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Late Registration

Undergraduate Schools

The undergraduate schools offer an Open Enrollment period after initial registration windows. A course dropped during the Open Enrollment period does not appear on the transcript.

  • After the Open Enrollment period, and extending to the official last day to withdraw, students may withdraw from a course with certain consents. The Course Withdrawal application is available to undergraduate students on the Student Landing Page in YES during the Course Withdrawal period.
  • Undergraduates should review the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for Open Enrollment dates.
  • Course Change Request Form
  • Course Withdrawal User Guide

If you have missed the registration period, please contact your Office of Academic Services immediately.

Graduate and Professional Schools

Late registration may not be available to all of the professional and graduate students. Please see your school specific policy and contact the appropriate school official immediately.

Divinity School
  • Any changes made outside of registration must be approved by the Divinity Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.
Law School
  • Students who register after the designated period may find courses unavailable to them.
  • Students who attempt to register after the first five days of classes may be denied permission to register.
School of Engineering
  • The School of Engineering professional program mimics the undergraduate policy.
School of Medicine
School of Nursing
  • Responsibility to maintain registration rests with the student.
  • To retain student status, the student must register each fall, spring, and summer semester or secure an approved leave of absence.
Peabody College
  • Students must register for each semester from the first semester of admission until completion of degree requirements.