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Student FAQs

    • Are students assigned an employment position when awarded FWS funds?

      A FWS award does not equate to an employment position. Students must initiate their employment. Each August, VU hiring departments will post open positions in HireADore. 

      All enrolled students are eligible to use the job listings available through HireADore. Both FWS and Institutional Employment applicants may also approach departments and/or professors for whom they are interested in working and discuss employment opportunities. Students eligible for FWS funding, should share that information with a potential employer. It benefits the student and their employer!

    • Do students have to pay taxes on the wages that they earn?

      Yes, student wages are subject to federal taxes. However, student employees normally do not have to pay FICA (Social Security) taxes if a student is enrolled at least part time and is working 30 hours or less each week.

    • May students have their paycheck applied to their student accounts?

      No, federal regulations prohibit directly crediting a student's paycheck (earnings) to his/her student account. However, students who wish to apply their paychecks to their student account may take their paychecks to the Office of Student Accounts, 100 Baker Building, 110 21st Ave. to have it applied to their student account. The office hours are 8:00am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday.

    • What should a student do if his/her paycheck is lost or stolen?

      Students will need to report this immediately to Student Employment at 615-343-4562. They will contact the Vanderbilt HR Payroll Office and have them put a "stop payment" on the check. A new check will be issued. This process usually takes at least five (5) working days.

    • What should students do if they think an error was made on their paycheck?

      Students may review their time entry and pay earned through their SkyVU application. If there is concern students are encouraged to meet with the department HCM Specialist. If a review indicates that the student was shorted or overpaid, the HCMS should contact VU HR in order to assist the student in resolving the problem.

    • Is it possible for a student to work in more than one job at Vanderbilt?

      Students may work more than one position. Undergraduate and International students are limited to working a total of 19 hours a week on campus and graduate/professional students are limited to working a total of 29.5 hours a week. These limits include all positions combined.

      Students should inform supervisors that they work more than one job. It will be necessary for a student to complete FWS contracts for all positions paid with FWS funds. Both the student and the supervisor will be notified when the student is close to earning his full FWS award. If a student earns his/her full FWS award before the end of the year, each department will need to decide whether they can continue to employ the student as an Institutional Employee and pay 100% of the hourly wage.

    • May a student work a non FWS job off-campus in addition to a FWS job?

      Students may work off campus jobs in addition to their FWS positions on campus.  Hours worked off-campus do not factor into the hours per week limitation.

    • Is it possible to increase a student's FWS award?

      If a student would like his/her financial aid package reviewed for a possible increase in his/her FWS award, the student should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and speak with their assigned Financial Aid Officer.

    • How can I check my total earnings to date?

      Once a student has a work record in SkyVU they will be able to access their Personal page in SkyVU. The student has access to view their wages earned to date.  Students may verify their FWS award through their YES portal.