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  • 04/21/2017: Data from the AmericasBarometer used in an article in El Colombiano
  • 04/07/2017: News@Vanderbilt featured in an article AmericasBarometer data on Venezuela
  • 04/06/2017:  Weeks Notice used LAPOP data on Venezuela's Legislaturel
  • 04/05/2017: AmericasBarometer data on immigration featured in an article by Jonathan Hiskey for The Conversation


  • 03/31/2017: LAPOP data on vioence in Venezuela cited in an article for LATimes 
  • 03/29/2017: AmericasBarometer data on peace accords in Colombia used in an article in Revista UNO
  • 03/24/2017: LAPOP data on trust in Police in Colombia used in a piece in Observatorio de la Democracia
  • 03/22/2017: AmericasBarometer data on Colombia cited in La Nación 
  • 03/21/2017: ReneBekkers published a piece using AB data on personal traits
  • 03/20/2017: AmericasBarometer data on corruption in Colombia cited in PanamPost  
  • 03/18/2017: Colombia data on corruption used in an article in Semana 
  • 03/17/2017: El Heraldo published an article on institutional trust, using LAPOP data on Honduras
  • 03/08/2017: AmericasBarometer data on perceptions on gender roles in Colombia featured in UNIANDES 
  • 03/06/2017: LAPOP data on Colombia cited in Editorial Amazónico
  • 03/06/2017: AmericasBarometer data on insecurity used in Eurasia Review


  • 02/28/2017: 2014 AmericasBarometer data on Uruguay used in El Observador
  • 02/27/2017: UNIANDES cited LAPOP - Colombia 2016 data on corruption
  • 02/26/2017: 2016 Colombia data used in an article in La Silla vacía
  • 02/23/2017: The Washington Post cited AmericasBarometer 2014 data on trust in Congress 
  • 02/22/2017: AmericasBarometer data on Colombia 2016 featured in Universia 
  • 02/06/2017: AmericasBarometer data used in an article in The Washington Post
  • 02/04/2017: 2014 AmericasBarometer data on elections in Ecuador cited in EyZ
  • 02/04/2017: Data on democracy in Colombia used in Semana