Title IX processes may occur simultaneously.
***CONFIDENTIAL (LIMITED) : Without disclosing personally identifying information about the victim, the Project Safe Center will notify the Title IX Office of the nature, date, time, and general location of an incident. This notification helps keep the Title IX Office informed of the general extent and nature of sexual violence on and off campus, and allows for tracking patterns, evaluating the scope of the problem, and formulating appropriate campus-wide responses. The Project Safe Center will also notify the Title IX Office of the name of the alleged perpetrator, if known, when the alleged perpetrator is affiliated with Vanderbilt University as a faculty member, staff member, postdoctoral fellow/trainee, teaching assistant, independent contractor, adviser, or in any other similar capacity, other than as a student.
CONFIDENTIAL : Conversations are confidential. Except in rare circumstances, nothing will be shared without your explicit permission.
MANDATORY REPORTER : Conversations are kept private to the extent possible, but information about incidents of sexual misconduct and intimate partner violence must be shared with the Title IX Office so that the University can take action, if necessary, for reasons of safety. In planning any response, the Title IX Coordinator will consider the interests of the victim and the University’s commitment to a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all members of the University community.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual misconduct or intimate partner violence, you can call the 24-hour Project Safe Crisis Hotline at 615-322-SAFE (7233) or the Vanderbilt University Police Department Emergency Line at 911 or 421-1911.

PDF version of the resources list.