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Academic Loads

Undergraduate Students

Each semester, regular tuition is charged on the basis of a normal course load of 12 to 18 semester hours. In the undergraduate schools, no more than 18 or fewer than 12 credit hours may be taken in any one semester without authorization. Overloads and underloads must be approved by:

Blair School of Music: Recommended by an adviser and approved by the associate dean.
College of Arts and Science: Administrative Committee or an associate dean.
School of Engineering: School of Engineering dean.
Peabody College: Dean of Peabody Student Affairs Office.


Graduate and Professional Students

Full-time status varies by school. For more information, please consult the appropriate School Catalog.

To receive permission to overload or underload, students must meet with the following school official:

Divinity School: Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.
Law School: Assistant Dean for Academic Life.
School of Engineering: School of Engineering Dean.
School of Medicine: Program director.
School of Nursing: Academic adviser.
Owen Graduate School of Management: Office of Academic Programs.