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Student Employment Opportunities

Visit HireADore

Vanderbilt University offers an online part-time job bank called HireADore . All students have access to this resource. HireADore has on-campus opportunities as well as part time off-campus jobs.  All application instructions are included in each job post. There are positions available for students with Federal Work Study (FWS) funds offered in their financial aid package. However, many University departments do not require students to be FWS eligible to work part time. Jobs are posted as openings occur, so check back often. 

Referrals are a great way to find positions.  Ask your friends if they know of openings where they work, ask professors, ask lab assistants, check the bulletin boards on campus. 

Visit the Career CenterResources for job searching

The Career Center Visit our friends at the Career Center for advice on building your resume, writing cover letters, and

nailing your interview. Find them here

Spotting Scams If you are looking for off campus jobs, be warry of  certain offers. Check out these tips to avoid getting hurt. 

Apply for Federal Work Study

Resources for International Students