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During the academic year, students can drop into our office in the Student Life Center for in-person advising from 1–4pm, Monday through Friday. GEO advisors also offer 1:1 advising appointments in person or via Zoom.

Prior to meeting with a GEO advisor, you are highly encouraged to attend an in-person Study Abroad OverVU session (offered every Tuesday at 4pm in GEO). Alternatively, you can review resources on the Getting Started page before scheduling an advising appointment.

Scroll down to meet our advisors and book an appointment. If you can't find a time that works for you or you'd prefer to meet in person, please click the Email link below the advisor's name to request alternate arrangements.

Advising appointments are offered to Vanderbilt undergraduate students only. Others, including parents and family, are requested to email us at

GEO Staff Advisors

GEO staff advisors provide support and guidance to students on all aspects of the study abroad experience. We advise students on topics including: program selection and application, coursework abroad, identity and travel, study-abroad-based Immersion Vanderbilt opportunities, intercultural development, pre-departure preparation, re-entry, and more.

In addition to being knowledgeable about opportunities for international engagement, GEO staff have participated in trainings such as P.R.I.D.E, Green Dot, Disrupting Everyday Bias among others to better support students' experiences.

GEO also offers multiple events throughout each semester for students to learn more about study abroad, including our Study Abroad OverVU introductory sessions. Check out upcoming events here!

Tyler Walker

Office Hours: Thurs 1-3, Fri 2-4


General study abroad questions, Czech Republic, England, South Korea, Spain (Madrid, Palma & Bilbao), Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship

Schedule an advising appointment with Tyler

Email Tyler

Jillian Madden

Office Hours: Mon 2-4, Thurs 2-4


General study abroad questions, Australia, Samoa, Spain (Barcelona, Granada & Seville)

Schedule an advising appointment with Jillian

Email Jillian

Caroline Nikolaus

Office Hours: Wed 2-4, Fri 1-3


General study abroad questions, Austria, France (American University of Paris and Georgia Tech Lorraine only), Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, and CIEE Open Campus programs

Schedule an advising appointment with Caroline

Email Caroline

Yuanqi (Suzy) Wang

Office Hours: Tues 1-3, Wed 1-3


General study abroad questions,  Cameroon, China (including Hong Kong), Denmark, Ghana, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mongolia, Morocco, Sweden, Taiwan, Uganda, Vietnam

Schedule an advising appointment with Suzy

Email Suzy

Gabriela Luis

Office Hours: Mon 1-3, Tues 2-4


General study abroad questions, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France (Columbia in Paris and CIEE Toulouse only), IHP, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore

Schedule an advising appointment with Gabriela

Email Gabriela 

Arik Ohnstad

Office Hours: By Appointment


General study abroad questions, India, Nepal, Serbia, Switzerland

Schedule an advising appointment with Arik

Email Arik

Health and Safety Guidance

Vanderbilt’s Office of Global Safety provides health and safety guidance to all VU travelers, including GEO study abroad students. They provide individualized health and safety advice to study abroad students, such as traveling with medication, setting up continued care, utilizing Vanderbilt-issued international insurance, addressing identity-based safety and health concerns, and more.  

The Office of Global Safety is a resource for students at any point in the study abroad process. To make an appointment to discuss health, safety, and well-being abroad, please reach out to Isabelle Crist, Assistant Director of the Office of Global Safety. General inquiries can also be directed to

Isabelle S. Crist

Health, safety, and well-being guidance for all VU faculty, staff and student travelers, including GEO study abroad students

Contact Isabelle

GEO Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are the student representatives of GEO on Vanderbilt’s campus. Peer Advisors lead study abroad outreach events around campus and hold office hours at GEO to assist prospective students.

Study Abroad Alumni

Talking to peers who have studied abroad, particularly on programs you are interested in is a great way to gather information. The following study abroad alumni have offered to serve as a resource to prospective students interested in their program. Feel free to connect with them via email!


Maia Czarnecki CASA Santiago, Chile, Spring 2022

Czech Republic

Erica Yeagley CET Prague, Spring 2022


Niya Burney DIS Copenhagen, Spring 2022

Sydney Takemoto DIS Copenhagen, Spring 2022

Grace Kim '23 DIS Copenhagen, Fall 2021

Isabelle Guicherit '22 DIS Copenhagen, Fall 2021

Kristi Maisha '22 DIS Copenhagen, Fall 2021

Chamberlyn Barnett '22 DIS Copenhagen, Fall 2021

Melanie Fann '22 DIS Copenhagen, Fall 2021


Eden Roberson IFSA University of Leeds, Spring 2022


Leydi Alatorre Medina CET Siena, Spring 2022

Margaret Sturm '23 CET Florence, Fall 2021


Agneetta Moisio '22 CET Jordan (Amman), Fall 2021

South Africa

Spencer Harrison CIEE Open Campus: Cape Town, Spring 2022

South Korea

Grace Lamont '22 CIEE Seoul: Arts and Sciences (Yonsei University), Fall 2021

MacKenzie Gleason '22 CIEE Seoul: Arts and Sciences (Yonsei University), Fall 2021


Julia Lorio CIEE Barcelona: Advanced Liberal Arts, Spring 2022

Natali Lanfir CIEE Barcelona: Advanced Liberal Arts, Spring 2022

Stuart Waller CIEE Madrid: Engineering & Society, Spring 2022

Lauren Cerda '22 CASA Seville, Fall 2021


Christopher Chen DIS Stockholm, Spring 2022 


Nathan Miao '23 SIT Switzerland: International Relations and Multilateral Diplomacy, Fall 2021