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Student Groups


Undergraduate Student Groups

Vanderbilt Lambda Association (Lambda)
As Vanderbilt University’s undergraduate gender, sexuality, and intersex alliance, the Vanderbilt Lambda Association is a leading promoter in LGBTQI+ awareness and education, providing a brave space on campus for all students. Lambda features some of the most diverse programming on campus from awareness events, lectures, and observances to drag shows, Bi-BQs, and social events. Lambda seeks to promote diversity and inclusion in all of its forms while advocating for political equality and freedom to be one’s self.
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Graduate Student Groups

Divinity School: Office of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Concerns (GABLE)
The Office of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Concerns was organized in 1991 and is dedicated to addressing the issues of homophobia and heterosexism in religious life, society, and the academy. The Office provides a positive, safe environment that affirms the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer persons. It suggests ways in which the Divinity School and Graduate Department of Religion can fulfill their commitment to confronting homophobia in our society; it provides educational opportunities for all members of the Divinity School/Graduate Department of Religion community. Membership is open to all Divinity School and Graduate Department of Religion students, faculty, and staff who are committed to working toward the goals of the Office. The rights to confidentiality of students, faculty, and staff who participate in the office are honored. The work of the Office is coordinated by a student steering committee.
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Law School: OUTLaw
The Gay/Straight Alliance, now named OUTlaw, was originally formed to allow gay and lesbian law students to meet and discuss issues that are unique to being gay in the legal profession. The organization is open to all law students and encourages all law students to become members.
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School of Nursing: VUSNPride
The Mission of LGBT @ VUSN is to provide support for LGBTQI students and allies at VUSN; to promote a welcoming and inclusive culture at VUSN for LGBTQI students and allies; to facilitate education of faculty and students on LGBTQI issues; to promote inclusion of LGBTQI health content in the curriculum at VUSN; to serve the LGBTQI community in Nashville.
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Peabody College: Queering and Embracing Diversity (Q.Ed.)
Through intentional community-building, outreach, advocacy, social events, and education, Q.Ed. will make Peabody a safer, more inclusive environment for LGBTQI+ students and their allies. By educating and building relationships, Q.Ed. will build a coalition of anti-oppressive and anti-racist LGBTQI+ and allied students who are socially accountable, engaged in their communities, and actively working to ensure the safety, acceptance, and affirmation of all identities on Peabody’s campus.
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Owen Graduate School of Management: Out & Allied
Out & Allied provides an open, social, supportive, and educational environment for LGBT and Allied individuals at Owen while furthering the professional goals of members, the inclusive culture at Owen, and exploration of related issues vital to future business leaders.
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Medical School: LGBT MD
LGBT, MD has a two-fold mission: to educate the greater Vanderbilt medical community on health issues that pertain to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients and health care providers and to provide a support network for GLBT medical students.
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Affinity Groups

If you or someone you know is questioning or seeking community for their sexual and/or gender identities, check out the LGBTQI Life Affinity Groups. Affinity groups are an opportunity for Vanderbilt students to come together around a shared identity and/or interest they hold. Affinity groups are facilitated by staff, faculty and/or graduate students and are not student organizations.

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