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Each school or college offers academic advising either through assigned faculty advisers or deans. Undergraduate academic adviser assignments are posted in YES.

Additional advising resources are offered through academic advising offices or career centers.

Undergraduate Students

Blair Academic Advising

College of Arts and Science Advising

College of Arts and Science Pre-major Academic Advising Resources Office (CASPAR)

Engineering Academic Advising

Peabody Academic Advising

Graduate and Professional Students

Academic advising is available in each of the graduate and professional schools. Divinity School, Graduate School, Peabody College, and School of Nursing student adviser assignments are posted in YES.

Students enrolled in the Vanderbilt Law School seeking academic advisement should speak with the Office of Academic Life.

Students enrolled in the Owen Graduate School of Management seeking academic advisement should speak with the Office of Academic Programs.

Each of the professional degree programs in the School of Medicine has its own academic advisement program. Details are available on each program’s website.