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Employer FAQs

Each year the US Department of Education allocates FWS funds to Vanderbilt University to offer to eligible students. Therefore, a student working in your department will have their wages supplemented by at predetermined percentage through the FWS award. Each student may be eligible for a different amount as determined through a federal application and methodology formula.
A FWS award does not equate to an employment position. Students must initiate their employment. Each August, Student Employment holds a Job Fair for all FWS students and employers. If you are interested in hiring a student in your department, please have them complete the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) by visiting the Office of Student Financial Aid website.
Employers are encouraged to list any positions in the student job listings database, HireADore. Both FWS and Institutional Employment applicants (students) will use this to search for positions of interest. Employers may also approach students for whom they are interested in working and discuss employment opportunities. Hiring a FWS eligible student benefits your department budget through savings on the wages paid.
Yes, student wages are subject to federal taxes. However, student employees normally do not have to pay FICA (Social Security) taxes if a student is enrolled at least part time and working less than 30 hours each week. Students must complete a W-4 to select their withholding amount. Those forms must be sent to HR Processing in the Baker Building, 10th floor.
Students will need to report this immediately to the department HCM Specialist. They will contact the Vanderbilt HR Payroll Office who will research and advise.
Students may work more than one position. However, undergraduates are limited to working a total of 19 hours a week TOTAL for all jobs and graduate/professional students are limited to working a total of 29.5 hours a week. Students should inform all supervisors that they are in an active position when interviewing for an additional position. It will be necessary for each hiring HCMS to complete a FWS Action Form if they wish to utilize those funds for their eligible student. HCMS will need to work with the other work unit HCMS to add the students additional position into Oracle Cloud HCM.