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Quick Exit

Directions and Parking

Map to EAD

The Baker Building is the tall white building on the corner of West End and 21st Avenues directly behind QDoba Mexican Restaurant. The parking garage entrances are located off of Terrace Place. If you are coming from West End Avenue and turning onto 21st Avenue (a one-way street), Terrace Place is your first left. If you are coming from 21st Avenue which becomes Broadway, turn on 20th Avenue (a one-way street), and it will be the first street on the left.

There are two parking garages you can park in, but try the Baker Building Garage first, which is highlighted in yellow above. The entire 2nd level of the Baker Building Garage is visitor parking and the spaces will be marked as such. If you turn onto Terrace Place from 21st Avenue, the Baker Building Garage will be your first possible left. If you turn onto Terrace Place from 20th Avenue, it will be the second garage on the right. Be aware of the sloped entrance. If no cars are exiting, you may want to enter at an angle. Each level has an elevator that will take you straight up to the 9th floor or straight down to the 1st floor.

If no spots are available in the Baker Building Garage, you can park in the Terrace Place Garage, which is next door to the Baker Building (see above), or meters are available on Terrace Place. If you do not have a Zone 2 sticker, you can park on the first level of the Terrace Place Garage for a fee, which is around $1 an hour. Take the elevator to ground level and walk out to the right towards the Terrace Place Baker Building entrance. There is another entrance off of 21st Avenue. Elevators are located in the lobby.