Photo Contest

Photos are powerful tools for storytelling. Each year, GEO invites study abroad participants to submit photos from their time abroad to the GEO Photo Contest and to share with the Vanderbilt community. The following photos have been selected as the 2018 GEO Photo Contest winners. These photos creatively convey students’ understanding and engagement with their host culture, connect artistic expression with learning, and provide new perspectives.

Check out the GEO Flickr album for all 2018 Photo Contest entries and winning photos from previous years.

The Art of Preparing Gnocchi: A Siena Cooking Class

Stephanie Schor, CET Siena, Spring 2018
“Fourteen study abroad students delving into the art of preparing gnocchi during a cooking class in Siena, Italy.”

Dutch Grandmothers on Vacation

Rita Yosief, Mediterranean Culture, Maymester 2017
“This is a picture of five Dutch grandmothers on vacation I met in Sicily. We didn’t understand each other, but shared a lot of laughter.”

Sevilla Musician at Plaza de España

Jackson Dunn, DIS Copenhagen, Spring 2018
“Sevilla native Alonso Navarro playing traditional music in the Plaza de España. His guitar case is empty.”

Italian Glassblower

Claire Barnett, Mediterranean Culture, Maymester 2017
“A professional glass-blower on the Venetian Island of Murano shows off a sculpture he just created, which is still red-hot in the center.”

Nighttime Hong Kong

Irfaan Khalid, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Spring 2018
“A nighttime long-exposure of Hong Kong’s International Finance Centre.”

Walking Through the Mars-like New Zealand Volcanoes

Ellie Scholtz, University of Canterbury (Frontiers Abroad), Fall 2017
“Day 2 of my study abroad experience led me to an active volcanic island. We walked through the barren, Mars-like landscape and sucked on candies as we watched yellow sulfur deposits bubble and steam.”

Laughing with Vanderbilt Friends at the Bunkers de Carmel, Spain

Rhea Harsoor, CIEE Barcelona, Spring 2018
“Vanderbilt students spending time at the Bunkers de Carmel – an old Spanish Civil War bunker that now serves as a popular observation deck.”

Exploring and Making Memories in Mendoza, Argentina

Gabriela Mottesi, CIEE Buenos Aires, Spring 2018
“My abroad experience has been determined by those around me, those who push me to experience new things, and those who are not afraid to get lost in a new place. The best memories I have from this semester are just exploring and making memories with new people in new places.”