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Registration Procedures

Registration Eligibility

To confirm you are eligible to register for the upcoming semester, check your enrollment dates in YES under Student Registration. If you do not have an enrollment appointment, you will not be allowed to register for classes.

Before Registration

  • Log into YES and check your registration appointment date and time.
  • Clear all registration-related holds (academic, adviser, financial, immunization, etc.). Active holds appear on the Student Landing Page in YES. If your hold has not been cleared by your appointment date and time, the system will block your registration request.
  • Check your school’s advising policy. Any adviser holds must be removed before registration.
  • Clear any class-specific instructor or department consents. Class consents can be found under the Class Details in the YES schedule of classes.
  • Consult your school’s final exam schedule.

Where do I register?

  • YES
  • After the end of the Open Enrollment period, and extending to the official last day to withdraw, students may withdraw from a course with certain consents. The Course Withdrawal application is available to undergraduate students on the Student Landing Page in YES during the Course Withdrawal period.
  • Course Withdrawal User Guide – Withdrawal form available to undergraduate students via YES during the Course Withdrawal period.

Preventing Common Registration Errors

  • If you log in before your enrollment appointment begins, you must refresh the page and/or clear your browser cache at the time your appointment begins in order for the Submit button to appear. It is safest to wait at the initial log in screen until the appointed time.
  • Confirm that you do not have any conflicting classes. If a class overlaps, it is considered a conflict. To wait-list for a conflicting class, see the drop-if-enrolled YES user guide.
  • Corequisite classes must be enrolled in at the same time. Add both to your cart, change both class drop downs to “enroll,” and click submit.
  • Confirm you have taken the prerequisite or that the prerequisite is reflected as test credit or transfer credit on your Academic Record on the external tab.
  • If a course is outside of your career, you will need to speak with your Office of Academic Services or adviser to determine eligibility to enroll.

Registration Assistance

The Office of the University Registrar offers technical assistance. Please start by viewing one of the many YES user guides. You may also contact the YES Help Desk by email or phone at 615-343-4306. If you still need assistance, please contact the appropriate school representative. Your Office of Academic Services is available to answer any questions regarding prerequisites, appointment windows, conflicts, transfer credit, exceptions, degree audit, etc. As a reminder, FERPA governs the privacy of all education records.