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Pre-Advising Questions

The following questions will help guide your thinking prior to meeting with an EL&IV adviser. You do not necessarily need to write out your answers, but being prepared to discuss each point will lead to a more productive advising session.

First year engineering students test their wind turbine designs in the Wind Test Chamber at LASIR Lab in MetroCenter with professor Doug Adams.(John Russell/Vanderbilt University)

Am I in a pre-approved academic program?

Academic Programs 

  • Departmental Honors - College of Arts and Science
  • Departmental Honors - Peabody College
  • HOD Capstone - Peabody College
  • Student Teaching - Peabody College
  • DTL Ed Studies - Peabody College
  • Senior Design Project - School of Engineering
  • Senior Honors Program in Musicology/Ethnomusicology - Blair School of Music
  • Senior Recital - Blair School of Music
  • Naval Science Leadership
  • AROTC: Military Science & Leadership

Additional A&S programs pre-approved for Immersion:

  • African American and Diaspora Studies Majors (Senior Thesis)
  • American Studies Majors (Senior Project)
  • American Studies Minors (Research Methods Workshop)
  • Anthropology Majors (Capstone Course)
  • Art Majors (Senior Art Show)
  • Requirements for the Minor in Art
  • Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Majors (Advanced Laboratory Course)
  • Chemistry Majors (Advanced Laboratory Course)
  • Cinema and Media Arts Majors (Senior Seminar Project)
  • Economics and History Interdisciplinary Majors (Capstone Course)
  • Minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies (Capstone Course)
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies Majors and Minors (Senior Seminar)
  • History Majors (Capstone Course)
  • Latino and Latina Studies Majors (Capstone Course)
  • Law, History and Society Majors (Capstone Course)
  • Neuroscience Majors (Research Courses)

What interests do I have that I would like to explore more deeply?

Consider the courses you are taking and those that you plan to take. Think about internships, jobs, research positions, service projects, and other experiences that promote exploration.

What extracurriculars am I involved in that have an experiential component?

An experiential component may include, but is not limited to, leadership roles, program development, teaching, performing, researching, and volunteering.

Are there experiential opportunities that I plan to pursue (e.g., an internship, study abroad, service work, etc.)?

How have your plans been informed by your interests, your academic program, and your extracurricular involvement?

What do I hope to share about my time as a Vanderbilt undergraduate student?

Think of one thing from any of the answers you gave to the above questions that best demonstrates your passions, interests, and goals.

What faculty do I know who can support me or offer guidance in developing an Immersion project?

Who is practicing in an area that interests you, and who may be able to connect you with them? Think about faculty who instruct courses you have taken or plan to take.