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Pay a fine

Traffic fines may be appealed or paid online or can be paid at the Office of Parking Services within fifteen days of the citation. (See Appeals below.)

Students: Fines will be charged to the student's account if not appealed or paid within fifteen days.

Faculty and Staff: Should pay fines when received to avoid further action. Subsequent vehicle registration will be withheld until all citations have been paid.

Others: Traffic fines may be appealed or paid online or can be paid at the Office of Parking Services.


  1. Vehicles with multiple citations could be towed for identification and payment of citations.
  2. Delayed Registration and Fines: Fines for citations on unregistered vehicles that are subsequently identified or registered by students are automatically billed to students' accounts. Faculty and staff member should pay citations when received to avoid further actions.

To pay a fine in person, please contact the Parking Services Office at 322-2554 or come by our office at 2800 Vanderbilt Place, Nashville, TN 37212 during our office hours Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 10:30 pm.

Returned Checks

When checks are returned by a bank for insufficient funds, closed accounts, etc., the amount of the check will be billed to the appropriate student account, or payroll deducted. A return fee of $25 will also be billed or deducted to cover costs of processing the charges.

Appeal a Citation

Traffic citations issued by the Office of Parking Services may be appealed online within 15 days to the Parking Services Appeals Committee.

NOTE : Fines for citations by students, faculty, or staff  are automatically billed to students' accounts or withheld through payroll deduction  if not appealed within 15 days.

Common Violations and Fines

  1. Warning - Contact T&P Office $0
  2. Improper display of permit - $10
  3. Permit does not match vehicle description and/or license plate currently registered - $10
  4. Improper parking, for example, parking outside of lines - $25
  5. Expired meter/ Overtime parking- $25
  6. Parked in an area reserved for others - $40
  7. Parking on lawns, curbs, or walkways - $50
  8. Parking in a NO PARKING area - $50
  9. No valid permit - $50
  10. Parking in a fire lane - $50
  11. Blocking drive, walkway, dumpster - $50
  12. Parking in a reserved space or lot - $75
  13. Unauthorized parking in a parking space or blocking access to a ramp - $100
  14. Altering, lost/stolen,or transfered permit - $250 (also subject to disciplinary action and loss of parking privileges)

If Your Car Breaks Down

In the event of vehicle mechanical failure, the operator must notify the Office of Parking Services and after normal business hours, contact the Vanderbilt University Police Department. Under no circumstances may the vehicle block traffic, cause a safety hazard, be parked in a reserved space, a space, or a fire lane. Vehicles may be relocated if necessary.

Revocation of Campus Parking Privileges

The Manager of Parking Services may revoke the privilege to park a vehicle on the University campus for one year under the following circumstances; (a) the owner or operator falsifies or willfully misrepresents vehicle registration information; (b) the owner/operator displays a fraudulent permit on a vehicle; (c) the individual has accumulated ten (10) or more parking citations during an academic year; or (d) the state has revoked a person's driving privileges.

Reporting Accidents

Persons involved in accidents that result in personal injury or property damage should report the accidents to the Vanderbilt University Police Department at 322-2745 or, for life threatening situations, at 421-1911.

No Ticket, No Tow Policy

To qualify for a No Ticket- No Tow you must be registered with the Office of Parking Services and hold a valid permit. A No Ticket - No Tow can only be used for two consecutive days. If a longer duration is required you must come by the office and receive a Temporary Replacement Permit at no cost.  To be considered for a No Ticket - No Tow  FILL OUT THIS FORM.

Parking Services Summer Hours (Monday, June 5 thru Friday, August 4)               Mon.- Thurs. 7:30am until 6pm,     Fri. 7:30am until 12:15 pm. 


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Kensington Garage Permit Holder

You can start parking in the garage once you pickup you access card. Prior to picking up you card you must park in Lot 72E and 72D. If you pull a ticket to enter the garage you are responsible for paying the daily parking fees.

 Scooters and Motorcycles  A Permit is required for ALL vehicles parking on the Vanderbilt University Campus. Scooters and motorcycles are not allowed to operate on sidewalks, walkways or similar pathways. See Policy:  policy     map