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Study Abroad and Immersion Vanderbilt

Immersion Vanderbilt gives every Vanderbilt student the opportunity to pursue intellectual curiosities through immersive experiences and culminating projects that are as creative and unique as the students themselves. Immersion Vanderbilt is a degree requirement for all Vanderbilt undergraduate students. It consists of two key parts: PART ONE: IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES and PART TWO: CULMINATING PROJECT.

Study Abroad as Pathway for Immersion Vanderbilt

Study abroad is a tremendous opportunity for experiential learning, and is considered one of the 6 immersive experience pathways for Immersion Vanderbilt. Students who successfully complete VU-approved study abroad programs during the Academic Year/Summer/Maymester will have automatically satisfied PART ONE: IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES for Immersion Vanderbilt. Studying abroad does not preclude students from engaging in other immersive experiences such as research with a faculty member, internships, leadership and professional development, etc.

Culminating Project for Immersion Vanderbilt

Study abroad students have the option to create their culminating project based on their study abroad experience, but are not required to if the student has an alternative plan for completing PART TWO: CULMINATING PROJECT for Immersion Vanderbilt. Prior study abroad-related culminating projects include but are not limited to:

  • Academic paper on queer attitude in Ghana
  • Short documentary film about a student’s home stay family
  • Development of an app to facilitate social connection of study abroad students
  • Comprehensive travel/cultural guide of a specific international destination

Students who wish to design an independent culminating project based on their study abroad experience should work with a faculty adviser to determine their project based on personal interest.

Immersion Funding for Study Abroad

Students are highly encouraged to utilize Immersion funding to support their Summer/Maymester study abroad experience, when institutional financial aid is not applicable. Students may be able to apply for Immersion funding to support their study abroad during the Academic Year. However, additional funding may impact existing financial aid package.

Global Summer Fellows is an Immersion fund specifically dedicated for Summer/Maymester study abroad. In addition, study abroad students may also apply for other Immersion funding opportunities such as the A&S Immersion Micro-grant, Education Enhancement Fund, and merit-based scholarships awarded upon matriculation (Ingram, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Chancellor’s Scholars, & Crescere Aude).

For more information about Immersion funding for study abroad, please visit the Immersion funding page.