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News from 2013

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  • 12/28/2013: LAPOP Data on confidence in the American armed forces used in La Nacion
  • 12/23/2013: AmericasBarometer data on the peace process in Colombia in Razon Publica
  • 12/19/2013: AmericasBarometer data mentioned in ElPais
  • 12/15/2013: Honduras 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2012 data on the party system and political crisis in Colombia Inernacional
  • 12/15/2013: Jamaica 2012 data on corruption in  The Gleaner
  • 12/16/2013: LAPOP's Mariana Rodriguez speaks about press censorship in Latin America in La Vuelta
  • 12/16/2013: Mexico 2008 data used in an article on decreases in Mass attendance in LineaRecta
  • 12/11/2013: Americas Barometer 2012 data used with PNUD on domestic violence in Saude Global


  • 11/20/2013: AmericasBarometer 2012 data used to explore the level of safety citizens of security feel as compared to neighboring countries in DWTOnline
  • 11/19/2013: AmericasBarometer 2010 data used in an article looking at media sensationalism in  GNI Latinoamerica
  • 11/19/2013: AmericasBarometer 2012 data looking at Dominica-Hatian relations used in 7Dias
  • 11/18/2013: Costa Rica 2012 data used in an article about human development in Costa Rican Times
  • 11/18/2013: Bolivia data used in an article about the coca report in L'indro
  • 11/18/2013: LAPOP Data on crime victimization used in Confidencial
  • 11/17/2013: Colombia 2012 data used in an article on corruption in El Pais
  • 11/16/2013: AmericasBarometer 2012 data on public trust used in an article in Zocalo
  • 11/15/2013: AmericasBarometer 2012 data on corruption used in La Republica
  • 11/14/2013: AmericasBarometer 2010 data on the political culture of democracy data used in El Sol
  • 11/14/2013:  LAPOP data on the percentage of Bolivians that chew coca leaves used in InSight Crime
  • 11/13/2013: LAPOP's Mariana Rodriguez uses AmericasBarometer 2012 data to examine support for media censorship in Americas Quarterly
  • 11/11/2013: Americas Barometer 2012 data on national pride used on CB24TV
  • 11/01/2013: Bolivia 2012 data on the court system in Los Tiempos


  • 10/27/2013: Argentina 2012 data on political parties cited in
  • 10/26/2013: Mexico 2012 report cited in Periódico Zócalo
  • 10/26/2013: Article published in  BBC Mundo cites Costa Rica 2012 data on citizen participation 
  • 10/26/2013: LAPOP data on political participation in Costa Rica cited in
  • 10/24/2013: Costa Rica 2012 data cited in El Periódico and in Inside Costa Rica
  • 10/23/2013: IDB report on  "Citizen Security in Belize" uses LAPOP data
  • 10//22/2013: AmericasBarometer 2010 data on skin color  used in a paper published by PERLA
  • 10/20/2013: LAPOP 2008 data cited in an interview published in Blog Comunicación a la Deriva
  • 10/20/2013: LAPOP data on gender cited in ConDistintosAcentos
  • 10/16/2013: AmericasBarometer data on trust on institutions in the United States cited in an article published by Televisa
  • 10/16/2013: Article published in The Eagle Feather uses AmericasBarometer data on social trust, race and affirmative action in Brazil
  • 10/13/2013: Article using LAPOP data presented at the 2013 meetings of the Southern Political Science Association
  • 10/13/2013: Article on ethnicity using LAPOP data published in La Razon
  • 10/12/2013: Bolivia 2012 data on democracy cited in
  • 10/10/2013: AmericasBarometer 2012 data on Costa Rica cited in Ciudad CCS
  • 10/10/2013: News at Vanderbilt article featuring LAPOP data on Chile
  • 10/09/2013: Costa Rica 2012 data on political system cited in HispanTV
  • 10/09/2013: LAPOP 2012 data on China picked up by Capital Madrid
  • 10/07/2013: AmericasBarometer - Costa Rica 2012 data on Political trust cited in La Prensa Libre
  • 10/06/2013: Costa Rica 2012 data on political legitimacy cited in La Nación
  • 10/05/2013: Peru 2012 data on crime cited in Gaceta Ucayalina
  • 10/05/2013: Argentina 2012 data used on Americas Quarterly's Social inclusion Index sitec in Mdz
  • 10/05/2013: Americas Quarterly's Social Inclusion index cited in Argentina in La Política Online. The index uses AmericasBarometer 2012 data.
  • 10/04/2013: Dominican Republic 2012 data on crime cited in Hoy
  • 10/04/2013: Americas Quarterly's Social Inclusion Index cited in Diario CoLatino, which uses LAPOP 2012 data
  • 10/02/2013: Dominican Republic 2012 data on immigration cited in Noticias SIN
  • 10/02/2013: Peru 2012 data on gay's rights cited in La República
  • 10/02/2013: AmericasBarometer data on China cited in
  • 10/01/2013: "LAPOP is thrilled to announce that we have received support from USAID for the 2014 round of surveys. Data collection will begin in early 2014 and full datasets will be made available to the public before the end of that year."


