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Peabody Neighborhood

The goal of changes in the Peabody neighborhood is to create state of the art facilities that match the quality of research and teaching associated with the college’s top ranked program. In addition, FutureVU Land Use Plan calls for connections from Peabody to the main campus to be strengthened. Enhancements both at and above grade will be explored as a part of the master planning process underway for the neighborhood. Phase one of the Peabody efforts includes the renovations of the Home Economics and Mayborn buildings.


If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding the construction projects underway, please contact the Facilities team here.


Live Updates

The university, in coordination with Messer Construction, established a live update site for the Peabody neighborhood efforts. For those interested in viewing the current state of construction, the weekly schedule of construction activity, and construction progress photographs, please visit the Messer webpage.



The university has established a Peabody neighborhood newsletter distributed to interested community members regularly. To view past newsletters and/or if you have interest in receiving the newsletter, please click here.


Home Economics and Mayborn (Phase One)

Vanderbilt broke ground September 5, 2018 on the first phase of a $41.5 million multi-building construction and renovation plan at Peabody College. The historic Home Economics Building and Frank W. Mayborn Building—each more than 100 years old—are being renovated, and a new 15,000-square-foot building will be constructed to connect them. When completed in January 2020, the Home Economics-Mayborn complex will reflect higher sustainability standards and reduced energy usage through new flexible, active learning spaces, advanced technology for modernized instruction, a digital observation space for teacher training, flexible research space, a café and administrative offices.

Home Economics and Mayborn (formerly called the Industrial Arts Building) were the first two buildings to open in 1916 at the then-named George Peabody College for Teachers. The twin structures boasted marble floors and impressive columns, but Mayborn was the more elaborate of the two, with its limestone facings, smokestack and ornate staircase. The complex will be home to Peabody’s largest undergraduate major, Human and Organizational Development, which is also the second-largest major at Vanderbilt.

A second phase of work is being considered for Payne Hall, Hobbs Laboratory, the Jessup Psychology Building and the Peabody Library.

Notable Features

As the design team considered renovations to Mayborn and Home Economics, the following elements were incorporated into the future design of the renovated buildings to better meet the needs of all of the Vanderbilt community members and align with FutureVU principles of diversity, inclusion and accessibility:

  • Mayborn will include a modern learning environment for Vanderbilt’s 2nd most popular major (HOD) and top masters program. It will include space to welcome Nashville’s non-profit organizations and community leaders.
  • The Connector building will strengthen connections across Peabody and the community. A multi-stop elevator will be added in the new Connector building, which provides accessibility to all floors in both buildings. There will be no difference in regards to access for a person with a disability or a person without a disability. Everyone will use the same route to enter the building and access all floors by the same means.
  • Home Economics will focus on strengthening science, pedagogy and practice. It will include science labs for K-12 programs and opportunities to teach instruction techniques, as well as makerspace for students and to facilitate faculty design of learning experiences.
  • A thorough examination of all relevant items such as accessible restrooms on all floors of each building, door hardware, restroom fixture locations, signage, water coolers, and exterior access will ensure that any person with a disability is able to take full advantage of all amenities of the building.
  • As exterior grading is reworked, slopes will be eased to make the exterior access around the entire site more accessible for everyone.

Rendering of Home Economics and Mayborn connector


Upcoming Milestones

*The first phase of the Peabody neighborhood efforts includes the renovation of the Home Economics and Mayborn buildings. Milestones are subject to change and will be updated monthly. Past milestones can be found in previous issues of the Peabody neighborhood newsletter. 

Winter 2019/20

  • Memorial Lawn work concludes and Memorial Lawn opens.

Spring 2020

  • Appleton beautification complete.
  • Home Economics and Mayborn to be complete by May 2020.

Fall 2020

  • Steam to hot water building conversion complete.



Sep 13, 2018: Vanderbilt’s historic Peabody College set to expand with new construction

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