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Trans Health on Campus

Student Health & Medical Services

If a student wishes to receive medical care for associated transgender needs, they can make an appointment with:

The Office of LGBTQI Life staff also serves as an excellent resource for locating supportive communities and services throughout Vanderbilt/Nashville area.

Does Vanderbilt student health insurance cover hormone therapy and/or trans-related surgery?

The Vanderbilt student health insurance plan does cover hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and trans-related surgery. If you are enrolled in the student health insurance plan and have questions regarding LGBTI coverage, please contact the on-campus student health representative, Kristy Miller, located in room SS4401 Zerfoss Student Health Center or at 615-343-4688. Additional information can also be found at

How should I answer questions about “sex” or “œgender” on official university documentation?

On most Vanderbilt documents the student should answer how the student self-identifies their gender identity i.e. if you self identify as a Transwoman you would that would be your response on a Vanderbilt document (or may choose not to answer at all)

The federal government does requires Vanderbilt to collect demographic information on a student’s “sex” at several points (e.g., on applications to programs) and requires an answer of either “male” or “œfemale” for federal purposes. Please answer with the option with which you most closely identify.

Federal financial aid for a transgender individual is complicated because of the issue of Selective Service. If a student is born male (regardless of their current gender status), are required to register with the Selective Service within thirty days of their 18th birthday to be considered for government benefits. They are also required to register with their legal name AND any name change. Because the FAFSA is based on biologic sex from birth, that form needs to be filled out in accordance with federal laws. More information can be found at: and in the attached PDF.

Vanderbilt Employee Trans Health Coverage

For Vanderbilt employees, the University has opted into both Navitus’™ requirements and benefits regarding hormone therapy, and Aetna’™s clinical policy regarding Gender Reassignment Surgery. Employees are still subject to requirements outlined by Navitus and/or Aetna for eligibility.

Resources for Trans Patients at VU Medical Center

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Program in LGBTI Health

VUMC Trans Buddy Program

Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Office of Inclusion and Health Equity