  • 09/30/2013: Peru 2012 data on corruption cited in Pachamama Radio
  • 09/30/2013: LAPOP data on trust on institution in Honduras cited in Proceso Digital
  • 09/30/2013: AmericasBarometer data on China cited in
  • 09/26/2013: LAPOP - Brazil 2012 data cited on  The Economist
  • 09/24/2013: Política y Gobierno journal will present on October 15, 2013, its special volume "Desafíos de la política mexicana", the articles included on this volume make extensive use of LAPOP data (see invitation)
  • 09/21/2013: LAPOP data on trust on Institutions in Domincan Republic cited in Taino Digital
  • 09/21/2013: AmericasBarometer data on corruption in Colombia cited in a blog
  • 09/19/2013: Paper prepared for the Political Studies Association International Conference 2013 uses LAPOP data
  • 09/18/2013: features an article on gay's rights using Peru 2010 data
  • 09/17/2013: LAPOP data on political parties in El Salvador picked up in
  • 09/16/2013: AmericasBaometer 2010 data on Corruption in Panama cited in
  • 09/16/2013: Article published in Central American Politics cites panam 2010 data
  • 09/15/2013: More LAPOP data on Panama cited in La Prensa
  • 09/15/2013: AmericasBarometer - Panama 2012 data on democracy picked up in La Prensa
  • 09/15/2013: LAPOP data on democracy in Panama cited in News Room
  • 09/15/2013: University of Pittsburgh - Panoramas cites LAPOP data on public support for democracy in Costa Rica
  • 09/15/2013: LAPOP data on political parties in Colombia cited in
  • 09/11/2013: AmericasBarometer - Mexico 2012 dissemination event on September 19, 2013 (see program)
  • 09/10/2013: Colombia data on gender cited in Semana
  • 09/08/2013: AmericasBarometer data on Guatemala cited in El Periódico
  • 09/05/2013: Costa Rica 2012 report picked up by University of Pittsburgh - Panoramas
  • 09/04/2013: Article in Hoy Digital by Rosario Espinal cites LAPOP - Dominican Republic data on "Programa Solidaridad"
  • 09/04/2013: LAPOP Co-Director, Elizabeth Zechmeister, will participate in Democracy in the Americas Symposium (November 14-15, 2013), hosted by Nova Southeastern University and presented by Zambrano Fundation
  • 09/03/2013: LAPOP Insights series on gender gap in Guatemala picked up in Central American Politics
  • 09/02/2013: Jamaica data on crime picked up in The Gleaner


  • 08/29/2013: AmericasBarometer data on crime in Jamaica picked up in the Caribbean Journal
  • 08/26/2013: University of Illinois dissertation using LAPOP data
  • 08/26/2013: LAPOP Insights report on Security in Jamaica picked up in Panoramas
  • 08/23/2013: The Gleaner article featuring LAPOP data on Jamaica
  • 08/23/2013: AmericasBarometer data on trust in the police in Jamaica cited in Go-Jamaica
  • 08/22/2013: News at Vanderbilt article featuring LAPOP data on Jamaica
  • 08/09/2013: Dr. María Fernanda Boidi - LAPOP Staff - was interviewed in TeleDoce on perception of insecurity in Uruguay
  • 08/07/2013: Política y Gobierno, special volume on "Desafíos de la Política Mexicana" featuring articles using AmericasBarometer data
  • 08/07/2013: AmericasBarometer 2012 data on Argentina picked up in
  • 08/06/2013: LAPOP data on political parties in Colombia cited in
  • 08/05/2013: Article in News at Vandy featuring AmericasBarometer data
  • 08/02/2013: Article on race and ethnicity using LAPOP data published in Hispanic American Historical Review
  • 08/01/2013: LAPOP data on crime cited in AmericaEconomia
  • 08/01/2013: News article in cites AmericasBarometer data



  • 06/30/2013: LAPOP data cited in Der Spiegel in Germany
  • 06/24/2013: Piece by Dinorah Azpuru and Elizabeth Zechmeister using AmericasBarometer data on attitudes toward the U.S and China published in Americas Quarterly
  • 06/19/2013: LAPOP Insights report on abortion by Maria Fernanda Boidi and Margarita Corral picked up in Paraguay
  • 06/18/2013: Long article based on LAPOP data on China in Latin America  published in La Nacion
  • 06/18/2013: LAPOP abortion data picked up in Uruguay
  • 06/17/2013: LAPOP data on corruption and congress will be presented in Colombia (see invitations: Congress Forum; Corruption Forum)
  • 06/11/2013: AmericasBarometer - Uruguay 2012 dissemination event on June 25, 2013 (see invitation)
  • 06/11/2013: Commentary on Costa Rica by Professor Mitchell Seligson (LAPOP Director) published in this week's Latin American Advisor
  • 06/04/2013: LAPOP Insights report on China by Brian Faughnan and Elizabeth Zechmeister picked up in Infolatam
  • 06/04/2013: AmericasBarometer - Jamaica 2012 dissemination event on June 4, 2013 (see invitation)
  • 06/01/2013: LAPOP studies cited in El Colombiano 




  • 03/30/2013: More coverage on LAPOP presentation on China at Wilson Center in El Pais
  • 03/29/2013: LAPOP - Wilson Center presentation on China gets big coverage in the China Daily
  • 03/28/2013: LAPOP presentation on China in Latin America at the Wilson Center, D.C (see invitation and presentation
  • 03/20/2013: Media coverage on Role of the State LAPOP series
  • 03/06/2013: LAPOP in the Monkey Cage blog on Venezuela transition
  • 03/04/2013: Research on Ecuador using AmericasBarometer data in El Mirador Político