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Categories of Parking Permits

 Disability Parking

Handicap spaces are available in multiple locations on campus. Individuals with permanent physical disabilities will be accommodated in accordance with Vanderbilt University, State of Tennessee, and federal regulations. Parking in designated spaces requires a state-issued disability plate or placard in addition to a valid University Permit.

If you have special requirements for mobility, you must contact  Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) or Student Access Services (SAS).  These offices will coordinate with the Office of Parking Services to determine the best solution for your needs. They can be reached at the following links EEO or SAS.

Motorcycles, Mopeds, Scooters, etc.

Motorcycles, motorized bicycles, motor scooters and mopeds are required to display “U” permits. Parking is authorized in designated areas only. Motorcycle, motorized bicycle, motor scooter and moped parking areas can be found on the Motorcycle parking map as designated by the motorcycle symbols. For more detail information POLICY. Scooters and motorcycles are not allowed to operate on sidewalks, walkways or similar pathways.

Permits for Temporary Employees

Temporary VU employees (VTS) are issued special one-month, two-month, & three-month permits.  Permits must be renewed when expired. The appropriate fee is charged for each issuance/renewal. Refunds are not issued for temporary employees who complete their assignment before the expiration of their parking permit.

VUMC temporary employees should contact VUMC Parking and Transportation for their parking needs.

Parking for Special Events

During special events, the University may temporarily restrict or redesignate parking areas or charge a fee for parking in lots normally classified for University permit parking. Lots that must be vacated prior to athletic events are marked with a gold star on the parking map. Other lots may be designated with barricades and posted signs. Parking permits for special events will be issued through VUPS Parking Services. Vehicles parked illegally in posted lots are subject to citation and/or towing or relocation.

Service Permits

 "V" permits may not be purchased in lieu of regular parking permits and are issued only for University owned/leased vehicles.

External Vendor
Service and sales persons operating vehicles on the University campus must obtain appropriate parking permits from Parking Services. Currently permits are valid in non-reserved zone spaces in  25th Avenue Garage, lots 77,72C, 72D, 72E, 75A and at loading docks (while loading and unloading ONLY).  Vehicles with VN permits may not be left on campus when the owner/operator is not working on campus.


A Assigned faculty & administrative staff.
AD Assigned OHARE Staff.
EMRT Emeriti. Valid in non-reserved spaces in Zone lots.
UNG (Upper Class Undergrads)  Juniors and seniors, on or off campus


Sophomores, on or off campus

Grad Graduate students.
Faculty Faculty
Staff Staff
LA Limited Access, Commuting Faculty, Staff, Post Docs and Graduate and Professional Students. Annual permit lots on weekends and 2:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. weekdays. Individuals with LA permits who need to park on campus during weekdays may park either in public parking areas at the hourly or daily rate, or at parking meters on streets adjacent to the campus.
U Motorcycles, mopeds, Scooters and motorized bicycles, etc.
V Assigned for University owned vehicles driven by faculty & staff.

Reserved parking within a block of specified spaces in Kensington Ave. Garage (covered & uncovered area)

You can start parking in the garage once you register in the Metropolis Parking System.  Prior to parking in the garage, you must enter your vehicle information in the Metropolis parking system,  You will receive an email from noreply@matropolis.op .  Please open the email and enter all required information.  After you have entered all information you will be good to go.  Prior to receiving this email please park your vehicle in Lot 72E and 72D.  If you enter the Kensington garage prior to registering in the Metropolis System you are responsible for paying the daily parking fees.

Kissam Reserved parking within a block of specified spaces in the Kissam Garage
TP Temporary Permit (issued for specified time and location)
WP Reserved Assigned Space (faculty, or staff ) Wesley Place Garage
BT Board Of Trust

Vendor-commercial: Currently, Vendor permits are valid only in non-Reserved zone parking spaces in the 25th Avenue Garage, lots 77,72D, 72E, and at loading docks (while loading and unloading ONLY), or as designated on the permit.

V Vanderbilt owned vehicles 
VTS Vanderbilt Temporary Service, available in 30, 60 or 90 day increments
GST Guests of Vanderbilt residents, only valid on the weekends until 7:00 am Monday morning
VUF ROTC and Cross entity students (must show valid ID and not be enrolled at Vanderbilt as a full time student or staff)