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Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions On-Campus

Beginning in mid-February each year, the Maymester, first session, and second session course schedules are available in YES. Please note that course offerings are subject to change. In rare instances courses are canceled due to a variety of factors, including insufficient enrollment. See the Summer Sessions  calendar  for additional important dates.

Maymester Abroad

The Maymester program offers students innovative and intensive academic experiences across the globe during the month of May. Whether on- or off-campus, Maymester courses allow students to explore topics often only available in the summer and in ways that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. For many students, participating in the Maymester program is an incomparable adventure in learning.

Jan 16, 2019  Deadline to apply for Maymester scholarships 
Jan 31, 2019 Deadline to apply for a Maymester course* 
Feb 20, 2019 Deadline to complete the Commitment to Attend form 
June 1, 2019 Deposit fee assessed to Student Accounts invoice 

*The January 31 application deadline is only for off-campus and abroad Maymester courses. Online course registration for on-campus Maymester and summer courses will take place from March 26-May 7.

Students must submit all application materials, including personal statement and academic references, by January 31. A link to each course’s application is available in the Courses section below. Professors will accept students on a rolling basis. Additional requirements will apply after acceptance.

Once students have been accepted into a Maymester course, they must confirm their acceptance by signing a virtual “Commitment to Attend” by February 20, 2019. This commitment will appear on the student’s GEO application once she or he has been accepted into the course.

Students are strongly encouraged to sign this document as soon as possible in order to accommodate waitlisted students. If a student fails to sign this document by the February 20 deadline, his or her position in the course may be made available to waitlisted students.

Please note: Under-enrolled courses may be cancelled. Students who have applied to such courses will be notified at the earliest opportunity. Students who have financial holds or are on social or academic probation are ineligible for Maymester courses. Acceptance into a Maymester course is also contingent on the instructor's approval.

If a student withdraws from the Maymester course after the February 20 commitment deadline, he or she will forfeit a $500 deposit fee.*

The deposit fee will be assessed directly to your Student Accounts invoice, and will be billed on or around June 1. The deposit fee applies only to those who withdraw after the specified deadline. Those who withdraw before the deadline will not be assessed the fee.

Vanderbilt University charges a deposit fee in order to get an accurate count of participants to plan our programs effectively. Students who back out of a program after committing may jeopardize both the planning and the pricing of the program, which affects other students. We impose a monetary penalty on those who withdraw after the deadline as a way of ensuring that we count only those who are serious about attending.

*Vanderbilt reserves the right to bill students for any unrecoverable costs, even if these costs amount to more than the $500 base withdrawal fee.

Vanderbilt will provide, on a competitive basis, scholarships to help undergraduate students pay the costs of studying abroad during the summer, including the Maymester courses. The Global Summer Fellows Program will provide university stipends that can be used to offset the costs of Vanderbilt-approved, credit-bearing, summer study and Maymester programs. These are competitive awards based on the student's essay, major, and letters of reference, and are linked to the student's financial need.

Read more about the scholarships and access the scholarship application.

Course Number Course Title and Description Apply
ANTH 2114 Above and Below the Surface: The Caribbean between Climate Change and Tourism Apply
ANTH 2371  

Reading the Bones: Bioarchaeology and Forensic Studies in the Peruvian Andes

ASIA 1680  

Inside China: Economy, Culture, and Society in Beijing and Shanghai

ASIA 1780  

Health and Well-Being at the Margins of Indian Society

BSCI 3228  

Great Barrier Reef & Rainforest: Biodiversity, & Evolution of Australia

CLAS 3720 History and Art of Ancient Rome Apply
CLAS 3730  

The Roman to Medieval Near East: The Caesarea Excavations, Israel

CSET 2410 The London Art-Science Scene: Visual Science Communication for the 21st Century Apply
EES 3865  

Field Investigations

EUS 2260-05

Migration, International Health, Social Justice, and Romantic Poetry from the Swiss Alps to Rome

EUS 2260  

Vienna & Prague: People, Culture, and Politics in the Heart of Europe

FREN 3230  

History and Economics of French Cinema from Paris to Cannes

GER 2400  

Berlin: History, Culture, and Art

HART 2722 Modern Art and Architecture in Paris Apply
HART 3810/LAS 4951  

Exhibiting Art, Literature, and Culture in Cuba

MHS 3310 Comparison of Medicine and Healthcare Systems Paris, France and Ferrara and Venice, Italy Apply
MHS 3890  

Public Health and Health Care Delivery in Cuba

RUSS 2210  

Russia Today: Political, Socio-economic, and Cultural Change

SPAN 3302  

Spanish For Oral Communication through Cultural Topics

SPAN 3325  

The Way of Saint James: an Epic Trail to the Essence of Spain

SPAN 3330  

Cultural Studies in the Andes

THTR 3282  

Theatre and Performance in the U.K.



For questions related to any of the specific Maymester courses listed above, please consult the professor for the course. If you are seeking general information about Maymester courses, you may contact Dr. C. André Christie-Mizell, Dean of Undergraduate Education, College of Arts and Science, 350 Buttrick Hall, or the GEO staff in the Student Life Center.

Summer Study Abroad

Vanderbilt offers a number of study abroad summer programs. For more information, contact the Global Education Office (GEO).