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Mandatory Reporter

Vanderbilt defines all faculty and most staff as Mandatory Reporters except certain “confidential resources” and “limited confidential resources” staff.

Mandatory Reporters are required to immediately report all allegations of sexual misconduct (including sexual assault, sexual exploitation, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, sexual harassment, or related retaliation) to the Title IX Coordinator. Mandatory Reporters cannot guarantee confidentiality but can promise privacy. The Title IX Office will contact and provide support, resources, and information to the person who may have experienced sexual misconduct.

Vanderbilt’s Mandatory Reporters include, but are not limited to, the following employees or categories of employees:

  • Faculty members, including adjunct, clinical, visiting faculty, lecturers, and professors of the practice;
  • Teaching or research assistants at the undergraduate or graduate level;
  • Senior leadership (e.g., Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellors, and Deans, including Associates and Assistants);
  • Title IX Coordinator and staff in the Title IX Office;
  • Staff in the Equal Opportunity and Access Office;
  • Staff in Student Access;
  • Staff in Vanderbilt University Public Safety;
  • Staff in Student Accountability, Community Standards, and Academic Integrity;
  • Staff in Student Care Coordination;
  • Staff and graduate assistants in Student Affairs;
  • Staff, graduate assistants, and resident advisers in Housing and Residential Experience;
  • Staff and graduate assistants in the Office of the Dean of the Ingram Commons;
  • Student and faculty VUceptors;
  • Faculty Heads of House, Faculty in Residence, and Faculty Directors in Living Learning Communities;
  • Professional staff, graduate assistants, athletic trainers, and coaches in the Athletics Department;
  • Human Resources staff;
  • Office of Audit, Risk, and Compliance, including the University Compliance Officer; and
  • Staff in the Office of Risk and Insurance Management.

Mandatory Reporters are required by Vanderbilt to report any knowledge they receive of possible violations of the Sexual Misconduct Policy and Formal Grievance Protocol to the Title IX Coordinator. If a Mandatory Reporter believes an individual may intend to share any information regarding an instance of sexual misconduct, the Mandatory Reporter should seek to confirm that the reporting party understands the Mandatory Reporter’s reporting obligations. If the reporting party would prefer to speak with a confidential resource, the Mandatory Reporter should direct the reporting party to a confidential resource.

Mandatory Reporters must relay all known information about any reported Policy violation, including but not limited to:

  • The Mandatory Reporter’s name;
  • The names of the involved individuals;
  • The nature of the alleged incident; and,
  • The time and location of the alleged incident.

Mandatory Reporters report any information about sexual misconduct to Vanderbilt’s Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Office will then reach out to the reporting party to offer assistance. Those receiving outreach can choose whether or not to engage with the Title IX Office. They may request supportive measures or other support even if they do not choose to participate in Vanderbilt’s formal hearing process.

Confidential resources are available for those wishing to discuss incidents and issues related to sexual misconduct on a confidential basis. Confidential resources will not disclose information about incidents of sexual misconduct to anyone, including law enforcement and the Title IX Office, except in very limited situations, such as when failure to disclose the information would result in imminent danger to the person or to others, or where federal or state law requires disclosure. Confidential resources can provide those affected by sexual misconduct with information about support services and other options.

This 1 page chart lists the offices you can speak with and whether they are confidential or mandatory reporters.

Vanderbilt is dedicated to the welfare and safety of minors who are enrolled as Vanderbilt students, who visit Vanderbilt’s campus, and who participate in Vanderbilt’s programs and activities. Minors (excluding those enrolled as Vanderbilt University students) participating in Vanderbilt programs and activities are expected to be supervised while on campus, and every adult member of the Vanderbilt community is required to follow the Protection of Minors (POM) Policy when interacting with minors.

Everyone (not limited to individuals who interact with minors) is required by Tennessee law to report to DCS or law enforcement any type of known or suspected abuse, neglect, or inadequate care of a minor, including suspected child sexual abuse. Community members making a report in good faith are protected from criminal and civil liability for making a report. Vanderbilt also requires members of the Vanderbilt community to make an internal report to the Office of Risk and Insurance Management. For questions about the Protection of Minors policy, email

For any specific questions about whether you are a Mandatory Reporter or where to report information, please email the Title IX Office at or call the Title IX Office at 615-343-9004.

Those interested in reading more about Mandatory Reporters can find additional information in the Vanderbilt Sexual Misconduct Policy Section X.