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Immersion and Study Abroad

Immersion Vanderbilt gives every Vanderbilt undergraduate student the opportunity to pursue intellectual curiosities through immersive experiences. Study abroad is a tremendous opportunity for experiential learning, and a great way to fulfill Immersion Vanderbilt requirements. Study abroad students are strongly advised to declare their study abroad experience for Immersion Vanderbilt.

Immersion Vanderbilt is a degree requirement for all Vanderbilt undergraduate students. The program consists of two key parts, Experiential Learning and a Culminating Project. The study abroad experience, combined with the post-experience reflection, will satisfy the Experiential Learning part of Immersion Vanderbilt. Students may propose their final culminating project based on their study abroad experience, or any other immersive experiences they have declared and engaged in.

Students can declare multiple experiences for Immersion Vanderbilt, and are encouraged to declare all immersive experiences they engage in throughout their Vanderbilt undergraduate career, such as internships, study abroad, research, etc. If a student studies abroad more than once, then they should declare each of their study abroad experiences.

Who Should Declare

All study abroad students should declare their study abroad experience for Immersion Vanderbilt, regardless of prior immersive experience declarations.

When to Declare

Students should declare their study abroad experience for Immersion Vanderbilt after they have been accepted and have committed to their specific study abroad program. Be sure to declare before your program starts!

How to Declare

Students can declare study abroad as their immersive experience for Immersion Vanderbilt by submitting an Immersive Experience Declaration Form on the Immersion Portal. If declaring study abroad as an additional immersive experience, please click “Submit Additional Experiences.”