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Whether you want to get ahead, catch up, or learn something new, you can make the most of your summer at Vanderbilt University. Enrich and accelerate your academic experience by enrolling in exciting courses--unrivaled in their range and appeal--providing a rich framework to develop your academic interests and understanding of the world.

  • Select from an impressive range of courses and programs tailored to your needs and interests.
  • Learn with Vanderbilt’s distinguished and accessible faculty.

Summer at Vanderbilt promises a wonderful opportunity for learning and much more. Summer Sessions at Vanderbilt is different, a perfect time to focus your interest on an individual subject, interact with your professors, and study intensively. The number one response in student surveys as to why they attended Summer Sessions at Vanderbilt is "want to do something constructive this summer."

Vanderbilt students participate in Summer Sessions to get ahead with credits toward graduation, to catch up on a rigorous subject, or to explore a topic that doesn’t fit in their regular academic year schedule. Undergraduate students from other universities may also qualify and are encouraged to register for summer classes here. Students in good standing at an accredited institution of higher learning are invited to apply as a visiting/transient student through the Division of Unclassified Studies.