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Fees, Costs, and Billing

Academic Year (Fall and Spring)

Vanderbilt University is committed to ensuring that study abroad is accessible and affordable for all students. Students remain enrolled full-time at Vanderbilt while studying abroad, earning credit toward their Vanderbilt degree and remaining eligible for Vanderbilt need-based and merit-based financial aid. Since students are enrolled at Vanderbilt University while studying abroad, they pay VU tuition for participation in a Vanderbilt-administered or Vanderbilt-affiliated program.

Vanderbilt tuition covers the academic costs of the program abroad, except in rare cases where the program’s academic costs exceed VU tuition.* Students will also pay all non-academic costs, including room and board. Wherever possible, Vanderbilt facilitates payment of non-academic costs by charging them as a Program Fee. This allows students to pay according to the familiar Vanderbilt schedule and ensures that their financial aid is utilized for payment. In cases where Vanderbilt is unable to process non-academic fees–such as most exchange programs–students will pay their host institution or organization directly.

Beginning in Fall 2023, the cost of Vanderbilt's mandatory international health insurance plan will be included in the program fee. Vanderbilt University’s health insurance plan is comprehensive and includes coverage for mandatory evacuation, preexisting conditions, and mental health and substance abuse treatment. This insurance policy is required for all participants and cannot be waived.

To help students plan their time abroad, the Global Education Office (GEO) website will provide Program Budget Sheets that outline the estimated costs for study abroad. Program Budget Sheets outline costs paid to Vanderbilt University, costs paid to host organizations through Vanderbilt, and costs paid directly by the student to hosts and third parties.

Note: On-campus fees including the Student Health Fee, the Student Services Fee, meal plans, and housing are waived or do not apply to students studying abroad.

A small number of the study abroad opportunities available have academic costs that exceed the cost of Vanderbilt tuition. The balance of academic costs exceeding VU tuition will be billed as part of the Program Fee.


Students studying abroad in the summer term will pay Vanderbilt tuition (charged per credit hour) and, in some cases, a program fee. Beginning in Summer 2024, the cost of Vanderbilt's mandatory international health insurance plan will be included in the program fee. See this page for the most recent fees and estimated additional costs for summer programs, or the College of Arts & Science's Summer Sessions site for Maymester programs.

Note: On-campus fees including the Student Health Fee and the Student Services Fee are waived for students studying abroad in the summer.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

During the academic year, Vanderbilt University meets students’ full financial need (as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships) regardless of whether they study on campus or away. If the total estimated cost of a study abroad program exceeds the cost of a comparable term at Vanderbilt, the financial aid package can be increased to cover the difference. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid to discuss your financial plan.

Students are encouraged to consult with their financial aid officer about financial aid for summer programs. Vanderbilt financial aid is generally not available for summer study abroad programs or Maymester courses, except in the rare situation in which a student is required by their college to participate in the course, or if a student will be able to graduate early by participating in the course. For students earning 6 credits or more, Federal student loans, parent loans (Federal PLUS Loan) or student alternative loans may be an option. Students should reach out to their financial aid officer for guidance. More information can be found in the Office of Student Financial Aid's FAQ.

The Global Education Office encourages students to apply for supplemental funding for study abroad. GEO hosts a scholarship competition which draws on the generosity of donors as well as the Office of the Provost to make funds available for Maymester and summer study. External scholarships for academic-year and summer study can be found here.


Students are billed for Vanderbilt Tuition and Program Fee by Vanderbilt Student Accounts. Student Accounts will send bills to the same billing contacts and according to the same procedure and timeline as for a term on campus. Students utilizing a payment plan may want to consider adjusting payments due to differences in cost.