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VISE Fall Seminar – Summer Fellows Presentations 8.24.23

Posted by on Monday, August 21, 2023 in Media, News.

VISE Fall Seminar featuring the 2023 VISE Summer Fellows

Date: August 24, 2023
Time: 11:45 am Lunch, Noon start
Location: Stevenson Center 5326

Rohan Rashingkar, computer science major, BIEN Lab
Research project: Deep Learning Classification of Consciousness-Impairing Seizures in Focal Epilepsy

Jiayi Kelly Xu, computer science and mathematics major, MAPLE Lab
Research project: Development of an Augmented Reality Guidance System for Head and Neck Cancer Resection

Hieu Vu, mechanical engineering major, Miniature Robotics Laboratory
Research project: Flexible circuits with integrated Bluetooth System-on-a-Chip for wireless sensing and actuation in miniature robotics

Yilan Xu, mechanical engineering major, Miniature Robotics Laboratory
Research project: Wireless Millimeter-Size Soft Climbing Robots with Omnidirectional Steerability on Tissue Surfaces

Kate Wang, computer science major, NEURDY Lab
Research project: Evaluating fMRI vigilance signals in relation to age-related cognitive changes

Rebecca Pan, biomedical engineering major, DIIGI Lab
Research project: Correlating Macular Hole Dimensions with Post-Operative Outcomes Using Image-Segmentation and Modeling

Leo Zhang, computer science major, IoMT Lab
Research project: System for Gathering Real Time Physical Activity Data for Nephrology Research

Nathan Zhang, biomedical engineering major, BML Lab
Review of Training Program for Innovative Engineering Research in Surgery and Intervention

Xander Stabile, biomedical engineering major, BML Lab
Research project: Advances in Optical Tracking Systems for Intraoperative Surgery Localization Applications

Seth Hemingway, biomedical and electrical/computer engineering, ARMA Lab
Research project: Compliant Phantom Model Testing For Ischemic Stroke Treatment

Zhanqi Zhu, cognitive studies, computer science, mathematics, MINT Lab
Research project: A Surgical Skill Assessment —-using contrastive learning with TLP distance

Cheng Qui, computer science major, VINE Lab
Research project: Hybrid Graph U-Net for Image Segmentation

Leing Nick Cui, biomedical engineering major, BEAM Lab
Research project: Using Domain Adaptive Deep Neural Networks to Improve Transthoracic Echocardiography

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