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Frequently Asked Questions

Application, Enrollment, and Registration Information

How many sessions are offered at Vanderbilt University each summer?

  • We offer four sessions each summer term. May Session is an intensive period where students may enroll in one three-credit hour course. First session is offered during the first half of the term and second session is offered during the second half. Full session spans the entire summer from June through August. See the Schedule of Courses for specific courses offered in each summer session.

Who can take summer classes at Vanderbilt University?

  • Current Vanderbilt students
  • College students from other universities, adult learners, and Vanderbilt faculty and staff can apply through the Division of Unclassified Studies

If I am a student at Vanderbilt, do I have to apply to Summer Sessions?

  • No, Summer Sessions is open to full- and part-time Vanderbilt students.

Is Summer Sessions open to anyone?

  • The Division of Unclassified Studies (DUS) provides an opportunity for qualified students who are visiting/transient students working toward a degree at another institution to take courses at Vanderbilt. In addition, summer courses are available through DUS to members of the Nashville community and Vanderbilt faculty and staff.

Who attends Vanderbilt Summer Sessions?

  • Generally, college students who are hoping to get ahead in their curriculum requirements, who are trying to catch up on credit hours after changing majors, or who are seeking to expand their own knowledge in another way. Summer  is also a good time to pursue an overseas or off-campus academic experience that might not otherwise fit within the usual academic year.

When do I register?

  • For regular Vanderbilt students, on-line registration is available in YES beginning March 25. Students may register for courses offered during any of the four summer sessions at this time. Additional registration dates are specified in the Student Registration application in YES.
  • DUS students will be registered starting the Monday after Vanderbilt's Commencement ceremonies each year. Registration details will be communicated to accepted students.
  • For Study Abroad courses, contact the Global Education Office or the instructor for additional registration details.
  • Applications for Maymesters Abroad must be received by January 31 at the latest.

When are May, First Session, and Second Session courses held?

  • Online (YES) registration for all Summer Sessions courses begins March 25. 
  • Maymester 2019 begins May 6 and ends May 31.
  • First summer session classes are held June 4 through July 4, with exams on July 5.
  • Second summer session classes are held July 9 until August 8, with exams on August 9.

The complete summer calendar can be found at

How many hours may I take each session?

  • Students may only take one course (3-4 credit hours) in May Session. Students may enroll in First Session and Second Session for up to two courses each session. Students requesting more than two courses in either First Session or Second Session must consult with their school's associate dean.

 Courses, Programs, and Grades

What kinds of courses are offered?

  • A wide range of courses in most disciplines are offered in the summer. Students can select from pre-med courses, creative arts, social sciences, education, engineering, and the humanities.

Do grades and credits count towards graduation?

  • Yes, for Vanderbilt students grades and credits are counted towards graduation. For visiting/transient students, transfer of credits and grades are determined by the home institution.

What kinds of off-campus opportunities are offered?

 Financial Information

Is financial aid available for summer?

  • The Office of Student Financial Aid will accept applications for financial assistance for summer study. A student will be considered for Vanderbilt need-based grant assistance if the student is required by his or her school to attend summer school or will be able to graduate early by attending. Institutional loan funds may be available on a limited basis.
  • Vanderbilt students may receive additional information at the Office of Student Financial Aid, 2309 West End Avenue, Nashville,Tennessee 37203. Telephone: (615) 322-2561.
  • Visiting or transient students are not eligible to receive Vanderbilt institutional assistance administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid.

What if I decide to drop all my classes once I am enrolled for Summer School?

  • Students who withdraw from the university for any reason after the beginning of a term may be entitled to a partial refund in accordance with a schedule available from the Office of Student Accounts.
  • Students who withdraw from all of their summer courses must complete the appropriate withdrawal paper work through their school's dean's office.

How do I pay my bill?

  • The Office of Student Accounts accepts payments via check or credit card. Payments may be made in person, by mail, or, by fax—if you are using a credit card.The university does not offer a deferred payment plan.
  • DUS students must pay in full at the time of registration.

How much does it cost?

  • Tuition and fees for Maymester and the Summer Sessions are published by the Office of Student Accounts.
  • Some travel courses entail extra fees and may incur additional expenses for meals or airfare.

Services and Student Life

Can I use the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center?

Are meal plans available?

Is on-campus housing available during the summer?

  • Yes, students live in air-conditioned single or double rooms. A minimal Inter-Residence Hall Association activity fee is charged for the summer session. For information and applications, contact the Office of Housing and Residential Education.