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Why Must I Register my vehicle                                             


In the interest of the security of Vanderbilt students, faculty, and staff, and to manage limited parking resources effectively, the University requires that all vehicles operated on campus by members of the University community be registered with VUPS Parking Services. Registration is required for automobiles, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), trucks, vans, golf carts, mopeds, and motorcycles, etc. Bicycles should be registered with the VUPD. The registration policy applies to all students, whether they reside off campus, in a University residence hall, or in a fraternity or sorority house; to all faculty members; to all staff members; to vendors doing business on University premises; and to construction workers. In short, the policy applies to anyone who is here for anything other than a single, short-term visit, or for special events for which parking has been prearranged through VUPS Parking Services.

Undergraduate parking permits are available only to Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors.

  • 2016-17 permit rate FAQ
  • Extended Visits

    When visiting Vanderbilt, please do not park in non-University parking areas on the perimeter of campus. Please park in the Visitor spaces as designated in the Visitor Parking Map.

    Persons visiting campus residents for extended periods may register for parking in resident-student lots with the Office of Parking Services, where campus information and temporary parking permits are available during office hours.

  • Temporary employees

    Temporary VU employees (VTS) are issued special one-month - $40, two-month - $80, & three-month permits - $120 for a designated Zone. Permits must be renewed when expired. The appropriate fee is charged for each issuance/renewal. Refunds are not issued for temporary employees who complete their assignment before the expiration of their parking permit.

  • Service Permits

    Service and sales persons operating vehicles on the Vanderbilt University campus must obtain appropriate parking permits from VUPS Parking Services. Departments may purchase service permits for use on vehicles owned by department personnel. For such permits to be valid on vehicles operated by students, faculty members, or staff members, the vehicles must be registered with VUPS Parking Services, and must display the decal issued to the registrant. V permits may not be purchased in lieu of regular parking permits and are issued only for University owned/leased vehicles. 

    See also Categories of Permits and Parking Policy

  • What you will need to register online:
    1. You will be asked to enter your VUNET ID and password.
    2. State and license plate numbers for vehicles that you are registering, as well as make, model, year, and color of your vehicle(s).
    3. Payment information (student account, credit/debit card [fees apply], payroll deduction, or a one-time payroll deduction).


  • Permit Delivery

    Parking permits will be delivered to the mailing address provided approximately three weeks from the order date.

  • 2016-17 Registration Documents

    Need more information? View these registration documents: 

    Student Body - Vehicle Registration Memo

    Faculty/Staff - Vehicle Registration Memo

    NOTE: In general, registrants may register only their own vehicles, and students may register their parents' vehicles. Exceptions may be requested in writing.

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Kensington Garage Permit Holder

You can start parking in the garage once you pickup you access card. Prior to picking up you card you must park in Lot 72E and 72D. If you pull a ticket to enter the garage you are responsible for paying the daily parking fees.

 Scooters and Motorcycles  A Permit is required for ALL vehicles parking on the Vanderbilt University Campus. Scooters and motorcycles are not allowed to operate on sidewalks, walkways or similar pathways. See Policy:  policy     map